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Hi folks. After being admitted back in April for a couple of days of testing following a pretty lengthy (for me) 26hrs in AF, my latest cardiology visit has decided that Bisoprolol isn't controlling my episodes well enough and we're changing meds. Also, I'm being referred for discussion about ablation. Currently, I'm not on any thinners, only the bisop. Reading some of the previous posts about some of the issues with bleeds etc, I'm wondering what thoughts or experiences you may have and if anyone else was thinners-free, but has had ablation and now has to take more meds than pre op? Thanks.

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    Hi: I've had 3 ablations for flutter and AT. Only the first one the Dr. had me on blood thinners before the procedure. I have had bleeding issues in the past so the Dr.'s are okay for me to not be on them too long. This last time, I had the choice of baby aspirin or blood thinner after the procedure. He preferred thinners to asprin but was okay with either choice.
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      Interesting deanna82033. Will you be on them permanently or aiming to stop at some point?
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    Hi, the NICE guidelines recommend that GPS do a risk assessment on patients with AF depending on your score whether or not you need blood thinners, it is reccomended for AF due to the high risk of stroke associated with this condition. There are several new ones available other than Warfarin you might want to discuss with your GP.

    i myself am on Bisoprolol which up until recently worked fine. I was also referred for ablation but having listened to risks associated with procedure declined to have at this time, wanted to explore all medical avenues, I suspect I may have to have in the end.  I would suggest you research as much as you can about ablation and the newer blood thinners available. I hope this has been helpful.  Good Luck.

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      Thanks june64137. I'm not required to take thinners currently - low risk at present. Don't want to upvrisk either if I can avoid!!
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    Hi, I started AF three years ago. Had a couple of bad ones and was put on Warfarin. It made my hair fall out and so after my first ablation I was taken off it as I was so low on the risk table. I started having episodes after six months but they weren't worried. I had a major stroke a week after my check. I was lucky that it was in the day, I was at work and work 5 mins from a major stroke centre. I was thrombolysed and have made, pretty much, a full recovery, had a second ablation but that is now failing, I am on meds every day bisop,flecanide and adizem. Am having a third one in two weeks.imdon't take warfarin but one of the new ones, dagibatran. Which is easy to take and I have had no problems. Therefore my advice is take the thinner. I am fit and healthy in al other ways and the stroke was caused absolutely because of the AF. Hope that helps.
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      judith85360 that's scarey!! Other posts on here have made me wary of the warfarin route, but similarly, some of the alternatives seem to have their own issues too!! Not keen to have to have any in truth.
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    Hi Cardiac, I am not on thinners, my cardiologist said that at 45, very mobile and a few other factors I am deemed a low risk for stroke. I only have PAF not full AF.

    I could not abide bisoprolol, I used Flecanide but only as a pill in the pocket approach taking one tablet when I have an episode.

    Ablation will be my last resort but fingers crossed I am well controlled at present.

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      Ps... you will be put on thinners if you have ablation
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      Mazda44. You sound not dissimilar to me . I'm 52, PAF, but on bisop, no thinners. I'm not keen to have a procedure which is itself risky, then swap one med for another! Can't see the gain. Need to have big discussions and weigh it all up.
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    Hi Congo,

    I turned down the suggestion of beta blockers because of the side effect "impotence".

    i am on Apixaban [anticoagulant] but i am not keen to take this drug either, but also not keen on having a stroke. 

    When i had my first ablation in 2010 i was put on warfrin then & kept on it for 12 months after which my AF Dr. took me off it as he was happy my AF was under control, he said that the risk bleed was more likely than anything else.

    Your AF sounds pritty bad, i am suprised you are not on any anticoagulants

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      Hi Greebo64! The idea of the ablation referral is so that I can hopefully stop with meds! Sounds like I'm potentially just going to end up swapping one med for another, and getting a whole new set of issues. How well did the ablation work if you don't mind my asking? Personally, based on what I'm seeing on here about other folks conditions and statuses, I consider myself pretty good with one episode about every fortnight!! Yes, its quite lengthy, but I'm functioning ! I'm just glad to be able to tap into so many others' experiences to help gain knowledge! We're all different, but it's a fuller understanding of the whole thing which helps understand the pros and cons of everything. Thanks for your obs - another food for thought!!
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      Hi Congo

      I had my first arctic front ablation [cryo method] in 2010, i was ok for around 18 months but the it started over again. when i first started with AF i found that is was only exertion that got the heart rate pumping for a lengh of time sent me into AF, at this time only cardio version would get me back into synus rhythem..non of the dugs would work,oral or introvenous.

      i only seem to go into AF in the evening, i have never had AF during the day. when the AF returened around 18 months After the first ablation, i found that i could go into AF not only by exertion but also at rest,ie, sat watching TV in the evening & usualy after a meal, but this time,unlike the first time around it did settle on its own after a couple of hours..

      my GP recommended a second ablation due to my concern of a possible severe stroke..but i wished i had just put up with it now, i am taking Abixaban & 4mg of Candasartin.

      if you have read my first post you will see why i wished i had not had the ablation.

      i would not recommend anyone having the ablation which i had the 2nd time around which was the point to point burning technique, it is very,very risky..i almost lost my life.


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    Hi cardiac congo - This quesion of balance between anti coagulents and the risk of stroke (clot or bleeding) is a difficult  one we all have to deal with one way or another . I was diagnosed with PAF nearly 3 years ago and was deemed to be a high risk for a clot stroke so was put on Warfarin. The only other treatment was a Cardioversion procedure (shock to the heart to bring it back to Sinus rhythm) which only worked for a week. Subsequently however I had a stroke BUT one caused by a bleed in the brain NOT a clot.  Immediate cessation of Warfarin and advice not to take aspirin which by the way according to my readings is not very effective) .. I have been lucky and have recovered almost entirely from the stroke but  was in limbo - high risk and no anti-coagulents . I was then offered a procedure which is fairly new  :- " left atrial occlusion " , whereby the area in atrial where clots are thought to form is blocked off. I had that about a year ago . I have not been offered ablation and at the present moment prefer not to consider it , particulalry as I am told I would have to take anti-coagulents prior to the procedure .  Presently I am taking no anti-coagulents (although I do take Omega 3 and Vitamn E  ) and since my afib comes and goes I have Flecanide as a " pill in the pocket"  . Apart from that  , like so many of us , I am managing my afib as best I can through trying to idenitify triggers and living a  full life - including travelling and, cycling. Don't worry too much just make sure you are well informed on any decision you make.
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      Thanks joyce48062. Its interesting too that I've never been offered the pill in pocket approach despite asking several times about it. Wonder why???

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