Scabies for over 10 years household of eight cant get rid of them :(

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So my story is. It began with out first daughter. She was diagnosed with eczema at 2 years old. To come to find out multiple doctors have been wrong. She has had scabies this entire time and she is now turning 12! My husband was the person she originally got it from. He has had scabies almost half his life. Doctors kept telling him it was bad skin. Now for the past 6 years I to have been dealing with scabies with no idea on what it was! So now for the past year I have been struggling so hard to get rid of scabies in our home! We have 6 children. The only reason I figured out it was scabies was that they started to finally spread to our kids. Now I have tried everything from bleach baths to shea butter, to ivermectin. I cant keep up with the sanitizing with so many children. Were like a tiny infested village. I can keep them off the kids constantly fighting back and forth to keep the kids from catching them. But my husband works 14 hour days 6 days a week and has little time to actually apply any treatments we have tried to make it work. I am just at a loss and feel 100% hopeless .

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    I am so sorry. It's more the fact it has the bad effect on mental health. Isn't it?

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    Hi dressobsessed,

    I can relate- was diagnosed with eczema for over a year, treated with steroids.  When it starting spreading  to family members,  the Derm drs just kept saying - it can be  a coincidence - after 22 yrs of marriage you are both getting this at the same time, oh and your children, and your grandson.  Seriously a joke!  We had biopsies and all came back dermatitis. ?  Whatever that means.. which really meant label it eczema.   The worst Easter of my youngest daughters life was the biggest blessing for mine.  (I remind her a lot), she saved our family! Destin to forever needles and steroid treatments that only mask and temporarily heal, while causing complete havoc on our bodies.  I gained over 30lbs and lost a majority of my hair, all in the name of eczema.  Easter weekend my daughter started itching for the first time in the year long battle.  She stayed away on purpose, very clean, tidy and SEGREGATED .  Not the way a family should be, but we all knew something was wrong.  Easter weekend it happened, itchy spots began to surface.  Our biggest fear came to light. Myself , my husband, my oldest daughter and our grandson had all been dealing with “eczema” for almost a year.  Our youngest daughters eczema was very different from ours tho, even while at the derm Dr . Blowing us off with another “eczema “ case, my daughter says I really believe there is something in my eye lash??  The dr. Acting unwilling to look, finally gives in, after all the eczema hype, looks at her eye and says - oh my, I think there is something on there.  Oh my, oh wow!  There is a something on YOUR eyelash... oh my goodness , I’m so sorry .. this doesn’t look good.  This looks like scabies-or possibly lice.  

    I busted down in tears!  I knew there was no way we all contracted eczema in the same year!   My whole family was destined to become slaves of a needle every 2 weeks to control our ezcema ! The worst holiday of my daughters life - saved all our lives!  If it wasn’t for her bug actually going to her face.. I don’t know if we would have ever beat this parasite.  We HAD, what is believed to be body louse , or lice.. however you say it.  It mimics scabies to an extent , but has none of the “usual” patterns.  It can tho, be treated just like scabies!   It took so much work.  More work than anyone infected wants to do.  I can relate more than anyone how exhausted I was just from the battle of living day to day.  The itch, the bites, the constant reminders of sores covering my body.  My sores were so bad I had blood blisters surfacing my arms and legs.  The drs said this was from itching, but they appeared right before the itch.   There is no quick fix.  We moved, trashed out mattresses, our couch , pillows, anything fabric.  I live by leather- even pleather!  Fabric is a breeding ground.  We did the permithum twice each at the same time ivermectin.  We did not shower for 48hrs and we did the treatments at the same time .. it’s an all In sync treatment .  We used/ use sulpher shampoo- aka selsun blue for our body wash.  Tea tree shampoo and condition.  I mix tea tree oil with coconut oil daily and lather it on from head to toe daily.  Every family member .  We washed bedding daily.  NEVER SLEEP IN OR ON THE SAME CLOTHES  for more than 1 time.   Everything must be washed. I did use borax and the hottest temp possible in our laundry.  Myself, I had The hardest time kicking these buggers.  I suppose I was the host.  My body would start to heal and then my head would itch.  That’s when I knew it was coming back. I finally infused garlic cloves with coconut oil and rubbed it on every inch of my head.. slept in it for the night and washed.  I did this 3 or 4 times or when ever I would feel the “tingle” of itch.  2 amazing things happened. .. my hair is growing like crazy and no more itch!  I also spot treated and my family members with permithium cream every time I felt an itchy spot!  Also listerine in the beginning helps with the itch.  Spray it on your body before exiting he shower.  AND windex!  I saw it on a past forum somewhere , and these things work.  My family and I are 3 months itch free.  I am wearing shorts this summer, going out again, and happy.  WE use selsun blue for body wash, tea tree and coconut oil for daily moisturizer- head to toe- and tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner. We do not use the same towels twice or wear the same clothes, more than 1 day.  I did steam mop all my hard surface floors day and laundry was never ending!  But we are finally free!  I have a tube of permithum in my drawer for “just in case”. Thank god daily we have not had to use it in 3 months!!! 

    My prayers go out to you and your family. This is a war.  You must fight to win.  Fight with doctors, fight thru the pain, fight thru the fatigue.  I thought this would never end.  It finally did , myself,  I feel reborn.  No one would understand unless they have lived thru this awful, debilitating way of life . 

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    Well...I want to cry with you. This is hard and it takes rearranging your emotions and a test in complete self control. Giving up is not an option. Your a mother and your kids depend on you.

    However, you shouldn't burden your kids with the knowledge you now possess. Once, the schools find out from them talking about it or other kids picking on them, you will most likely end up getting a visit from the protective services.

    That being said, the mental game begins. First, thing first, do not go, scrubbing, buying every product you read, etc. Simply, be aware of the situation and try things you incorporate in you daily life. You cannot wipe this out over night, over months or maybe even years. This is the reality your dealt. Its a bleak horror your mind needs to comprehend. Yes, let the emotion build and the hatred become your motivation. These things are so bizarre and amazing, you will loose yourself unless you come to grips with your role as a mother. I have been dealing with this for at least 6 yrs and looking back, I have probably had this for nearly 40 yrs. It wasn't until recently, I have found better leads. I have a daughter and a crazy woman who lives in absolute denial of this problem. She has it bad and claims its cellulitis. Its not. She had this when I met her and I truly, believe we got together indirectly because we both unknowingly had it. Pheromone or something like that. What I have done to keep it in check and dial it back is, rosemary oil in a diffuser to ward off anything from hanging around.Listerine gold color or house brand for head. I found the green engine degreaser at the self carwash causes them to practically fall out of your skin. However, In my case it has only made me that much itchier. What is working better than anything is this stuff called feed-n-wax. It is wood polish and conditioner from home Depot. It kills them by suffocation and forces them out. When you add the 38% permethrin you get from a feed store and some O'Keefe's skin repair, rosemary oil, and whatever else your heart desires, it creates a amazing breath of fresh air. Exfoliate with green 3m scrubbers. Wash all laundry in hot water, borax, baking soda, non bleach alternative and biz. high heat dry. It may be over kill but, at least the clothes are without hanger ons. You may have to do all the leg work behind the kids back. The custom lotion is working great and these things are draining from my pores. Every hair follicle and pore on my entire body has been occupied. I look normal but, that's just it. I would have to say, nearly everyone has this they just don't know it. Once your mind and body become fully aware, the body begins to fight back and these things react causing outbreaks. So, talking about it to your kids can cause stress anxiety and make matters worse. These things know what you know as if, they are aliens trying to control you. Make you want and do things you wouldn't normally do. I wish I wasn't kidding. Don't give them your power. Your going to need it to make your way out if this nightmare. Fighting and arguing won't solve anything. Strategy and a developed easy routine is what you need. Let the kids be kids. No one said being a parent was easy.

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    Hi, I hope you are still following this forum.  I went thru this for 2 years with many doctors, dermatologist, infective disease doctors.  When I finally figured it out myself I did extensive research.  It became crusted in areas and the Ivermectin and Perm cream were not working.  I found a research article in Europe where they give patients "Moxidectin".  This is not available to humans in the USA except for as a horse wormer, brand name "quest".  Ivermectin is out of your body in a number of days but the moxidectin stays at high levels for months and ensures you kill everything.  One dose and my husband and I were cured after 2 yrs.  That was 4 months ago.  We are still getting things out and healing but each week is better.  I hope this helps.  With the lack of knowledge of our USA doctors and no skin scrapes done in the office I know the horror and frustration and work is exhausting.  And the Anger at the whole mess.  Forgive them and be well.  I prayed for you and that this message finds you.


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      I'm happy to report a few hours after taking Moxidectin I feel normal this evening for the first time in 1 year. The creepy crawly and the insane biting pin pricks and itching are about 80-90 percent gone. I pray it lasts and I can get free. The only side effect so far is I feel relaxed and a little almost high feeling like when you go to the dentist. It's a pleasant not scary feeling. It is extremely faint like you had 1/2 cocktail. And Im talking down from furious infesting feeling every 5 minutes to almost nil. Thank you to the person who posted about it. and to the person saying take it ever 12 hours DO NOT DO THAT!!!! only once PERIOD. per body weight. make sure its not a combo only that mox product. good luck and god speed! my body is ravaged and torn to shreds by these little fers

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    Gosh. I dont know. I feel for you and your family ive been misdiagnosd..for25 years..just diagnosed myself. 6 months ago.

    I cant even rid them!

    Ice done everything!

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    My family and I have been battling scabies since August 2019. I was the first one to start getting them and by January my whole family had them. I even had to switch jobs do to the situation because it was the main source of were the scabies were coming from. We have treated ourselves our home and still have not found the right treatment to eradicate the mites. At this point i feel as if the only way to get rid of the mites is to get rid of every cloth material in our home. We have used permetherin Ivermecatin sulfar products all natural products sterifab products you put in your laundry and in your car and all have failed so far. We are running out of options and really don't know what to do we have even started to vacuum seal all our clothing and cloth material and use only the bear minimum. Scabies has definitely been an nightmare but we still keep fighting them daily in hoping to get rid of them.

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    OMG! I felt so bad reading about your nightmare and then I scrolled down and started reading about everybody elses horror stories, I feel kinda sick.

    My hubby and I are 70 years old and I thought our scabies appeared atypical because of our age but with all of the misdiagnosis I am reading about, I am thinking that the scabies mite can look very different on each patient.

    Our story began with a flea infestation. We tried to kill them on our own with natural flea killing products to no avail. We brought in a professional pest control company and they sprayed an oily poison all over the floors of our home. It took weeks and three doses of spray to kill the fleas. The last time the place was so wet and slick we had to go and stay at a hotel and wait for the floors to dry. The fleas had been eating us alive so we didn't realize that we had picked up scabies at the high end hotel that we had stayed at.

    So began more than eight months of hell. Deep down unrelenting itching. We went to the doctor and were prescribed permethrin. We followed the instructions to the letter and did not recover at all. I have since read from many different sources that permethrin hasn't been effective for over 10 years. The mites have become resistant to it. Next we tried sulfur soap and sulfur cream. The sulfur will dry out the mites on the surface of your skin, then they crack open and die but most of the mites are living INSIDE of your skin. They are microscopic and burrow into your skin and feast off of your body and lay eggs in your body and s**t inside your skin. You can get serious infections and have even more serious repercussions. In addition to not killing all of the mites the sulfur dries your skin and causes new problems. We had to go on steroid ointment for the dry skin and the doctors did not give us better medicine to actually kill the mites.

    I am not going to go into all the different over the counter and prescription meds we tried. The only medicine we did not try is spinosed/natroba because It took a long time for it to show up in my internet scabies studies. Ultimately we used oral moxidectin gel for horses. We used human doses appropriate for our individual weight. There have been plenty of studies on moxidectin for humans and it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of River Blindness. Some doctors will prescribe it off label for scabies but good luck finding a doc to do that. Moxidectin seems to work better than ivermectin because ivermectin only stays in your tissues for a couple of days where as moxidectin will last a couple of months. You need it to last long enough to cover a couple of life cycles of the mites. You can find info on dosing on the internet. Good luck my friend.

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      Hi, I disagree that Permethrin doesn't work. You may be resistant, that's all, just like you can get antibiotic resistance from overuse. You could try Malathion, the second-line treatment, though Permeth worked fine for me. But only in conjunction with replacing all my belongings to break the reinfestation cycle. No doctor advised this, and washing/drying clothes at high temps after bagging them for days didn't help much either. I since wondered if freezing might kill them and some studies say YES! (Google them.) Put your stuff in a chest freezer for at least a day, I would even try a week. They are hardy for sure but I suspect not that hardy. This is what I would do if I ever got it again. I had it for 8 long months, picked up from a well-known hotel chain. Turned my life upside down but it is beatable.

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      It also helps to vacuum and empty the contents into a sealed bag daily. Permethrin can only kill on your body; you need environmental tactics too. Good luck.

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    also going through this nightmare and im at the point of severe depression tried everything you can think of and im sorry but natural produts do not work for scabies at all. ive also done permethrin and ivermectin in horse paste and pills and seen no change trying to get doctors to hear you and understand the absolute pain and torment you go through everyday is like talking to the dead. Trying not to kill myself everyday waking up in the same pain is mind blowing. Ive lost the will to live sometimes ive missed out on so many things wasted so much money on treatments.

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    also forgot to mention ive done permethrin at least 7times derbac m 4times ivermectin horse paste and ivermectin pills and washed bedding laundry like crazy hoovered and sprayed the house with permethrin products and still not a damn change. 😭😭😭

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