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This is my story. I am not completely sure how I got it or if I ever really had it. I did what some people might have also done, self diagnosed. If I could go back I would have definitely went to a dermatologist and demanded a skin scrape test, which would hopefully determine what exact skin condition I had. But I was convinced and still believe I had scabies.

It all started with a small patch of bumps that were on my right forearm. It was about 2 weeks before Christmas. I noticed the bumps after they started to itch a little, but didn’t think much of it. Then it seemed to appear on the other forearm. Not ever having something like this or even understanding the many possibilities, I just thought it was a simple rash. About 3 days later while sleeping, I woke up with a severe itchiness on the inside of both my thighs, then during the day it was like it disappeared. It happened the next day but seemed more severe, and the only thing that seemed to help was taking a hot bath and letting the water run over my thighs. Again in the morning it went away. After that night of basically no sleep and in the bath, I went on webMD and typed in all my symptoms and it came up with scabies as one of the possibilities, especially with the itching and scratching at night. At this point I was not sure what I should do. The next night was the same as the two previous nights but seeming to get more intense. But in the morning I woke up and noticed that it had spread all over my body. It was all over my arms, but not really on the hands. It was all over my back, on my chest and stomach, and all over my legs and on my feet. The weird thing about my lower legs like from the knee down, it that around each hair follicle it seem to have a red circle. At this point I went to a community urgent care. When I went they asked what I was there for, I told them a rash and that I thought I might be scabies. Of course me not knowing the nightmare of a condition it can be, I told them, and of course the treated me as if I had the plague or something. Knowing what I know now I can not really blame them. Needless to say they were very unhelpful, one of the nurses told me that simple lice shampoo would take care of the problem. So I took her advice and went to Rite Aid and bought some and put in all over my body. Of course as you all probably know, it takes a lot more than simple hair lice product to kill them. So after a couple days and a couple applications of Rid the head lice treatment with no results I decided to go to a real urgent care affiliated with a hospital. When I went in and told them what I thought I had, they didn’t treat much different from other patients in the waiting room. Even the doctor was pretty at ease with sitting in the room and talking with me, or at least it seemed as if he was. Anyway, he prescribed permitherin. I put it all over except my face. The next morning it actually seemed to help a lot. Also washed all my blankets pillows and all dirty clothes in hot water. And I grabbed my bike and went out for a ride, with scratch scars on my arms and legs, but I was cured. So I thought. It only took a couple days to realize that permitherin helped but did not kill or cure all. I found myself refilling my perscription 7 days later and reapplying it because even the package says it may need second dosage 7 days later. The second dose still didn’t kill or cure all.

I then found myself searching the web and reading and learning as much as I can about this. At this point I was convinced I had scabies because I even talked to a doctor and he told me if the scabicide worked even a little it only works on parasites and not skin conditions such as follicleitis and others that are commonly confused with scabies. As the saying goes IGNORANCE IS DEFINITELY BLISS! The more I read, the more I was horrified. Ever story of struggle with hardly and happy endings, was discouraging. I can not tell you how many posts and forum pages I read. I was determined to beat this.

This is what I bought;

I bought a plastic drop “cloth” from the dollar store to cover my mattress with. I would spray and wipe this down every morning with Lysol or some type of disinfectant spray because believe me Lysol gets very expensive after a little while. I believe I replaced this once a week or so, but only a dollar so not too bad.

I bought plastic pillow cover from Wal-Mart I think. Actually slept without pillow throughout most of this. I also sprayed and wiped down every morning.

I bought plastic gloves from dollar store that I wore almost all day. Probably was a riot to a lot of people while driving in the streets, but I wanted to make sure I wasn’t letting myself come into contact with any new ones that might be on objects in my car or in my house. I made sure that to throw these away every time I touched something I thought could possibly have been contaminated. So needless to say I went through a lot of plastic golves.

Always had plastic bags for my laundry, trash(mostly napkins and plastic gloves).

I tried to confine myself to my room so I ate out I would say 99.99% of this time. I would mostly go to McDonalds and get a cheeseburger and a dollar salad. And buy like two of three of these for the day.

This was my regimen for many many months;

I limited my clothes I wore to 3 sets, and washed clothes every 3 to 4 days. I also limited what I used as blankets at night, 1 sheet.

This is what remedies I have tried;

Permitherin about 5 or 6 times. I took 1 dose that seems to help a lot but not all the way. Went back a week later and did it one more time. After that didn’t work I believe I tried it 3 times in a row, which still did not kill all. I also read online somewhere that they are getting more and more resistant to permitherin. And if you think about it, it make sense that they are suvivors, they have been around for a long long time.

After permitherin didn’t work, I tried vinegar

After vinegar didn’t work I tried Neem. I used the Neem lotion from Henry’s , now Sprout’s.

After neem didn’t work, I ordered some pure neem oil from eBay, along with coconut and olive oil.

After that didn’t work I decided I was going to try Ivermectin.

Ivermectin worked for me.

Luckily I live close to Tijuana, Mexico so I was able to take a trip down there and purchase Ivermectin, or Ivermectina in Spanish. I bought enough to take 3 weeks in a row. I did this and was cured, it was not instant, I had a lot of bumps and residuals still poping up from time to time, but this time I knew something was different. It took a month or two to really stop seeing new bumps form, but I heard it could take a while for all the scabies that died due to ivermectin to come out of skin, and while they are there still they show symptoms of iratation, i.e. rash.

Even to this day I get small little bumps pop up, but I pretty sure by taking the permitherin and ivermectin I probably picked up a small case of dermatitis or follicleitis.

Please ask any questions, I will try to help as much as possible, Please hang in there and remember things can and will get better!

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    Proper Cure 2013 info for both scabies & crusted scabies (the exact same mite).

    Check out table 1 carefully.

    Hope this will help, if one application didn't stop the bumps, you probably have Grade one Crusted scabies.

    An at home test for regular scabies: as soon as you see the cause of your itching, or a red bump, or just a skin colored bump, a line of bumps(red or skin colored), the area should look like it is the newest area affected.

    Take a green or orange washable marker and color in the area of concern very darkly(2-4layers of ink) then take a wet wash cloth and wipe away all of the layers of ink, if after you remove all of the ink with the wet wash cloth, gently(do not scrape), then if you can see orange or green ink that is obviously under the skin(since you can't wash it off, the ink is showing you where the burrows are. Some are very short, 1/8th inch up to nice long ones.

    Inside the newest burrows will be mite turds, mite pieces of hatched eggs, there may or may not be: un hatched eggs, adult mites, baby mites (nymphs), toddler

    mites(bigger nymphs) or teen mites (even bigger nymphs).

    If your doctor wants to do a skin scrape to confirm and it is new to him, take along your marker and have him color six different sites, then when he does the scraping, he can continue scraping until all the ink in the tunnels is scraped, he will know that he at least has egg pieces and turds for the slide.

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    Hi my name is Helen and we r going through the same problem and none of the stuff that u said worked for u is working for us and we were woundring if there is any way that we could contact u that would be great thank you


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      Dear Helen,

      If your regular doctor is willing to research not just scabies but also CRUSTED SCABIES, his Crusted Scabies research will reveal a ton of very important information about REGULAR Scabies that is NOT in with the Regular Scabies information.

      Another avenue to use is to have your regular MD send you to an INFECTIOUS DISEASE SPECIALIST.

      I also recommend you go to the CDC (Cntrs for Disease Controll) website and you yourself read their scabies and crusted scabies information for healthcare professionals so that when you DO GET PROPER TREATMENT, you can make very, very, very sure that you are not going to continue re-infecting yourselves.

      If any family members take the prescription drug Singulair (Montelucast) and SEEM TO BE IMMUNE TO THE SCABIES!

      They are the ones re-infecting everyone else.

      Montelucast (Singulair) stops your immune cells from releasing HISTAMINE. Histamine is one of your immune systems ways of fighting against an allergen such as the Scabies.

      Histamine causes the Scabies areas to become swollen and red and pussy and weepy, which is what the MD or Infectious Disease Specialist USES to IDENTIFY a case of Scabies.

      A person on Singulair (Montelucast) will have Scabies but the areas will not swell up or turn red or get pussy or get weepy, therefore it is almost impossible to get a diagnosis while taking the Singulair (Montelucast).

      You need to stop taking the Montelucast and wait possibly months and months and months until your cells again start releasing HISTAMINE, thus allowing a doctor to actually DIAGNOSE the Scabies.

      I have been on Montelucast, 365 days a year for the last ten years, I have been off the drug since 5/29/14, it is 8/14/14 and my pock marks keep multiplying but still no regular symptoms.

      However, Singulair is a miracle drug for those of us with severe asthma and allergies. I can't wait to get back on it, my lungs are already giving me problems I haven't had in ten years.

      Good Luck to you and yours,

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      I too am on Motelucast! I could feel the biting and some itching with occassional swelling, but it wasnt visually as horrifying as can be seen for most people. 
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      Pls read & try whichever ones make sense for you to do

      (preferably all of them)

      1.Move your bed away from the wall.

      Mites crawl along the corners & jump to your bed, pillows & mattress.

      Result: No mites jumping on my face at night.

      2.Mixture of isopropryl alcohol w/ vinegar (50/50)

      Spray on corners of walls, carpets, bed corners, mattress seams. Alcohol kills them, vinegar smell annoys them. Spray 5 days straight. Vacuum your bed (change nozzles for vacuuming your carpet) So you dont transfer dirt from your floor to your bed.

      Result: No mites jumping on bed.

      3.Ammonia mixed w/ window cleaner: Kills mites (in carpet) on contact but doesnt linger to kill mites that hatch later. Spray 5 days straight.

      Open the window so that the fumes go out. Close the door for a few hours. Vacuum.

      4.Immerse linen, pilllow protectors, pillow cases, bed sheets in boiled water, let it cool down (to a Temp that you can put your hand in). Spin dry.

      For added results, put in the dryer for 30mins to 45mins to kill everything on it. Since boiling linen I haven't changed pillows & linen (past 3days)

      Result: No mites on pillow or jumping on bed.

      5.Toothpaste on bite marks. This isnt for everyone but I've used 5a.Premetherin (it works for 1st application, It doesnt kill everything and 2nd,3rd,4th tube effectiveness becomes less & lesser, & expensive.

      You can get immune or your skin gets thicker because of scratching and your skin doesnt absorb the premetherin as effectively.

      5b.Benzyl Benzozenoate (don't do this one to yourself. Its from the olden days & it burns),

      5c.Salt bath (minimal results). Using salt to scrub your skin hurts like hell

      4d.Tea Tree Oil Hot Bath: starts great then effectiveness becomes less & lesser.

      5e.Lavender/Lavender spray: helps you sleep but you'll wake up when mites jump  on your face or start itching somwhere on your body.

      5f.OliveOil & MineralOil: Effective. They dont like it. They come out but it doesn't kill them. It lessens the number of mites. Put 30mls-60mls in a little bowl. Get in the bathtube or shower. Rub in every bite mark. around some bites, you'll later see a black speck that wasnt there before. Dab a sticky tape on the speck & it'll stick to the tape. Thats a mite/scabie. Take a photograph w/ your phone camera. Try different distances to get a very clear photo. You'll see a round body w/ pointy end, little legs and sometimes a cotton fiber wraps around it & this looks like a tail. Photo is for you to show a doctor of what your talking about.

      Wash & soap off all Olive Oil & Mineral Oil (because its really thick) so that you don't get pimples

      5g.ToothpasteToothGel: I put a little toothpaste on bites & use cellulose tape as a band aid to stop it from rubbing on to my clothes. The tape is see-through & catches mites which crawl out because the dont like the menthol (in toothpaste/gel), and they stick to the tape.

      Result: Find some tape strips with mites stuck on to them. Seal them in, throw away or burn it

      6.Swimming. I started swimming (in winter). Winter in Australia is July to September. I jump into a heated outdoor chlorine pool (stay minimum 30 mins). I rub every bite mark. (I stretch, swim a few laps, bob up & down)

      A salt water pool or going to the beach can do the same trick.

      Chlorine seems to irritate them & kill them or leave me. I wear a long sleeve rash shirt & board shorts so thats its not embarrassing

      Result: Old bites healing. Significantly less bites.

      Afterwards towel drying myself, I re-apply the toothpaste and cellulos tape

      7.Get Claratyne or Zyrtec (or any other Antihistamine) so that you dont get itchy. Result: Less scratching

      No more expensive medicine & ineffective doctors.

      Good luck

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      Hi Helen,

      I'm sorry nothing has worked for you. I really don't have any other advice other than what I included in my long post. Hopefully you tried IVERMECTIN. The is the only thing that worked for me. I would say it's your best bet and being cured.

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      OMGosh Eric.. From one  australian to another... you have saved my sanity! Check test has confirmed what I have been searching for an answer for for a month!!! My first case od scabies!! thanks so much. I have spent so many hours searching from bed bugs to rat mites!! 
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    Hello Anthony,

    The CDC (Ctrs for Disease Control) has information on crusted scabies within their information on regular scabies.

    They do recommend that once you have such a plethora of scabies, i.e. All over your body, that you combine applying Permethrin "5%" with the oral Vermectin dose on the same day.

    Vermectin needs to be dosed as to your actual BODY WEIGHT PER KILOGRAM in order to make sure the dosage you are taking is correct.

    If your scabies has CRUSTS, then the Australian Scabies community recommends a full application of Permethrin "5%" including head and face on both day ONE and day TWO, then waiting SEVEN days for another combination treatment.

    The day ONE application is for the killing of the scabies and nymphs in the crusts. The day TWO application is for the lotion to take care of those that are under the skin.

    You can get scabies on your head and face, especially if you have them all over your body, CDC (crusted scabies).

    The Vermectin if at the correct dosage only needs to be taken on day ONE and later on day SEVEN again.

    Australia and England have far superior scabies research since their research has been going on for about 400 yrs.

    The United States has no DIRECT CURE research going on, and their research into being able to competently diagnose (through scientific tests) has been only since 2007.

    Hopefully this will help you to better help others that come to you for help,

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      I have Scabies and I have taken Ivermectin First Dose, and Second Dose its now 2 weeks after I have taken the pills. I still feel like something is crawling under my skin and in my hair. I have buzz hair cut which is very short. My body is itching and I feel scabies biting me on thighs, my arms, back, legs and stomach. Is this normal. Did you feel this after taking the pill? Is this happening because of the dead mites in the skin or what? Im so confused.
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    Iv been to 5 doctors and nothing has worked for me. Now my son has scabies and im about to mentally break down. Did you have a doctor prescribe you with ivermectin? If not how can I purchase some out of the country? 
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      Try 10 percent permethrin used on farm animals. Dont take mely word for it, but I take two spoofulls of permethrin and dove lotion mix it and put it on my skin. It has helped but the reason the arent gone is you can use this stuff on your face or hair. sad i use it because my back gets attacked daily as does the lower part of my bum with bites!!!!!
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    Thanks for taking your time to write a detailed account of your experience for the benefit of all.
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    I see this discussion is over a year old now and I hope you've found peace. However, I think that people seem to be missing the fact that post scabies is difficult to distinguish from live scabies!! You will still get bumps and itches after permethrin. I have had a similar experience but I'm trusting the Dr's and the plethera of research that says that the itching will stop with time, and that multiple treatments (more than two) will make it worse if they are not necessary! PLEASE PEOPLE!!! Give it time before leaping at a third, fourth, fifth tube of pesticides!!! I have found no new burrows on myself or my daughter in over two weeks! We get bumps and itches from our bodies healing efforts, but there are no real signs of continuing infestation. I did far more than the CDC guildlines require, boiling clothes daily, deep cleaning carpets, covering beds and pillows with mite proof covers that I wiped with bleach daily, bleached floors and surfaces several times a day. I have no reason to believe that the treatment didnt work and that what I am experiencing now is merely my body's reaction to the dead mites being delt with the way that my body needs to deal with them. BUT with the absence of new burrows, research would suggest that we are no longer infested and as hard as it may be to believe with post scabies that you are cured, you need to give your body about 4-6 weeks to recover before hitting it up with more pesticides <3>
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      Hi Vera.  I am new and this is my first post. I found what u said very interesting but could u explain to me in plain English the difference between scabies symptoms (live) and post scabies symptoms or a reaction to the perm cream? I am still itching. Have used derbac my several times and perm cream twice but had some left over so continued dabing it on here and there. I mainly itch in the evenings and after a hot bath. Mainly forearms, under watch, and around waist.  How do I know it it has gone??
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      Hi there! Thank you for your post ! It's so hard to find anything about post scabies. I never had burrows or even that many bumps before treating. I knew I had been infected. I have OVER treated definitely. I have had more bumps / rashes on my body post then I ever had before. I keep hoping it is just all the medication . I was given an incorrect dosage of ivermectrin in the beginning ( which made me fear a resistance to to it) I have obsessively cleaned for months . I am hoping what you day is true and that I am reacting to all the pesticides ! I stull get little red bumps , but they don't really itch . Your post gave me hope that this is gone and I'm just being paranoid. As I'm sure you know ..what a nightmare this is . It has been more the fear of giving it to others. I leave next week on vacation , staying with friends and praying it is really gone ! Thanks again
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      thank you for your reply, our dermatologist said the same and asked me to stay patient and give it time.

      i am so scared that it didnt go away but i am trying to have faith

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      Unfortunately for many, post scabies from overtreating and not overtreating lead to the same demise. My husband, who is a surgeon, self diagnosed himself with something other than scabies and never went to a dermatologist. He finally went to a Derm after months of itching and not sleeping. He had no rash, but he scratched himself raw and had bruising everywhere. Now, even after Ivermectin and Permethrin, his wife and children are infected. HE is still infected! This isn't something too be treated lightly. If you have multiple members in your household, it will spread unbeknownst to all of you. Those without symptoms will have them 4-6 wks later. We don't know when and how it started, but it is HELL! The amount of work we have invested in cleaning, washing, drying, spraying is exhausting. We have done Neem oil, Clove oil, tea tree, permethrin and ivermectin. We have left our house, but that doesn't matter bc if they are under one person's skin, it will start all over again! We are now at the point of salt baths and more ivermectin dosing all at the same time. For those who think it only has a rash and is only visibly on your body are very mistaken. Mine was scalp only for the longest time. None of us had a rash--the burrows and bites can be hidden for half a year if left untreated. We have our house cleaned weekly, we have excellent hygiene and healthy immune systems. Scabies does not discern. I hope I can report back on what worked for us so others can be helped.

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      Also, the small scraping the dermatologist harvested found no scabies. THAT does not matter. There is a post on here of someone who did multiple scrapings and brought them in to be tested bc their doctor did not believe them. I would ask for multiple scrapings all over and demand ivermectin and treat topically and environmentally heavily in addition.

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      l understand completely and I'm so sorry your family has had to go through hell and experience this.

      Hopefully at least having each other to lean on for support and love is helping to get you through it together.

      Do you have any updates if you have had success or not?

      Have you heard of or tried something called Moxie short for moxidectine??

      II just begin moxi 2 days ago and will be reporting on my progress in the forum over the coming weeks.

      Blessings to you

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