Begining of sertraline

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I was put on this for anxiety

So i started 50mg on 15th so now on day 5, on day 7 i have to up this to 100mg for 2 weeks till i next see my doctor anyone else do this and how did you feel?

Side effects ive had, headaches mild, stomach ache mild, loose stools in a morning (sorry) shakes which are becoming less, and one minuite i feel not too bad the next i feel really down and get bad thoughts like ill never get better and i hate this life etc, anyone else had this?

Will it get worse with upping the dose?

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    Also forgot to add increased anxiety feel on edge and not myself, sometimes i cant function properley
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    Hi Kayleigh, yes, these are all side effects and are normal. And yes, increasing the dose will increase the side effects temporarily. It seems as if you are increasing your dose very quickly. Is this your first episode? If it is, you may want to stay at 50mg for awhile to see if that is a good enough dose to reduce your anxiety. Nobody wants to be on a higher dose when a lower dose would do it. 
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      Yes this is the forst time ive ever been like this, i just hate all

      These negative thoughts like it would be better if i wasnt here when infact i love my life and this scares the hell out of me!

      Im thinking of phoning my doctor tomorrow to ask what they think

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      I agree it to almost 3 weeks and some sleeping pills for me to get used to the 50mg

      I did up to 100 and immediately felt awful again. I wimped out and stayed on 50mg

      6 weeks in I seem relatively balanced on it

      Good luck it will get betterIt just seems a mighty long time when you are feeling so bad

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      Did you get those negative thoughts aswell? Im worried about going onto 100mg incase they get worse but hoping if i do they will get better, but will see what my doctor says tomorrow

      Really scary specially when you have 2 children to look after and feel so horrible you dont want to be round them

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      Yes I did. I have a teenage children and 2 dogs. I couldn't be around them. I kept going trying because I knew I wasn't acting right but I had to keep exiting

      I needed some space to cry and reflect. Even some of the reflection was nuts. I was always thinking I should not to the thinking because of over thinking but on reflection analysing issues helped overall. But I did go down some crazy negative dark paths during this - I just held on to that people were sure on every forum it gets better. And it has. Anyway I ramble

      In short sertraline was a hard journey for me. Bad anxiety and worthlessness but I hope I am through the worst.

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      Glad im not the only one having these very nasty thoughts, they only last just over an hour but they stop me from functioning and doing every day to day stuff, my partner goes back to work tomorrow and thats another scary thing i have my sister staying with me for the week to help with my chikdren who are 5&2 hoping it gets better this week

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      Hang in there Don't put pressure on yourself to try to fix yourself to quick. I ended up acknowledging the bad but also telling myself that I need to move on from them. At the time it felt pointless but accepting and working it through rather than hiding and avoiding I think works.

      Big message - try to love yourself even if you feel broken Give yourself a break - so many parole are down because you care about things perhaps too much. The good people are the ones that get hit by this mind screw up

      The good days will come back Take care

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      Im trying, just all seems so down at the minuite, have no motivation today and awaiting a call back from the doctor about my thoughts etc its not the doctor who prescribed me these so wondering what he will say

      Took my 6th 50mg tablet again today hoping the thoughts dont come back later there vile and i cant function only one more day on 50mg then i have to up it to 100mg on wednesday

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      I would suggest staying on 50mg for up to 2 months to see if you see any positive changes. If you don't see the slightest improvement at that time, then increase. 

      I know now this is an extremely trying time, as you want to feel better and suffering a day feels like a lifetime and you wonder if it will ever change, and I promise you, it will. 

      Things that hat help during this time - keep occupied if you can with something you love that is somewhat mindless, knitting, sewing, etc. I didn't know at the time but I recently found out from my therapist that I was already doing a form of CBT by reading the Bible to keep my mind from obsessing and calming my anxiety. So, find something to keep occupied that doesn't drain you or further exhausts you. Try to get plenty of rest. The med may cause very bad insomnia, but still try to close your eye and rest even if you can't get all the sleep you want. Drink plenty of water because you are dehydrated - I took had the terrible runs initially and then followed by soft stool - ah yes, try to eat well, less greasy food, more comfort food like veggies, fish and mashed potatoes, or drink milk or smoothies  if you can't eat (I had no appetite whatsoever during that time and was living off of cops of milk), stay away from caffeine and sugar as they are stimulants and you are already anxious. Stay strong but be gentle with yourself. Xx

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      My doctor has said going onto 100mg on wedneaday will be a good thing but if i dont feel righti xan always go back to 50mg just a little worried not had a too bad day so far today anxiety increase and stomach ache but managed to do some house work so overall not really bad
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      Hi! I just want you to know that I've had those feelings as well. Starting Sertraline was very rough for me but I stuck with it and I'm so happy that I did! You can get through it just know what the benefit is worth it! My doctor prescribed xanax to help with the beginning stages of taking Sertraline and it helped.

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    Spoke to doc and he said its the illness causing these bad thoughts but because i wouldnt act on them when i increase my dose to 100mg on wednesday they should fade, feel a little better now just hope i dont get them today x

    Any good tales on increasinng from 50mg to 100mg in a week?

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    Hello Kayleigh0910,

    I too had the same feelings when starting Zoloft 50mg. (2 weeks now) But I also had them when I had a full  blown panic attacks. Not like I want to end it, but that I do not want to go through life like this. I just need help and support. Hoping the Zoloft kicks in at some point.

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      Hello jim,

      Those thoughts only lasted 2 days at max, ive felt bit better since, i started 100mg yesterday took my second lot today and so far so good have abit of a poorly tummy but other then that all good, it works quicker for some then others so hopefully it starts to work for

      You soon.

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      My negative thoughts come and go. I have not left the house in over 3 days. Anxiety is at a high and I have had flu like symptoms. No energy, no enthusiam, etc. 50mg Zoloft daily for 19 days now. Some things are better, but overall I feel worse. Very shaky, unbalanced, neck & shoulder pain, sweating, stomach issues, diarrhea , etc. Only place I feel cmfprtable is on the couch with no one around. I hope this gets better over time. I am due to go on vacation in 2 weeks, but the thought of a plane ride has me extremely nervouse, anticipating a anxiety/panic attack. Hoping for light at the end of a very dark tunnel.......

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      Are you sleeping? I took tsome pills that gave me 2 great nights sleep and that let me reset abit ( previously I just spent every night all night analysing and panicking )

      Hope the pills kick in soon if not in next few days suggest going back to doctors

      Take care and best wishes

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      I am able to sleep, but after about 5 hours I wake up, feeling terrible.

      Many times when falling asleep, I will startle and jerk awake. Similar when you are dreaming of falling, but I am not dreaming at the time when this happens. I take the Zoloft in the PM about 1- 2 hours prior to going to bed. The thought process is to have the negative Zoloft side effects go on while I am asleep. I try not to nap during the day. I wake up feeling worse after a nap, more anxious and highened sensitivity. I cant see my GP until next week......Hoping to limp through the week, using the Ativan as a crutch......Thanks!

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      I had exactly the same would wake up with a start and straight into huge anxiety. I could wait hours to fall asleep feel calm, then dose for 10 mins and wake up with the startled.I was convinced I had developed sleep apnea and it was inducing it. But it has calmed down now. I sleep lightly but don't have the same issue so much.Still wake up anxious but at a copable level Good luck

      take whatever meds get you to a sane place and then work back from there is my current thought

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