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Ok so. i recently got in contact with scabies a few weeks ago. i started to get these little bites on my fingers, but i thought they were just spider bites. i all of a sudden became WAY too itchy especially at night. it came to a point where i wanted to scratch myself till i bleed. i neglected this for 2 weeks until i went to the doctors and got diagnosed with scabies.

i was prescribed perethrim cream and i took it 2 times 5 days apart. i have not seen any new bites since and my itch has gone to a minimal due to the aide effects of the cream. I KNOW how mentally this can mess you up, so i want to share what i did so you can get cured.

  1. since they were on you, you need to wash everything in hot water EVERYDAY. if this is too much, i nuked my clothes and sheets everyday in the dryer on high heat for 30 min.

  2. rotate with a few pairs of clothes. nuke them in the dryer after wearing them and switch to a new set. repeat this during the whole treatment.

  3. go to wal mart and buy an air mattress and camp outside your bedroom for a few days. they can only last for 3 days max without a host. dont even step in your room. sleep on the air mattress or sleeping bag for a few days.

  4. VACCUM. i vaccummed everyday as well as dry my clothes and sheets on high.

  5. i put my shoes in the freezer before bed to kill any existing mites i might have.

  6. take 2 treatments of permethrin 5-7 day intervals.

  7. this cream is like HIROSHIMA on your skin. it WILL make you itch, it WILL cause rashes and new bumps. THESE ARE NOT BITES. let the cream work.

  8. THE Post scabies itch is real. your body is fighting off not only the dead mites, but the cream itself too. its been 2 weeks and i still get itching hours.

  9. stop googling scabies. all i did was google and view horror stories thinking i was never gonna be cured.

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    how did you know for sure it was gone? I used the permethrin cream last Tuesday (10/15/18) and my doctor said i couldnt do it again for 14 days. I've still been itching and freaking out about it. About 2 days ago, I developed very dry hands and feet (to the point where lotion wont even help) and I'm worried that they might still be there or is this normal? I can't find anything online about the after effects of scabies so I'm not sure if anyone else experienced this.

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    I started with itch on back of my arms very quickly spread legs body bum then face and ears. I rang 111 2 times in a week in executing pain I was given antihistamine which I was taking 1080mg a day and didn't help. I seen my doctors they also just said viral or allergic reaction and gave me cream for itch. It's just got so bad I was only sleeping about two hours a night in so much pain 13 days in with barely any sleep I was on the verge of going to ane but last resort when to my sexual health clinic and literally cried for someone to help me. I have been getting really bad anxiety to the point I've nearly passed out due to having an anxiety attack over it. The clinic looked at rash and said scabies I've done one treatment cleaned my house at least 4 times for hours at time as I can't settle in my own home without feeling itchy. Struggling to sleep in my bed as I just think there things crawling all over me. I've done one treatment but 2 days later rash and itch seems to be coming back and my anxiety is through the roof. Does it mean I've been reinfected or is it just post scabies rash. I bought stuff to spray mattress as I've been changing bedding wearing ppe and washing every on 60 and tumble drying also hoovering and emoting outside wearing gloves am lost at what more I can do but my anxiety is just getting worse. Any tips on making sure not to get reinfected or get over having them.

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      Hey Jessica!

      girl I just got scabies for the second time. no clue where from as i am not sexually active. either the cat or my sons play school. the first time it took me 3 months to get rid of it.

      my advice: keep treating until you notice a difference. on my third month i still got little bumps but they were just from bodies reaction to whatever was left behind from the scabies. the bumps just felt different than the normal scabies bumps.

      I did the topical cream for first month then second month i used dilutes clove oil and a parasite pills. i found the prescribed creams didn't work as the mites can build a resistance. So I switched it up to clove oil, and sure enough in the third month i won the battle.

      I've got it again (3 years later) and I'm gonna take the same approach to healing.

      You will heal and win this battle!

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      Parasite pills? Do you mean Ivermectin, or some others? TY.

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