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Hi everyone, I've started getting a little itch in my groin region and also started noticing a little itching on other random areas on my body. Now, as I have quite severe anxiety, I am considering my mind may just be playing tricks and as I have a minor itch, I've started thinking I'm itching all over. I can't see any lumps etc at the moment and the groin itch seems to disappear for most of the day, and will randomly come back and then disappear again after a few seconds. It starts as more of a tickle than anything else. My pubic region also feels a bit odd when I touch/scratch etc it, but I think that could be just due to some anxety scratching causing a little damage. As I've read that generally the itch doesn't go away, I'm half thinking it is purely anxiety. So my question is, when scabies symptoms show up, does the extreme itching start straight away, or does it slowly increase from a minor itch like what I have?

I should add that I also don't get an increase in itch at night (if anything I notice it less) and no change after a warm/hot shower.

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    It starts out with insane itching, red bumps and lines, they look like pimples. They would come out more in the afternoon and then at night on me. Everyone has a different experience with these monsters. If you see and signs go right to doctor and ask for skin scrape to check for scabies. Sometimes they can't find them but if you have the signs the doctor will give you the cream as precaution. If it is scabies stay on this forum and get hints from people who have gone through this. Good Luck

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      Hi, I haven't seen any of the red bumps or lines yet, and I don't have itching that I'd even close consider insane. It's more like a little itch, a quick scratch and it's gone for quite a while. As I said, I have severe anxiety so I am likely making it up in my head. Given the fact you've said it  starts rather insane, I think I am likely overthinking it.

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      Hopefully you don't have it! Just keep an eye for streaks and bumps. Mine was only insanely itchy at night. Sulfur took away the itch. Good Luck 

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    You will be glad to know you don't have scabies. I have it right now and a quick scratch will not solve the issue--oftentimes, it leads to more itching.

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    I've had scabies for about a week and a half now, and that doesn't sound the same to me, either, AnonSkills.

    Mine started with a series of bites on my thigh. Then i awoke the next morning with a bunch of dots that were stuck to the skin surrounding my armpit. And then i disrobed to find more of those dots stuck to the folds that connect legs to torso. And only after a week did i see my first track marks. And after applying the medicated cream yesterday, i awoke with my first finger webbing rash, this morning.

    The itch was always pretty intense, from the beginning. It'd happen about twice in the afternoon, and scratching for about 5 minutes would help it go away. And i wake up in the middle of the night every night, and on and off for about 2-3 hours before going back to sleep.

    Maybe you have an STD or allergy? Nunno.

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    I started with itch on back of my arms very quickly spread legs body bum then face and ears. I rang 111 2 times in a week in executing pain I was given antihistamine which I was taking 1080mg a day and didn't help. I seen my doctors they also just said viral or allergic reaction and gave me cream for itch. It's just got so bad I was only sleeping about two hours a night in so much pain 13 days in with barely any sleep I was on the verge of going to ane but last resort when to my sexual health clinic and literally cried for someone to help me. I have been getting really bad anxiety to the point I've nearly passed out due to having an anxiety attack over it. The clinic looked at rash and said scabies I've done one treatment cleaned my house at least 4 times for hours at time as I can't settle in my own home without feeling itchy. Struggling to sleep in my bed as I just think there things crawling all over me. I've done one treatment but 2 days later rash and itch seems to be coming back and my anxiety is through the roof. Does it mean I've been reinfected or is it just post scabies rash. I bought stuff to spray mattress as I've been changing bedding wearing ppe and washing every on 60 and tumble drying also hoovering and emoting outside wearing gloves am lost at what more I can do but my anxiety is just getting worse. Any tips on making sure not to get reinfected or get over having them.

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