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  • monica77588 2
  • anthony02031 2

    cured!!!! 100% real story/my story!!!

    This is my story. I am not completely sure how I got it or if I ever really had it. I did what some people might have also done, self diagnosed. If I could go back I would have definitely went to a dermatologist and demanded a skin scrape test, which would hopefully determine what exact skin condition...

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  • eldnorwest 1

    How we killed scabies longterm

    The only way I got rid of scabies was by heat of 122 degrees or over for 45 minutes in an infrared sauna. I went through many rounds of using ivermectin and washing everything (sheets, towels, etc) in hot water. Nothing worked since my immune system is impaired. We bought a sauna because we could not...

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  • diane47722 2
  • s2020 1

    Can you have both scabies and bed bugs at the same time?

    So about 4 months ago, 4 hours after I had left work I accrued bites all over. Some type of spider bite or possible pesticide overdose, from being in the grass the same day as the exterminator sprayed, in which I ended up in the hospital, for seeing all the bugs crawl out of my skin. The ER told me I...

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  • lyclear 1
  • diane47722 2
  • cassey 1

    How do you know if you are cured of scabies

    Please help me i think i have scabies that wont go away. I got a ring like patch on my right leg in april that was itchy so i treated it with an antifungal cream that made it subside but was still visible. Then in late may i started to get a few small itchy bumps on my arms and legs that seemed to spread...

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  • jordan21732 1

    Post scabies or reinfected?

    Ive been dealing with scabies since october didnt know what it was till December 2016 didnt the Permethrin treatment thats days and a week late washed bedding and laundry in hot water, vacuumed and everything, my boyfriend had it too bendid the treatment as well. We were healing everything was clearing...

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  • daphne16785 1

    end of pregnancy with scabies

    Hi!  So yes am at my due date and did two treatments for scabies already, first not working at all and second starting to bring results, even tough, day one after it I had new rashes, litteraly seeing the mites diging and puting her egs (red bump) in my arms and rashes getting really worst. I felt better...

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  • 3to4am 1

    Alcohol and nail polish make a wild night.

    I am almost100% sure I have scabies. I have seen pictures, am experiencing symptoms, have that creepy crawling feeling. No, i haven't been to the doctor yet, because I live in The United States, where our elected officials won't get it together with universal healthcare. But I digress. I've not slept...

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  • sandra30665 2

    Not scabies or bed bugs but biopsy says I've been bitten by an insect

    Misdiagnosed as scabied, had perm cream 4 times in a 2 wk period. Have a rash and places look like bites. It's been 8 weeks. Dermatologists scraped 2x not trace of scabies. Biopsy came back as insect bite . Dermatologist says call an exterminator , thinks it's bedbugs! No signs that I can find of bedbugs...

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  • jess83773 2
  • fellowsufferer 2

    Found a huge help in the war against scabies.

    Hi Everyone.  I've dealt with this nightmare for about two years now.  I've done all the usual stuff...seen the doctor, tea tree oil, neem oil, wrapped matress in plastic, sulpher soap, etc...   Here's what is working so far for me (knock wood).  Bought straight up permethrin from Amazon (32%).  Continued...

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  • ashleigh34695 1

    Scabies or eczema??

    Hi guys so i have suffered with eczema all my life it is chronic for me. I'm awaiting phototherapy treatment ect ect it's all over my body including my hands. Over the last few days i have had a flare up on my face which is unusual for me haven't had a flare up on my face e for many years. It appears...

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  • scabiesno 2

    Curing scabies by leaving the house?

    Hi everyone! I think I have scabies, but I have a very mild case. I still get scratches at random places on my body, raised and red, doesn't look like a normal scratch and I don't have long nails so it wouldn't case that deep of a scratch. I itch sometimes and these appear; if i don't scratch, they still...

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  • Guest M

    I was very happy to find that common table salt in a war...

    I was very happy to find that common table salt in a warm bath cured my Scabies. After soaking for 15 minutes, get out of the bath and drip dry. Do not use a towel, but if you must, just pat dry with kitchen towels as they are more hygenic.If needed, repeat after 4 days. I feel this treatment should...

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  • allison41150 1

    I think I'm going crazy!!!

    I had been itching bad for 3 days and decided to look it up. I of course found the scabies diagnosis. I freaked out because a month before I got back with my boyfriend and we of course were intimate. So I'm itching...I'm not sure if it's worse at night or not but I was definitely itchy so I went to my...

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  • hbinoz 2

    Is this scabies: no itch, very few borrows, intermittent feeding

    After a trip to rural Thailand where I volunteered along with other travellers, I came home with many symptoms. I know I had thread worms - I could feel them moving in and out. I know I had head lice - I saw dead ones after treatment. I know I had body lice - I saw several live ones, an infestation of...

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  • ogz64024 1

    My doctor diagnosed me with scabies and I'm confused and afraid...

    It all started when I started noticing bigger and bigger rashes that itch like crazy on my body. They can be anywhere from my stomach to my knees, mostly on butt, thighs and them converging, on the genitals too. Okay so Scabies takes 2 to 8 weeks to show symptoms right? Well I have actually calculated...

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  • mark20384 1

    Scabies or post scabies? Very itchy rash.

    Hi guys,  I really, really need your help.. about 2 years ago my ex girlfriend had a very weird rash and the doctor prescribed her a lot o sprays and creams to apply on skin. When her rash was gone she slept at mine and about 3 months later I had a rash. It started on my feet. My feet were covered in...

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  • patrick34533 1

    Scabies is pushing me over the edge

    I am a student and got scabies from the people in my dorms who forgot to tell me they had scabies. i had it for about three weeks whilst still in uni and i some what found it managable there but the rashes kept on coming back so i decided to go back home where i could contain it more. However now i have...

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  • iver 2

    Are my scabies back or am I being neurotic?

    I contracted scabies around December time and they did not show up until January (due to them taking about 6 weeks). For weeks I was scratching away at myself constantly and thought I was just losing my mind. Turns out, I had scabies. I got antihistamines and Derbac M and applied it several times over...

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  • lisajsalfie 1

    I've had a rash on and off for 2 weeks

    Could someone please tell me what Scabies look like. I keep getting scratch like marks at night mainly but sometimes in a morning and when I've been in the water. Doctor says it isn't scabies but can't diagnose it

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  • noname0 1

    Scabies or not? pictures attached

    Hi Everyone! Want to start by saying that i'm a very clean guy and always been, living in clean conditions..but unfortunately last year, due to working environment, i have been infected with scabies twice. As a consequence of a thorough and eccesive use of permethrin cream and stromectol (pills) treatments...

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  • rajiv77100 2
  • john2784 1

    Is this scabies!?

    Brutally itchy all over my body and my partner is also brutally itchy. Can't sleep and worse at night....Itching all over even areas with no rash. The bad photo attached actually isn't itchy at all, it is the top of my arms, biceps, waist, thighs, etc. that are itchy the worst.

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  • anna43417 1


    This time last year, we battled with scabies. I had some doctors say it was scabies and some say it wasn't. Well about a week ago I started using baby oil because my skin was so dry, well I ended up with a rash all over my body, I stopped using the baby oil and my rash on most of my body got better...

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  • max34388 1


    Below is an image taken ten minutes ago. I used permethrin cream last afternoon, waited 12 hours and showered. Treated all my clothes and bedding in hot water and then at least 60 minutes in the dryer. Don't know if this is scabies or not anymore. I'm losing my mind. I have to pay for my cream now that...

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  • jasmine18135 1

    Not sure if i have scabies

    I not sure if i have scabies. I have a two year old who has been itching foe about two weeks with no relief. We took her to the doctor a few times and they just stated she had dermatitis. The last time we tiok her to the hospital was wed and they confirmed ahe had scabies but the problemis her dad and...

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  • billyfieldman 1

    Do scabies rash disappear after a few hours??

    I think I might have scabies. I came back from a trip to South East Asia mid-July. While waiting for my luggage at the airport I felt intense itch on the buttocks and I can feel the large welts even through my jeans. I didn't think too much of it because I thought it could be just mosquito bite. However...

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  • louise10128 1

    Scabies, could it be???

    Since the spring I’ve been getting these VERY itchy sort of like welts on me, at first I thought it was mosquito bites, then poison Ivy, bed bugs, allergy and so on.  So I change detergent, stayed away from poison Ivy and I kept on getting these sporadic itchy spots that would show up every day, never...

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  • scar90312 2

    is this scabies ?

    I think I've had these on my leg for a while....I think some heal, and new ones pop's not bumpy, it just looks like a small pinhead. It doesn't even look like it's a scar...looks like a smooth red dot I'm having a feeling it might be something due to my bed possibly ? I like to sleep  with...

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  • marie9595 1

    Scabies or post-scabies?

    I've been diagnosed with scabies a few weeks ago. I had severe itching and rashes between my fingers, wrists, on my elbows, my legs and my buttocks. My Dermatologist prescribed me a 5% Permathrine which I used once. I also treated myself with a tea tree/olive oil mixture and white vinegar everyday. ...

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  • einnir40650 1


    Hi I work in a secure unit. A patient was recently diagnosed with inpataigo. I have eczema and thought I had caught inpataigo so I went to the doctor. Also my cat had fleas at the time which I was unaware of. I told the doctor about work but he instantly said it looks like scabies. He gave me and my...

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