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Milla2017 Milla2017

Behave knee! It is my birthday!

My knee is definitely better at week 12 now. The only thing that gets me down is severe pain after physical therapy. Not so much from the excercises- I can deal with the muscle pain. But the manipulation for the scar tissue leaves me so sore and feeling raw. I know it has to happen but I wish it was over.

Keep your fingers crossed today is a "Good Knee Day". It is my 49th birthday and my daughter is hosting my party at her house.

Hope you all have a great weekend with minimal pain and good ROM! 🌻❤️🎈

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  • bak7833 bak7833 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday!  I am at week 9 post op tkr and I still have pain also after PT. I am doing my own at home now but still trying to keep up the exercises.. 

    • eileen15268 eileen15268 bak7833

      Hi bak, I'm only one week behind you but I can't believe how much pain I'm still in . As you say specially after P T. I seem to go along ok ish then my knee really shouts & it's bad a few days. When it is SO sore I just can't do the exercises. Hope yours improves , mine too only a week in it . Take care

  • chris00938 chris00938 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday Milla!:-))))  Is it the skin stretching over the scar that hurts with the pt?  Lovely to hear you're feeling so much better at 12 weeks!

  • marilyn10235 marilyn10235 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday Milla.🎂

    Have a fantastic party & good luck with the knee. Give it a sound talking to (to behave)!! Lol



  • ali95530 ali95530 Milla2017

    Happy Birthday Milla!! 

    WOW ... I was told I was young at 57 for a TKR ... you're a baby.

    Hope your knee behaves itself for you so you can enjoy your Birthday celebrations with your family x

  • AuntEG AuntEG Milla2017

    Happy birthday Milla! Wishing you a good knee day!

    Keep after that scar tissue. It makes all the difference re you range and pain later on. It's worth it! A few weeks ago, as my range improved, I hit a deeper layer where the sutures are grabbing. Caused the knee track to be off giving me some crunch. Ohwee but improving!

    Be happy, eat cake, take a guilt free day off!!


    • eileen15268 eileen15268 AuntEG

      Gosh Aunt you are SO brave. I don't think I can take much more I'm the other end of age scale 78 , haven't had a nights sleep since January 21. I can't believe the pain is so relentles . I have driven short distances a couple of times.

    • chris00938 chris00938 AuntEG

      AuntEG - when you say keep after that scar tissue, do you mean stretching it or massaging it, or both?  This probably sounds a really stupid question but if you massage it, does that mean just rubbing whatever you're using over the scar as it's as bent as it can be?

    • AuntEG AuntEG chris00938

      Hi Chris,

      Its rubbing and lifting and pulling. Pushing one hand one way and the other hand/fingers the other way. The scar should move freely and the skin should move easily over the knee cap. I can tell, after 16 weeks, the difference between the grabby/numbness of scar tissue and the isolated pull/bite of a suture that the tissue has locked around. I use coconut oil when im doing this. Also all the rubbing helps desensitizes the skin so the sheets and clothes dont irritate it so much. I also will use the palm of my hand,or elbow, above the knee cap to rub deep like a tissue massage. Alls i know, is as bad as its been up front, once its broken, its done. I dont have to keep breaking up the same spot. I have full extension and over 130degree bend. Every time i got a new ouch, i looked ar anatomy of knee and realized i had to push thru the ouch because i needed to stretch or massage. I learned as long as my pain was no WORSE, i was doing the right thing. I take one day off a week, otherwise i stretch hips,knees,calves every day. So far. Ive experience no back pain and i think the stretches are what helped save me. Ive said all along, this is a crazy emotional rollercoaster with "what now anguish". We are ALL rock stars to endure this surgery. Im glad i did both at once. No way could i have gone thru it a second time!


  • eileen15268 eileen15268 Milla2017

    Happy birthday milla. Glad your knee pain is easing up. I know the PT really do cause pain. When it happens to me I'm a few days getting over it. I am 8 eeejs today & I was doing ok then I mastered walking upstairs normally. I went a few time @ 3 days ago since then I've been having dreadful pain & worse nights. When will it recover? I'm am so down @ it as I thought I was doing ok.

    • Milla2017 Milla2017 eileen15268

      Eileen wrote you a reply and lost it.

      My physical therapist toned down our sessions in an effort to see if we can reduce my recovery after pt. Worse I had was 5 days down after a session with severe pain and swelling. I do take strong extra medication before each session and I do everything after- icing, elevating, resting and attempt to do as many reps of my home

      At one point he even put me on a walking restriction to see if the extra rest will heal the inflammation faster. We have not found a solution yet. I try to focus on the lasting progress I have made. Needless to say I dread every pt session. We just have to have tons of patience and faith that it will all work out. Easier said than done. I cry all the time these days.

  • jan01779 jan01779 Milla2017

    Hi Milla,

    i have the same problem but hey its your birthday have a glass or two of fizzy and chill. Happy  Birthday forget  ROM today laughter is a great pain killer!

    I am going to watch 6 Nations England v Ireland final game soon and will raise a glass to you. 





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