Your Scabies WILL Go Away!

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I just want to write this for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with scabies and is feeling very hopeless. (I don't doubt that some of the people on here truly have been struggling with this for a very long time, or maybe another condition that is misdiagnosed as Scabies.) But when you know nothing about Scabies and you come across these forums it is extremely disheartening, and you end up convinced that you will never get rid of it.

By the time I was diagnosed with scabies my legs were absolutely destroyed by the buggers. It started with one itchy bump, which I didn't feel constituted a visit to my doctor, and by the time I came back from camping and was able to make an appt. It had spread rapidly. I was prescribed 5% permethrin which is available behind the counter. I used it exactly as the packaging directed (Only I applied it to my face as well because I'm paranoid) two treatments, one week apart. I cleaned my house thoroughly, washed all sheets and pillows everyday for a week (which is probably overkill)

Now you're not going to see improvement right away, in fact it will get worse first. For me it was torture (I feel like most legitimate medical websites don't tell you about the psychological torture that scabies is), the itching was so bad that I hadn't slept for about 5 days and spent most of my time in a cold bath as that was the only thing that have me relief, this is the only time in my life I've experienced legitimate depression. Slowly (very slowly) things will get better. It took 6 weeks from my first treatment for my itching to go away completely. It's extremely hard to believe the scabies are gone when the itching and bumps last for so long (especially with these forums where people tell you scabies live in your walls and you have to bathe in bleach to get rid of them).

It was a long haul, but they did go away with just the average treatment. There's not alot of info online about Scabies but I believe that it's because it truly is just that easy to get rid of.

I'm having trouble getting out all my thoughts in a cohesive manor but what I'm trying to get across is you will be cured. It will be hard to stay positive, but just focus on relieveing your symptoms. Heres my suggestion:

Take very cold baths (or showers but I found baths better) followed by:

-spraying affected areas with Holista tea tree oil, not because tea tree oil "kills scabies" but because the Holista spray has peppermint in it as well which is very soothing

-rubbing on Eucerin calming cream

This combination fave me relief from itching for 45mins-1hr outside of the bath.

Stay positive, and stay off of these forums!

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    Thank you Elle for your encouraging words. I needed to hear something that would give me hope . I have no doubt that some people get cured easily. My husband doesn't have them, was cured with the regular treatment. I was not! I am now covering head to toe with sulfur, gasoline,-and alcohol day and night for 2 weeks now, I still have new streaks showing up. I am going to switch to glove oil tomorrow just to give my skin a break from the sulfur, I am a mess! So depressed! Never have I been do down. Almost six months now and no money left. If I wasn't such a coward I would kill myself!  I have doggies that depend on me, I had scabies about 15 years ago and the cream and cleaning worked. Not this time! I don't know what else to do. I have no support. My husband is sick of listening to me. No one on this earth to talk to except this forum. 

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      Hi jojoanie,

      Let me tell you a little bit about me.  I came to know about my scabies when itching caused me sleepless nights. My dermatologist prescribed my Permethrin 5%, I used it and I was happy for a few days before it returned again. I used it the second time and third time and 4th time.  I was getting crazy by the time, I believe I had it on my sculp and head too. I paid $60 for permethrin then I learned to use a GoodRX coupon and paid $30 but still expensive when It was spreaded everywhere.

      This time I decided that I do whatever it takes but I just want to get rid of it and btw it was already 6 months I was dealing with it.

      On a trip to middle east I bought a huge repository of Permethrin 5%, Lindan 1% and Permethrin Shampoo and Spray very cheap(I bought a 30 gr tube of Permethrin 5% for only $1.5!!!!). I just didn't want to worry about the amount of the cream and solution I use and panic about running out.

      So on my return I started with Lindan solution, what I liked about Lindan is that it's not a cream and it's a lotion so it's easier to apply to your skin and you can make sure it covers everywhere. Anyway I applied it everyday(instead of once a week, please note it's only my experience and it might be dangerous for you to do the same), so each night I was taking shower with the Permethrin Shampoo, then after I was dried I was applying the Lindan lotion, and also I stopped sleeping on my bed, I throw a sheet on the floor and each night I washed it with hot water and use another sheet. I washed my cloth also each night with hot water and didn't use them again. It was my routine for two weeks then I applied evryother day for two more weeks. By the time I was done I was still eaching a bit in some areas but I could tell it's not scabies but it's my skin which was probably sensetive because of the intense treatment. Anyhow they were gone eventually :D Remember I was getting crazy but I could do it and you can, you just need diciplin.

      Btw I still have a little of my repository left which I can gove it to you for free if you want.

      Good luck and let me know if you want that smile.

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      I am dying out here, I have no words to express. If you have lindane lotion, I would buy it off of you. I have nowhere else to turn. They are unstoppable.
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      where did you get shampoo? I know it's in my scalp, my 4 yr old and 10 month old keep getting it too. Their De. wnt treat them unless they are showing severe symptoms, wnt do a skin test. My husband has not got it, refuses to treat. I'm loosing my mind.

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      Try clove oil, full strength. Research has proved it kills mites within 15 minutes and it is the only essential oil which works 100%. Trust me. I suffered like hell. I was so stressed out for almost a year that I got diagnosed with cancer thereafter. Had tried everything. Everything worked but for a while. The only thing with which I was finally cured was the clove oil. But to be safe, try oral ivermectin as well. Also scrub your body well every day, take a hot shower. If you can get a neem and turmeric soap or shower gel, use it. Apply clove oil before going to bed daily. Wash your clothes and bedsheets, pillow covers daily in hot water. Add 1/2 cup borax to the laundry detergent. Keep doing all this for a month. You will be cured.

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    I'm just wondering if you ever had visiable track marks? 

    I'm not sure if I've got scabies as doctors are confused. 

    The symptoms are intense itching that keeps me up all night.

    Tiny red spots on my skin that just disappear so it's hard to tell. 

    Occasionally I get red lines that are roughly the length of finger a nail. I have tried a scabies treatment roughly a month ago and still itching unfortunately a few days ago it has become unbearable and got significantly worse and the red lines are appearing again. Does this sound anything like your experience? 

    Is it normal for all the symptoms to get worse a while after treatment? 

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      Hi Marie , yes there are red lines as well advice bumps that come and go. I have had for six months now of hell . You must treat aggressively with topical from head to toe. Sulfur from garden store mixed with Vaseline thick night and day. Ivermectin from feed store every day for 35 days. I am on day 5 no sign of them so far.Still cleaning washing vacuuming every day. If they are not gone for good I don't know what else to do! Good Luck Neemnoil full strength is better for skin and stops them from breeding so I use that too to give my skin a break. Treat animals and your scalp!! I slather with been and wear shower cap.

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      Thanks for the reply. 

      Sounds like scabies then but it's so hard to get any help from docs. ( cos you can't hardly see anything on my skin) 

      Have you had this problem? 

      Also it doesn't make sense I did a treatment recently & was very thorough and  even moved house etc. Like I mentioned it seemed to work for a month ish I was sleeping then it's all started again but worse than before. 

      What I don't understand is I've deffinatly not come into contact with anything that's infected from before my treatment. 

      I'm totally confused how I can have caught it again...!? 

      Surely it's not that common?  I've not had any intimate contact with anyone. 

      Unless it's possible it can stay dormant? 

      Or the treatment has worked but it's just got worse before it gets better? 

      Post scabies effect 

      Though it's so bad at night now & worse than before I treated  I can't beleave it's post scabies. 

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      They are dormant. I went to 3 docs just gave permethrin and 2 doses ivermectin. I saw a post from medical doctor who had them and he took ivermectin. Every day for 35 days. I AM Taking two notches every day now as well as sulfur and cloves alternating head to toe. Docs have no clue. Stay on forums and try cures that have worked for people. I hate taking poison but it seems to be safe so far. So far scabies gone 5 days now. I took moxidenton which is being studied for humans. It is in Quest horse paste. Did not work. It was devastatating when they came back after a couple of days. Some people take ivermectin for a year. If I have to I will . Rather die than live like this. They are super bugs who built up immunity to all the regular protocols. 
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      Hi Marie,

      I did have track marks in the beginnings of scabies, and im sure I did later on but I was such a mess of bumps and scabs. The bumps that come and go I experienced in post scabies for about 6 weeks after my treatment so maybe that's what you're experiencing! (Hopefully). I also found myself freaking out every time I got a little scratch, because they look exactly like track marks.

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      Thanks for your reply


      Yes I really hope it's post scabies don't want to go through it all again. 

      I've always itched after the treatment but it's very strange that it's just got worse and more intense the last 4 nights so no sleep  (even worse than before I did the treatment infact) 

      Im just wondering if your post scabies stayed  the same? Or changed & got worse at any point? 

      Maybe it's possible the stress and worry of it can make the itching worse at night. 

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      Some days were worse than others but my ppst scabies never got significantly worse, it might not hurt to do the permethrin treatment again..but don't over treat! And I definitely think that stress and worry make it worse, also theres not too much going on to distract you when you're trying to sleep.

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      Yes I agree it's difficult not to feel stressed & anxious when your woken up all night. 

      I think I'll have to wait a little longer and see how it goes before I treat again. 

      What temperature did you wash everything at? I use 60  degrees wash. 

      What do you do about sofas? Soft furnishings do you just vac them? 

      As far as I'm aware they prefer to live in bedding towels and clouthes not too much in your environment unless you have crusted scabies. 

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      I think waiting is the best thing you can do.

      I washed my clothes and bedding in 60 degrees. I also bagged up pillows and my dogs bed things that I didn't want to try and clean which I'm pretty sure was overkill but it helped give me peace of mind. As for my couch and mattress I sprayed down with lysol fabric disenfect.

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      What strength did you mix the sulfur.  Which ivermectin did you get.  Where do you get your neem oil? It’s super expensive here for just 2 oz.
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      Is it ivermectin for horses you are buying? Two notches each day by itself or mixed with something ? Are you putting pure clove essential oil on head to toe or diluting it with a carrier oil?
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      goodness no, ivermectin for horse would kill you. Doc can recommend teq dose.

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