Belly heart axis, or what the heck is wrong with my body?

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- Primary site of sharp aching pain: 6cm distal-median to xyphoid process, 1cm beneath the skin. ~8cm bulge at this location, aching and tender, with heavy gurgling happening around it.

- Pain radiates into ribs and mesentery, and along ilial walls.

- Hard pulsing knots, 2cm right and left-distal to navel, 1cm under skin. Painful to dig around and heavy pressure. Might be arteries?? Been noticeable for a year or two but feels related.

- Chest tightness and dry cough, creaky ribs.

- Pain in lymph nodes of neck (6 years), armpits(2 years), abdomen (three weeks).

- Strong lumbar/sacrum bone pain and glute soreness (ten years, but super intense for three weeks)

- Six months of unintended weight loss from 180lbs to 153lbs.

- Frequent nausea, no vomiting for three weeks. Happened last year a couple of times.

- Occasional constipation and diahhrea. Very uncommon for me. Super regular four weeks ago.

- Malaise and fatigue. I have chronic fatigue symtpoms anyway, but this past three weeks is flu-like.

- Walks bent at waist from abdominal cramping and back pain.

- Systemic arthralgia (nothing new except lumbar/sacrum intensity)

- Chills, cold hands and feet, tingling nerves (3 weeks)

- Breathlessness, walking around with mouth open (3 weeks)

- Trembling hands (two weeks)

- Had a bout of heavy chest pain last night and fainted onto the back of a sofa for a few seconds after I stood up. I don't think it was a heart attack and I can't afford to go to the ER, especially when I didn't go during the actual episode when they might've found something. Just went to bed and woke up sweating.

- Decreased appetite because upper abdomen feels like a stuffed bulge after eating (3 weeks)

- Other small painful knots throughout mesentery, less severe pain than in the primary bulge, or than in the lumbar/sacrum/buttock (3 weeks)

- Probably unrelated: got some ant bites on my legs and they magically turned into giant inflamed red welts.

- Omeprazole 40mg daily for past week. Just started Prednisone 10mg for 9 days. I take thyroid replacement hormone and vitamin d.

At this point I'm actually hoping this is just some overlapping chronic conditions like sarcoidosis/GERD/fibromyalgia. My doctors are super slo-mo about diagnostics and treatments. I just need some relief after 3 weeks of torture. Any tips or conjectures to be made here?

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    Hi livinmancrawlin

    Why have you been prescribed prednisolone steroids?

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      Hi livinmancrawlin

      Did you have an ESR blood test for inflammation before you were given steroids...steroids bring there own problems and side effects....also have you had a complete blood count as you have a lot of things going on that might show up in a full blood count...if you take prednisolone steroids for a long time it is very hard to taper off them and they are only usually given if you have had an ESR blood test, a CRP test and ANA test that shows inflammation in the body.....

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      I've had a lot of blood work done by an internist/GP who is convinced it's all fibromyalgia. I don't know since I'm not a doctor, but some things like this lung congestion/dry cough and small/hard/sore lymph nodes point me to something like sarcoidosis, while the long-term lumbar/sacrum pain with three week long severe flare-up points me to ankylosing spondylitis. Those would be inflammatory right? I'm worried that if I get any diagnostics right now while I'm on prednisone then some disorders will temporarily disappear. I read that the sarcoidosis enzyme test is nixxed by prednisone. He also wants me to start Effexor long-term. The steroids I have are only for 9 days. Is there any blood work I should be asking for? The doctor is not very revealing of his inner reasoning, so I'm having to guess what/how he's checking off his list (if there even is a list anymore, since I'm apparently not in any imminent danger, despite feeling like walking death and having just attained this new level of horrid).

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      Hi livinmancrawlin

      You need to ask your GP if you were tested for inflammation which involves ESR blood test, CRP blood test and ANA blood test....that is Erythrocite Sedimentation Rate, C-Reactive Protein and Anti-Nuclear Antibody blood tests these confirm inflammation in the body....Ankolysing Spondylitis can be confirmed by a Gene test HLA-B27 gene but not all who have this gene gets AS....regarding steroids (prednisone) a nine day course is short course but can bring its own problems did not say what dose pred you are on....they can cause insomnia...i know i was on them for a long length of time i had awful side effects including insomnia...tapering off them is a nightmare..i am now completely off them and staying off them. You can ask for the HLA- B27 gene test and check if you have had the other tests i've mentioned. ..i do not think fibromyalgia is diagnosed as an inflammatory condition.....but again check with your wishes....

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      Hi Lilian, I just had all the inflammatory auto-immune testing:


      2.56 mg/L

      Reference Range:0.00 mg/L - 10.90 mg/L


      4 mm/hr

      Reference Range:0 mm/hr - 10 mm/hr

      ANA Screen


      Reference Range:<=1:80

      Anti-CCP (IgG)

      < 13 unit(s)

      Reference Range:<= 19 unit(s)

      RF Quant

      < 10 IntUnits/mL

      Reference Range:<= 14 IntUnits/mL

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      Hi livinmancrawlin

      No inflammation then.....have you had the HLA-B27 Ankylising Spondylitis gene test??

      If not request it just as a process of wishes...

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