I think I was cured.

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Had positive scabies since last November. Tried the doctors way first with little or no results. I did all of the scabies cleaning rituals diligently. These were tough little buggers and the meds did nothing but slow them. So I kicked it up a little. I bought 36.8 % permethrin and IGR(insect growth regulator). I mixed in a 1Qt spray bottle 1oz of perm and 8 ml of IGR filled with water and a squirt of lotion. IGR is safe for humans. I sprayed on at night after a shower getting all the coverage and extra on feet. Spray bottle works good for hard to reach spots like your back. I kept it on until the next days bath.  The IGR takes some time to work but it will eventually. It will prevent them from maturing to reproductive age. The darn bugs liked my feet and crotch so I found they will not cross a deodorant line so I used right guard spray or even stick around my legs and waist. they won't cross the line. I've been feeling good for about 3 weeks now. going to start eliminating the perm from the mix. and slowly eliminate the IGR and deodorant last. Life is seeming brighter. GL

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    The only way to get rid of scabies is to buy a very good quality of magnifying glass which will be atleast 3x 

    power and a tweezer.You have to have a person who will literally scan your whole body including private

    areas to look for mites which are females(1/3rd of a mm) and males which are lesser than females.Even under the magnifying glass they will look like speck of dirt take them out from your body with the help of a tweezer

    and put them in a bowl of boiling water for them to die.It should be continued everday initially if possible twice

    a day to start with till you are completely rid of those mites.This is the only possible remedy avilable on earth

    trust me.Lot of people will write lot of things but trust me friend nothing works and it will make you crazy.So 

    do not waste your time and look for someone whom you can ask for help.It really works and this is the only thing which works.It is a dangerous desease do not let it grow, 


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      You could certainly kill some that way but they will win. Like any infestation only 10% are in the adult stage. The mites hatch under the skin. The males crawl around looking for burrows to fertilize the eggs. You can't be cured of them. You have to exterminate them. It is going to take months to be sure they are gone, I tried sulfur soap, bleach baths,hot baths, salt, deet etc. My dr and dermatologist knew little other than 5% perm cream. Wouldn't prescribe me the ivermectin so I don't know about that. I even gleaned a mite off my skin with a fine comb to prove it to them. The IGR is a blessing for me and both perm and IGR are in concentrated form on amazon cheap. I think the perm just keeps them in check. They must have built a tolerance for it or went deeper. The IGR will break the breeding cycle. I think I got the scabies at work where I share an office and desk. The new night shift guy went to visit relatives in Africa. A few weeks later I started to itch. He knew he had it but didn't say anything because he said his sulfur smell was from food he was eating and gas. He was using the sulfur soap.  I spoke up about it when I figured it out. Shortly after he quit. Thank God.  His poor family must all have it. I am divorced and my daughter and son live with me. They don't have it but did a perm cream just in case. We always kept our laundry separate and house clean anyway. I sprayed the house with Ortho home defense and added the IGR to it. I change my sheets every 2nd day now and laundry gets hottest water, bleach, detergent and 20 mule borax.


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      After my wife cleaned me with magnifying glass and twizzer for ten days she now keeps checking me

      every alternate days for mites but thank god they seem to be gone but she still continues with the process we are so terrified with the problem and also after reading the blogs people suffering from scabies for 10-15 years with no remedy at sight. 

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    I will try this with me and my girls. We do lotion and the mite b gone every night as well as showers but this might be an extra help. They really love my feet as well and keeping socks on in the house helped since we love to be barefoot so much.
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      Hi. Read up on the IGR. If you decide to try it, the sooner the better. It will take time to work. Such a miserable thing this is but not the end of the world. Just a prolonged speed bump. Chin up.
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    Look I am a technical graduate I try to solve every problem technically.I have studied the problem thoroughly 

    Whenever there is a fire instead of extinguishing the fire with some ingredient you should look to cut off the

    source of fire and get rid of the aids.Taking cue from this we started picking up mites (males & females) .

    Once the mites were cleaned there were few chances of reproduction only you have to take care of the eggs

    which are layed under the skin(burrow).That is the reason you have to continue to scan regularly even after

    cleaning the entire body.Continue with the process for atleast 1 month you may reduce the frequency.


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    This is such a horrible thing people are not even educated on I s very sad. I feel I am educating doctors. I have been finding things slowly but with the pills it's the only way. I can only tell you how how horrible this is when I almost got committed because of it. The hospital would not believe me and said I was on drugs immediately I see why people don't get help. This does need attention though and the pill does help with other things. I did what ou said and I added 10%permetherin to sarna which is an antiitch and some water and let me tell you the lotion and water level we're fairly low but enough I have been using the other for laundry. It pulls up many eggs and grown adults. This is cheap. I would think about this meathod for skin but oral is always needed to follow from what I have read.

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    I just want to say this, mites have ruined my marriage not that it was the best but it definitely made it horrible I hate it. Um I had you keep away from people so you are lonely but most men don't do that. I am miserable! I clean daily not only for a living but then when I get home. I still don't sleep. Ya. You tell me. Things arnt getting better . They are the same keep fighting but know what you need it's the ivermectin !!!! They r been blind

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    Hey Bob, I an experiencing a similar issue as well. So with your experience did you feel them in your hair and ears as well?

    i feel these things on my feet ( they love biting the feet), in my hair, and inside my ears - oddly I will hear popping/snapping in my ears and am curious if you experienced the popping or snapping sound? they also love my eyebrows occasionally. Occasionally it gets so bad that my skins turns bright red and I feel stings and bites all over a my back or legs and it hurts and looks like got badly sunburned.

    I went to two doctors and the idiots asked if use drugs, Then brushed it off as allergies.

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