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I just found out yesterday I have been rewarded Disability Living allowance, lower rate mobility and care. The grand total being £34.20 a week. I have mixed feelings about this, I'm greatful for the money but sad that I need the money. It kind of makes you sit up and relise how bad I really am. I have always excepted that I had an illness but a DISABILITY seems that bit harder to come to terms with. :roll:

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    Don't feel like that Loulou. I also get DLA mobility and care. It doesn't mean that you are any less a person, it just means you need a bit of help. Mine was awarded because I am unable to make a meal without help and I need someone with me when I go out.

    DLA is there to help with things you cannot do. Mine pays for my shopping to be delivered, my ironing done and my house to be cleaned.

    It is not reflection on you. I also have a blue parking badge which I only use if there are no equivalent parking places available nearby. I have had a feq people look as I get out of my car and walk off, but hey, no one knows what is going on in another person's life. If I have to walk too far to the shops by the time I get there I have no resources left to go in and get what I want. Saving those steps fpr me is the difference between getting that new bra or birthday card and not getting it

    Cheer up smile

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    Hi Lou Lou

    Please don't feel guilty about accepting the allowance. There are plenty of people in this country who claim benefits they are not entitled to - several have been recently exposed in the papers.

    You genuinely need a little extra help, and as Alicia rightly says, it will enable you to perhaps improve your quality of life a little.

    In my job (or at least the one I used to do - sad ) I was always filling in forms for my elderly residents - they always felt guilty about accepting benefits, but many if them should have been having them for years anyway. I always used to say to them 'take the money and run' - if only I was able to say that to you!! sad

    But we must all stay positive - I'm determined to beat this wretched illness - it's not getting the better of me - (having said that, I'm sitting here in my dressing gown typing this, wearing dark glasses and with aches and pains and a crashing headache, having overdone it yesterday!) When will I learn!!!? :roll: :roll:

    There must be something about this illness which seems to make us all feel guilty and apologetic for everthing we do or rather don't do. :? :? It's about time we all learned to knock that on the head!

    Take care

    Katie smile

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    I think we feel guilty and apologetic because, on the whole we do not really 'look' ill and the general concensus from a large part of the population is that it is not a 'proper' illness anyway. So we feel we have to justify ourselves. sad
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    Yes, I know I actually look a lot healthier than most of my friends - if only they could experience how I feel on the inside. sad

    Does anyone else suffer with tinnnitis? I feel as if someone is smashing my right eardrum with a sledgehammer at the moment. sad

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    At last, something we do not share (I don't think I want it thanks, it sounds horrid - poor you.)
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    Thanks for your words od support. Feeling sorry for myself, need to give myself a slap and a good talking too.

    By the way as anyone else being refered to a pain management clinic at the hospital. Seen by gp today and thinks this is the next plan of attack to try to fight the pain.

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    Oh dear!

    At xmas I was very clsoe to giving up work but being as stubborn as I am I have plodded on. HOWEVER, my role will be changing soon with more responsibility - YIKES and this is when I may fall because my cognitive ability is increasingly deteriorating and then my aches will increase!

    I know very little about the benefits you can claim becasue my head is in the sand... Am I right in thinking for all the tax and National INsurance I have paid over the years, the suffering of ME and the sheer mental trauma caused by having to explain yourself to others that inside you ar not well that you get awarded a meer £32.00 per week? :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    It really depresses me to think that we are suffering enough!

    Sorry everyone I feel very strongly about this illness PLUS I never got a good nights sleep last night - AGAIN


    Donna x

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    hi all

    yes its me at 3 in the :puff: morning and carn tsleep, i feel that lazy a carnt be bothered to correct my mistakes !!

    i do think bout getting disabily cause my budget is less than 30 a week, thats for everythink from food to fuel to gas and inever found it this hard in my life, i still yet to here from my MP about whats goiin on with my money for rent ?? and today the owner of the site decided to puit my rent up by 5 a week, at this rate ill beout on the streets, as if ive not enough to worry about, yes i got ringing in my ears tooo katie, my mbl never stops ringing, but its worse for me a night when i just laying there thats y i went to thehospitol for the mri scan who hasnt got back to me yet, do you here from them if its ok or do they just leave you hanging iin the balance cause if the scan was clear then i miust be making it all up ??

    do yuo feel youcve got loads of questions with no answeres?

    love yea an leave yea for now


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    I found that disability living allowance is not really awarded according to disability. I was refused it at first when I listed all my difficulties on the form. The next time I went to the CAB and the woman filled it in for me. She did not tell any lies but she worded it differently. If I needed help 2 days a week she just put that I needed help full stop. When I got my letter awarding it it made no mention of how hard I find things, housework, shopping etc, it was awarded solely on the fact that I am unable to prepare and cook a meal from scratch without help, and that I need someone with me when I go out.

    I think it is based on whether or not you are able to do the basics to keep body and soul together, like eating and keeping clean and going to the toilet without help. :roll:

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    Hi everyone

    I have applied for many allowances on behalf of other folk over the years, and I've always been successful in getting them The most important thing when filling the forms in (and I don't mean to sound patronising to any of you) is to to paint the worst possible senario - describe yourself on the worst day you have ever experienced - so that the person processing the form has a complete picture in their mind about how the illness can affect you. This is not telling untruths.

    I always send a covering letter as well - for some reason this apparently can be beneficial (not quite sure, but was told this on a training course).

    You really cannot write too much - every little detail is vital about the help that you require. I appreciate just how difficult this can be with our muddled minds and problems with writing, but, as Alicia has mentioned, the CAB are only too happy to assist.

    I do hope you hear very soon from your MP Jay - I know it's not easy for you, but keep pestering him.

    It's all so unfair - here we all are WANTING to work and our bodies just won't let us - when you think of all the lazy slobs in this country who receive massive handouts when they've no intention of ever working .....

    ... oh, blimey, that's got me going ....... :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Take care everyone

    Katie smile

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    Hi there Jay smile

    Just remembered your question about the MRI scan. If it is clear then you quite probably won't hear anything - if there was a real problem they will have contacted you. Your GP wil be able to confirm that it's okay when you next see him.

    Depressing isn't it - any form of medical tests that we all have always prove negative ......... I suppose we should be pleased in one way, but it doesn't help our cause. sad

    Sorry you have tinnnitis as well - you really are badly affected in so many ways. Yes, mine is worse at night - it tends to start in the evening - about the same time that my shoulder and neck pain really kicks in. In the dead of night it's deafening - and what with the can can legs (that still makes me giggle smile and the sweating, trying to sleep isn't exactly a bundle of laughs!! We all so desperately need sleep and yet we are denied it. sad

    One of the latest theories about ME is that we all produce too much adrenaline and that for some reason are bodies are unable to turn it off unlike a normal person. Therefore our batteries are continually running down, and never properly recharged because of the lack of sleep. That makes perfect sense to me. I wish the medics would hurry up and find us all a cure!! Before we all go completely MADDDDDDDDDD! :bus:

    Take care everyone and try and have a good night's sleep!!

    Katie x smile


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