benzoyl benzoate

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Ive read this help with scabies..its worth a shot..nothing else seems to kill them ive been infected, misdosgnosed for 25 fn years

Im just sick.

Not one dr. Mentioned scabies.

Poison ivey..take a sterpid shot

Still poison ivy..takr a steroid shot.

Go to er..givr me steroid shot

Dermatologist.. Eczema.. Script 45 and steroids have caused many heath problems..yet without them id be in mental ward

Still may go!!

I cant stand the itch!! I've itched for 25 yesrs!

I want this over with!

Drs tjink im nuts.

Bit im still buy ing

Prednisone online bc dr. Won't prescribe anynore.

So this benzoateiss injection..

Do i inject it?

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    what??? 25 years?

    have you done the permetherin?

    unfortunately its not a put the cream on your done thing. its a process and you cant skimp on it. it took 3 treatments of it to clear mine it was also 2 weeks of daily laundry. towels, bed sheets, comforter. you have to be thorough and consistent and committed or you will continue to be reinfected or not cleared.

    i also used to put hot water in a mason jar on the bumps when they itch or new ones that would show up to help kill any eggs which may have been laid there.

    other than that it may not truly be scabies but an autoimmune disease

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      Yrs maam. Ive done countless permethtin creams.

      To making my own.

      Dr. Prescription.. Of ivermectin flipping went online..and feed store..bagged up clothes..wsshed, bleached.. Dryed..sweep mop.. Burned bed..sheets over couch..chwin daily.. Permetjton in shsmpoo..lsundry SOAP.. Now tee tree oil. Coal tar shampoo..

      Id tjink autoimmine still too but i csn get microscope even magnifyinh glssd..o know what scabies lpok like

      .and ive still got lots!

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      there are pictures online and instruction videos on Youtube on how to get a sample-what to look for- equipment needed -etc . You can also have a dermatologist do it its not like they offer- you need to be firm yet polite and say you want one done . Also, it is extremely contagious so i wonder if your partner or other lived ones have contracted it as well

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      permethrin hatch's the eggs on my body and the new baby's do not die...... fact....... talk about a nightmere. Peroxide baths mixed with epson salt helps / but thats it

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    If you have been infected for over 25 years and not had the appropriate treatment (as steroid injections would only treat the symptoms) and would have developed crusted scabies. Also after all of this time you would be so infested that a scraping sample under the microscope would show the mites and they could confirm the diagnosis Usually there are inly a few mites so it is like looking for a needle in a haystack but not after so much time .

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      Im infested..some pkaces are feet.but yes steroids ..pills or injections..ive been treating myself..since dr. Wont prescribe enough meds..

      Ive been dealing with it since bf became infected.

      His are gone. Mine are not.

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      The benzoyl benzoate injectipn. Is working. I drew 10 ccs out. Mixed with tea tree lption. Theres more coming to top.

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    and it is crusted scsbies. ygr daily steroid use jrot everything skooth sailing ( (but reslly not)

    niw ivdont get prednisobe from doctor. so iborder ut its prednisolne and foesnt do alof im broje ouf and itch so bad if this next go roynd dont kill tgem im seriously fiinn to flip out

    in a ckean freak everythings been washed EVERYTJING. ii dont know wgrre they coming fron

    i got 16 out of me last night just ng soaking ny gsbds where i seen two new burrows!!!ive tsjen all neds and then some tried hone remedies all tgst good stuff

    inblosing my family and friebds over this. bc i wobt let rhem comexaround me

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    hi deana. my name is Bruce and I had scabies for a very long time I have used anything from permethrin to they keep coming back how did the benzoate work that's one thing I've never tried I am too lazy to type right now try and talk into a microphone that's why some of this is coming out weird I'm just tired but I did you inject the bed tonight or how does that work I'm I'm real curious cuz that's the one thing I haven't tried I think I've tried everything for me quite a bit I might hate on my on my mouth area clove oil very excellent shaving the back of my head when they like to hide out tomorrow anywhere I just hit my head every day I tried to I put permethrin that it doesn't work borax Epsom salt and peroxide one part borax one part Epsom salt two parts peroxide the rest water into a gallon container and wow and I'll do that I'll throw him into a bathtub of peroxide and 4 cups in 4 cups and also to 32 and 4 cups in 4 cups show for action it works really good that that's unbelievable that's on a really bad day when I all the sudden I got a million of them I think I've got them God and all of a sudden there's a million of them my apartment again and I got every floorboard clean vacuum I've cleaned all the time I don't know I'm sorry if some of this doesn't make sense because I'm talking to a microphone because I'm just too tired to type if you could just tell me how you do the bed goodnight that would be great on a reply because I've been fighting it for I don't know 13-14 years off and on rp9 I've killed them and then they come back with a bunch of scummy people I think what are bathroom was terrible at work and dining that's what I kept getting them from and now I don't work there cuz I got a chance to get them I'm going to try my damnedest alright thank you

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