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Milla2017 Milla2017

Behave knee! It is my birthday!

My knee is definitely better at week 12 now. The only thing that gets me down is severe pain after physical therapy. Not so much from the excercises- I can deal with the muscle pain. But the manipulation for the scar tissue leaves me so sore and feeling raw. I know it has to happen but I wish it was over.

Keep your fingers crossed today is a "Good Knee Day". It is my 49th birthday and my daughter is hosting my party at her house.

Hope you all have a great weekend with minimal pain and good ROM! 🌻❤️🎈

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  • bak7833 bak7833 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday!  I am at week 9 post op tkr and I still have pain also after PT. I am doing my own at home now but still trying to keep up the exercises.. 

    • eileen15268 eileen15268 bak7833

      Hi bak, I'm only one week behind you but I can't believe how much pain I'm still in . As you say specially after P T. I seem to go along ok ish then my knee really shouts & it's bad a few days. When it is SO sore I just can't do the exercises. Hope yours improves , mine too only a week in it . Take care

  • ali95530 ali95530 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday Milla!! 

    WOW ... I was told I was young at 57 for a TKR ... you're a baby.

    Hope your knee behaves itself for you so you can enjoy your Birthday celebrations with your family x

  • AuntEG AuntEG Milla2017

    Happy birthday Milla! Wishing you a good knee day!

    Keep after that scar tissue. It makes all the difference re you range and pain later on. It's worth it! A few weeks ago, as my range improved, I hit a deeper layer where the sutures are grabbing. Caused the knee track to be off giving me some crunch. Ohwee but improving!

    Be happy, eat cake, take a guilt free day off!!


    • eileen15268 eileen15268 AuntEG

      Gosh Aunt you are SO brave. I don't think I can take much more I'm the other end of age scale 78 , haven't had a nights sleep since January 21. I can't believe the pain is so relentles . I have driven short distances a couple of times.

    • chris00938 chris00938 AuntEG

      AuntEG - when you say keep after that scar tissue, do you mean stretching it or massaging it, or both?  This probably sounds a really stupid question but if you massage it, does that mean just rubbing whatever you're using over the scar as it's as bent as it can be?

    • AuntEG AuntEG chris00938

      Hi Chris,

      Its rubbing and lifting and pulling. Pushing one hand one way and the other hand/fingers the other way. The scar should move freely and the skin should move easily over the knee cap. I can tell, after 16 weeks, the difference between the grabby/numbness of scar tissue and the isolated pull/bite of a suture that the tissue has locked around. I use coconut oil when im doing this. Also all the rubbing helps desensitizes the skin so the sheets and clothes dont irritate it so much. I also will use the palm of my hand,or elbow, above the knee cap to rub deep like a tissue massage. Alls i know, is as bad as its been up front, once its broken, its done. I dont have to keep breaking up the same spot. I have full extension and over 130degree bend. Every time i got a new ouch, i looked ar anatomy of knee and realized i had to push thru the ouch because i needed to stretch or massage. I learned as long as my pain was no WORSE, i was doing the right thing. I take one day off a week, otherwise i stretch hips,knees,calves every day. So far. Ive experience no back pain and i think the stretches are what helped save me. Ive said all along, this is a crazy emotional rollercoaster with "what now anguish". We are ALL rock stars to endure this surgery. Im glad i did both at once. No way could i have gone thru it a second time!


  • eileen15268 eileen15268 Milla2017

    Happy birthday milla. Glad your knee pain is easing up. I know the PT really do cause pain. When it happens to me I'm a few days getting over it. I am 8 eeejs today & I was doing ok then I mastered walking upstairs normally. I went a few time @ 3 days ago since then I've been having dreadful pain & worse nights. When will it recover? I'm am so down @ it as I thought I was doing ok.

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 eileen15268

      Eileen wrote you a reply and lost it.

      My physical therapist toned down our sessions in an effort to see if we can reduce my recovery after pt. Worse I had was 5 days down after a session with severe pain and swelling. I do take strong extra medication before each session and I do everything after- icing, elevating, resting and attempt to do as many reps of my home

      At one point he even put me on a walking restriction to see if the extra rest will heal the inflammation faster. We have not found a solution yet. I try to focus on the lasting progress I have made. Needless to say I dread every pt session. We just have to have tons of patience and faith that it will all work out. Easier said than done. I cry all the time these days.

  • jan01779 jan01779 Milla2017

    Hi Milla,

    i have the same problem but hey its your birthday have a glass or two of fizzy and chill. Happy  Birthday forget  ROM today laughter is a great pain killer!

    I am going to watch 6 Nations England v Ireland final game soon and will raise a glass to you. 





    Lots of people take meds 1 hour before PT...helps with the post-PT pain.

    • chris00938 chris00938 CHICO MARX

      Chico - your advice please?  (And thank you so much for being there for us!).  I'm not getting pain generally at all BUT did have the excrutiating pain at the back of the knee when I was pushing the flex a bit too much.  I'll be three weeks post op on Wednesday.  I've got between 115 and 120 bend but as it goes towards that 120 that's when the pain kicks in.  Now - should I be asking for proper painkillers to take just before I do that and am pushing it more, or, would you know, should I be happy with the 115 and just keep going far more gradually to achieve more without pain?  Is it a case of 'grab what flex you can get as soon as you can' or be patient to some extent and don't rush it?  I'm not on painkillers at all now.

    • CHICO MARX CHICO MARX chris00938

      Honestly, I hate PKs of all kinds.  The standard opioids do very little for me and the other stuff eats up my stomach.  Lose-lose.  You might try some OTC Capsaicin to warm up that area before exercising (made with the molecule that makes peppers hot) or look at my post on Post-TKR Exercising.  My daughter prescribes a ton of warm-up and stretching before the actual exercising begins.  Maybe you just need to get the blood circulating better.

      Another thing is the use of Voltaren Gel (RX in the USA) that is the second best anti-inflammatory on the planet.  Rub that in1/2 hour before you start.  In the end, if this is still bothersome, I'd see my surgeon for a quick picture to see if anything untoward is happening inside...just in case.

      If you are OK mechanically, don't be satisfied with 115 when (if) you can do better.  The pain has to be explained.  When you can sit back with your butt touching your heels, that's 161...we'll never get there...I accept that.  I'm at 133 WITHOUT all the exercising because I have had spinal stenosis since October and the surgery is due this Friday,  After that, the heavy gym work.  I want to see how far I can actually take this thing once I don't have the equivalent of sciatica down BOTH legs.

    • chris00938 chris00938 CHICO MARX

      Ah, I've got some of that, thanks Chico!  I bought it to try and help the arthritis but maybe it will be more effective as a 'warm up'.  My 'exercising' at the moment is actually what you describe as 'warm up' LOL!  But I'm very happy with my half a circuit on the exercise bike which I'll gradually increase but it's just that reducing the bend that is the problem.  I reckon that Voltaren Gel might do it - an anti inflammatory sounds exactly what's needed for the back of the knee!  Thank you!!!!  Yes, definitely, if the problem persists, I will see them.  I've got an appointment with the hospital physio for about four weeks time, but I won't wait until then if there is no improvement.  Right, good - I will be happy to keep pushing it then and not settle for less bend.  I realise how important that bend is even for simple things like getting up out of a chair without using the arms!  It's all an encouragement to do as well as I can with this.  I've been doing the recumbent for a few days now and noticed it's easier, so I think after pushing the seat back as far as I could manage, I might just bring it forward a tad each week and that will also help the bend.  Once things have healed a bit more I look forward to starting squats with small weights, but I suspect I'll have to wait for the other knee to be done!  That's really holding me back now.  I do wish you well with your spinal surgery on Friday.  I've just suggested that a friend who also has spinal stenosis joins the patient group.  So hope the op goes well and your recovery too!  What a wonderful example you are to us all - what perseverance!

    • CHICO MARX CHICO MARX chris00938

      Works for me in about 15 minutes.  I use it in the morning when I get up just to relieve the cramping and then again at bedtime to help ease the soreness from the day.  It's the SECOND best topical anti-inflammatory on the planet.

      PS: The #1 is called simply "lotion" and it works in FIVE minutes!!!  Unfortunately, it's only made by certain specialists in certain states and available at certain dispensaries accessible by certain citizens with a certain medical card.  There's also a really good 8-hour patch.  And you don't have to inhale anything...

    • chris00938 chris00938 CHICO MARX

      That sounds good Chico.  The idea of an anti inflammatory sounds the best option for behind the knee when I'm attempting more of a bend.  I'm just finding this whole thing a really positive experience.  I think that's because I was in such pain before and still am with the other leg, so the thought of working to improve it all for the future is really exciting when I'd given up of every having a better quality life really.

    • chris00938 chris00938

      This should have read Voltarol Paineze Emul Gel 50g :-))))  I ordered a smaller size because I can normally get it on next day and it was cheaper like that, but I suspect I might be on a regular order for it LOL!

  • Milla2017 Milla2017

    Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. My knee behaved for the most part and I had a great birthday with family and friends.

    As usual I didn't know what to do with it. Leg straight on the love seat sitting sideways; regular sitting with a gazzillion variations of sitting; elevating on a separate chair.

    It's like having a newborn baby and it is screaming and you cannot figure it why. You fed it, don't need changing.

    Sometimes I ask it out loud "What do you want?" Ice, elevation, massage, rest, pain meds? rest?

    • chris00938 chris00938 Milla2017

      Milla you brought tears of laughter then LOL!  Love it LOL!  Yes, I know what you mean - you go anywhere and almost announce 'I'm here with my knee' LOL!  My husband's now wondering why I'm laughing so much LOL!  But your whole world revolves around your knee, doesn't it LOL!  I'm going to my favourite cake shop today and have decided that's definitely the best thing for the knee:-))))  I also feel obgliged to tell anyone who waits for me to go through a doorway first, that I'm two weeks or whatever post op after a knee replacement, as though it's my new born baby LOL!  I think I've become a 'knee bore' LOL!

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 chris00938

      My husband had to pack a bag this weekend for my birthday party at my daughter's house: pillow to elevate; ice pack, pain meds, anti-inflammatory and ace bandages. We joked before about my knee being a baby and this weekend he said that's about right because we have to pack the "diaper bag" before we go somewhere. I still get the hypersensitivity so it helps sometimes to put the ace bandage on.

    • chris00938 chris00938 Milla2017

      Oh LOL!  It sounds as though it's a good idea though!  I've just been out to my favourite ever supermarket for cake which is about 50 minutes each way in the car so with the journey and shopping I wasn't surprised to have a tad of a dull ache by the time we were almost home.  I could feel the extra heat around that knee through the trousers, but now it's elevated with ice on and it feels wonderful!  But it was so lovely to see the staff who we generally talk to every week and they commented on how well I looked and walked, which was really lovely.  I think getting in the car is the biggest struggle still, but it's getting easier each time.  Talking of sensitivity, do you have a numb area that sometimes feels as though there is a needle sticking in it?    I'm guessing the needle feeling is just the nerves repairing gradually.

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 chris00938

      Chris I have an area of numbness on left side from scar to outside the left leg. There has been no change in the numbness since surgery. Was told it is normal. Weird thing though - when I stroke an area on the RIGHT side of the scar where there is no numbness, I feel it on the numb side. Yet direct touching to that numb spot produces no sensation. Bmt nerves are messed up. I do get what I call "Cattle Prods". Feeling of being shocked with an electrical prod. Zingers, Zappers, I have seen patients describing them in different ways. I believe it is the nerves trying to reconnect. The tingling you feel is all nerve related I was told. Glad you got to see your friends at the market and got your favorite cake! Nom-Nom. I am all caked out after Saturday. Up at 4 am again today after going to bed at midnight. Sigh. 😔.

    • CHICO MARX CHICO MARX ali95530

      Yes...odd feeling.  Had that when my hip was replaced in 2009.  Same thing.  It gets better...or it just stays numb forever with no sensations.  Either way, it's better than all the tingling and crap.

    • chris00938 chris00938 Milla2017

      Well I sincerely wish you, and everyone else struggling to sleep, a better night tonight!  I suspect lack of sleep makes everything feel worse!  Interesting about the numbness and zingers.  My husband kept suggesting there was an alien under my dressing, struggling to get out, so he'll love it when I tell him there are zingers LOL!  This is all quite a learning curve, isn't it!

    • CHICO MARX CHICO MARX ali95530

      Use a LOOSELY wrapped ACE bandage or a knee sleeve (one size larger than normal so it's not tight) to prevent clothes and bedsheets from rubbing against the incision causing more irritation.  Easy fix.


      After I had my hip replaced, by doctor cousin actually described the operation to me.  I threw up in my mouth.  They just slash and cut bones, nerves and muscle...same thing with the knee.  I refuse to view any videos on either operation...just gruesome.  Understand that these surgeons are really CARPENTERS...their tools of the trade are: box cutters, saws, drills, hammers, screwdrivers and glue.  And we feel "a little numbness"...after what they do to us?  After they attack my body like that, I'm just thankful that I can walk.  Without all this technology, we'd already be confined to wheelchairs.


    • chris00938 chris00938 CHICO MARX

      I watched the video of it all on YouTube LOL!  But yes, I am SO grateful for this option.  To be honest, I was 67 and resigned to everything getting worse and worse - I didn't think I'd ever be able to have knee replacements because of the hypermobiity but it was pure desperation that drove me to look into it more!  I'm so glad I did!  Now I feel there is real hope for a much fitter future!

    • CHICO MARX CHICO MARX chris00938

      I just turned 69.  After my spine surgery on Friday, I'm hoping to get right to the gym and finish the strength training.  Tough when you have stenosis since October (think sciatica down BOTH legs).  Once done with the full rehab, I should be healthy and strong enough to get hit by a bus...

    • chris00938 chris00938 CHICO MARX

      I really am full of admiration Chico.  You make us all realise that age is no barrier to leading a full life and not to settle for less when improvement is possible!  Yep - between you and the bus, my money would be on you LOL!

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 CHICO MARX

      You are right. I am eternally grateful I did not watch the video beforehand. I cannot say I would have had the courage to go through with it. IDK. I was sedated with the spinal so thank goodness I did not have to hear those nightmare sounds. Good luck with your surgery on Friday!

    • chris00938 chris00938 Milla2017

      I was sedated with the spinal too Milla but have vague memories of hearing hammering and stapling, but it all felt really removed.  As though it wasn't me involved on the end of it LOL!  The strangest bit was after they'd done the spinal, when they were checking it had all worked, and they must have already given me the sedative that had started working, but they lifted my leg up in the air and I laughed saying it didn't feel like my leg going up in the air.  That was the last I really remember other than very vague 'removed' noises.  I was astonished that I didn't even feel the spinal and the painkiller they used before it was the tiniest scratch - not uncomfortable at all!  I'd have no hesitation in recommending it over a general!

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 chris00938

      After my spinal they asked me to lay back and scoot over to the right a little and that is the last thing I remember. If I heard anything at all I would have freaked out! I was really relieved when They told me it was done with leg block, spinal and sedation. I don't do too well with a general with being nauseous and my blood pressure drops significantly. I am like the three Monkey thing- can't hear, see or speak about it! I wanna know Nothin😴

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 marilyn10235

      Marilyn I think it is exactly that. I actually put it over my pants and not directly next to the skin. It does help with the hypersensitivity but at the same time you have to desensitize the leg. The first 6 weeks was pure hell with that the lower leg and my knee would not tolerate any touch. A bed sheet touching it would burn like fire. Also I suspect it has somewhat become a "blankie" for me. OD said it is okay but no more than 80% of the day.

    • bak7833 bak7833 Milla2017

      I have trouble keeping the ace on my knee...if it is tight enough to stay on ten it hurts and when it is looser it falls down.. I tend to walk around the house with my pants legs rolled up and the other down.. but when I have to go out it is a discomfort until I get back and can uncover the knee.. I have named the knee AGIE because it aggravates me most of the time!

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