How do you know when it has gone??

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Can someone tell me in plain English the difference between live scabies symptoms and the effects of the perm cream and post scabies syndrome??

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    Great question, Jess.  I recently took a Borox and hydrogen peroxide bath.  It appears from my skin that my symptoms have increased.  But....maybe the bath, with the above mentioned solution, is pulling up embedded bugs.  

    In any event, my new year desire is to be healthy.  I wish the same for all of you reading this post.   

    May God lead us to the right products, people and events.

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      my opinion is as they die they stop moving and probably deficate themselves.. and the skin tries to heal is when the allergic reaction becomes more intense
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    The bottom line is no NEW bumps.  It's important to exfoliate in the shower BEFORE applying the cream.  Also use sulfur soap.  10% Sulfur soap will kill the mites on the surface but not the eggs in the burrows.  When they hatch sometimes they will migrate to a hair folicle.  They only burrow so far, so exfoliating to remove the top dead cells will increase the effectiveness of either permethrin or sulfur soap.  To ensure you completely remove the infestation due to the life cycle of the mite, use the soap twice a day for the following 14 days.

    After you’ve received treatment to kill the scabies mites, the dead mites remain under your skin. It takes up to six weeks for your body to eliminate or absorb the dead mites. During that time, you can continue to experience an allergic reaction to the mites, even though they are no longer alive. That means you can continue to experience intense itching.

    In many cases, the body encases the dead mites in thickened skin, perhaps in an attempt to reduce the allergic reaction. This can result in the development of tiny, hard red bumps, which look similar to the bumps caused by an active scabies infection. The small, hard nodules that develop are why the condition is sometimes referred to as nodular scabies.

    While these symptoms can be quite comfortable, they aren’t contagious at this point. Scabies is only contagious when the mites are alive.

    What About Re-Infection of Scabies?

    People often mistake post scabies symptoms for a re-infection of scabies. The symptoms are very similar, so it can be hard to tell the difference. However, if you’ve been re-infected, you can usually see very fine red lines (see picture below) among the tiny red bumps, which are the burrows where the mites are traveling beneath the skin. If you don’t see those, there are probably no living mites there.[Scabies Re-infection]If you think you may have been re-infected, though, or if you’re not sure, see your doctor for a diagnosis. It’s important to get effective treatment for scabies because not only is the condition terribly uncomfortable, it’s highly contagious and you don’t want to spread it to others

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      To describe what I have now - in the evenings, not necessarily at night, or after a bath, I itch in the odd place,  mainly forearms or around waist. Before the itching starts there are no marks or bumps. Then when I stretch the area goes red and I get like hives in that area? I have been using a lot of the perm cream, not just 7 days apart but kept some back and have been dabbing randomly on odd itchy areas....
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      Hi, I also have my own discussion but this picture really peaked my interest, the red bumps are usually the common symptom between everyone but the l I nest or tracks are not the same, I wake up with these huge scabs & they itch so I end up just removing them & cleaning the spot with alcohol (burns like hell ) but beneath these scabs are deep painful holes,  this has been going on & off for 2 yrs & I am losing my mind! Every morning I wake up with dandruff like stuff where my legs are during sleep, is this mites or dead skin?


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      Yes & I've been to three different docs about this, but just finishing up chemo a few months back & the cancer itself may have weakened my immune system. I have a huge tub of perm & I use as prescribed & in between on itchy spots. The Dr's all say it's not scabies but they have never even taken a specimen!!! Ugggghhhh
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      the "doctor" I went to was a joke.  I verified I had scabies, bumps, burroughs, and with the help of my daughters microscope mites) went to urgent care, waited 2 hours, the nurse took my blood pressure.... commented it was on the high side... then asked why I was there and I told here 'scabies', she asked how I came to that, to which I started, "I researched on the internet" and she cut me off saying, "you don't have scabies" as she turned and walked out.  40 minutes later the doctor comes in shakes my hand, doesn't look at them, goes to the computer and literally 'google images' scabies and says he thinks I have it so he's prescribing permethrin and to follow the instructions carefully.  Unfortunately the intstructions said to follow the instructions of the doctor carefully....


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      No its not bedbugs, I thought at one point that it was, but after all the research & the times where I am absolutely bump & itch free, I've come to the conclusion that since I'm the only one in the house that has visible symptoms and the only one treating that the rest of the household is just giving them back to me, like a revolving door, well now just within the last couple if weeks, 3 more family members have obvious redness with intense itching, so we are about to treat the whole bloody family all in one day & sanitize the entire house, clothes and linens!
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      not sure what area you live but a house near here recently had to be treated for Brown Recluse spiders.  Do you show the signs of the burroughs?
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      After trial and error here's what finally worked for me in somewhat respective order. I in no way recommend this protocol for others.  Understanding is key. In my opinion everything below is important to know and understand. Read to the end, I tried to follow the timeline as much as possible.

      Realize, should you be re-infested after following these protocols, you must find the source of the infection. They will only live, where they can feed and breed.

      Step 1 - Know you will be dealing with the after-effects for up to six (6) weeks. Know also that for me the itching escalated severely following my first application of permethrin (because it killed them and my skin reacted all at once).

      Step 2 - Know the life cycle of the mite

      Sarcoptes scabiei is a parasitic mite that lives within the subcutaneous tissues of skin on humans, causing the condition known as scabies; similar mites cause what is called "mange" in wild and domestic animals. This mite is distributed worldwide, and can affect all socioeconomic groups. Scabies mites are generally host specific and S. scabiei is dependant on humans for its life cycle.

      The entire life cycle of the mite occurs over 10-17 days. Newly mated females take approx. an hour to burrow into the outer layer of human skin and excavates a tunnel. The mite lays her eggs singly, depositing behind her 2-3 eggs each day. Females burrow without direction, using their mouthparts to tunnel 0.5-5mm a day, eating the skin and tissue fluids that ooze from their excavations. Each tunnel contains only one female, her eggs and faeces. After 48 hours the eggs hatch and the larval stages dig

      their way to the surface of the skin, where they immediately burrow. This burrow may only be a short distance into the skin, or they make use of hair follicles, to moult to the next stage. Larval and nymphal stages remain in these moulting pockets feeding on fluids secreted from the follicles before moulting to the adult stage. Newly moulted male and female mites construct short burrows <1mm before mating.

      After fertilisation, female mites wander on the skin to seek a suitable site for a permanent burrow, the transfer of a female to another host at this stage will initiate a new infection. ONLY a fertilised female mite can initiate successful scabies infections. Female mites rarely leave their burrows, and if removed by scratching and remain undamaged, they will attempt to burrow again. During an infection the number of mites increases rapidly, then drops off, leaving infected persons with a relatively stable mite population of 15-20 females. The mortality rate of mites is high, 90% of mites that hatch will die, and mites removed from their host can only live a short time.

      Step 2 - Prepare - Choose your day to begin. I work nights so I picked Saturday morning when my work week ended.

      The entire time I dealt with this I wore a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, underwear, long pants or sweat pants and socks to reduce the possbility of spreading them to others.

      Ensure you have the materials needed.

      Exfoliating wash cloth and hypoallergenic body soap.

      Nitile gloves or lotion gloves (found for about $2 or $3 for the lotion gloves or 100 of the nitrile for $5)

      Medication - In my case permethrin 10% liquid and Gold Bond Ultimate fragrence free healing with aloe lotion. Let the lotion sit in a sink of hot water to warm up, then I mixed two (2) ounces permethrin 10% to one (1.5) ounce lotion. Permethrin does not penetrate the upper layer of human skin and is considered non-toxic to humans and dogs, but can be lethal to CATS, and KEEP OUT OF EYES.

      For Laundry - lots of laundry soap, vinegar and Borax. Have trash bags ready for your clothes when you change. I had one for whites and one for darks. Immediately bag your clothes when you change EVERY time. It's recomended to bag clothes NOT being washed for 72 hours. It worked out I had a full load about every 2-3 days of just my clothes since I changed after each bath.

      For itch and dryness - hydrocortizone cream, and hand lotion (Aveeno Active Naturals daily moisturizing lotion worked best for me.. and I tried about 11 kinds) AND pure jojoba oil. Mix a drop or two of the jojoba oil to a spritz of lotion.

      Step 3 - Day 1 - Clean your environment, your bedding, clothes, and yourself.

      I wore nitrile gloves around the house since my hands were the worst effected. They are comfortable and grip well even when wet and have no powder in them.

      This means you and your enironment. Nothing on the floor, everything has a place and everything in its place. Vaccuum and dust EVERYTHING, start with the ceiling, ceiling fans, light fixtures, duct vents, walls, where the walls meet the floor, behind and under all furniture.

      Bedding is a special consideration, you spend about 8 hours a day in that one place. I have mite proof pillow covers and mattress cover. Vacuum and/or treat your mattress and box spring.

      After cleaning the environment, bathe don't shower. Bathing will soak out some of the skins natural oils and dirt that will reduce the effectiveness of the permethrin. Pat dry and secure the towel in a bag. I let my skin dry completely by standing in front of a floor fan for a few minutes.

      Apply the medication - My first application was full strength.

      IMPORTANT (to me) - apply the medication beginging with clear areas and move to infected areas to prevent spreading them like I did the first time. In my case from my feet up to my thighs, back, up into my hair line and behind my ears, stomach, then groin, chest and arms. Be sure you have covered every nook and crany on your body. I believe the initial application of permethrin failed due to being fairly hairy. Following the first application failure I shaved my torso and privates. I found it requires much less medication, is easier to apply and is absorbed (dries) faster.

      The application that worked for me -

      01-06-2015 First application undiluted 10% permethrin liquid. I allowed the medication to penetrate my skin for about 10 minutes then massaged it in with a few drops of water, then let it sit for about 20 minutes before putting on clothes or sitting down. For my hair I put it on my hands (wearing gloves) until damp (not soaked), worked it in then a couple drops of water (a little goes a long way) When I went to sleep I wore the nitrile gloves (to keep the medication on my hands and out of my mouth and eyes while I slept). Also the hood up on my sweatshirt to keep my pillow from absorbing the permethrin.

      You will never become more aware of how much your hands rub things until you don't want medication rubbed off.... wear the hand lotion gloves or nitrile gloves after applying! I could wash my hands and eat while wearing the nitrile gloves.

      For bathing - this soothed my skin more than anything... 1/2 ounce swimming pool sanitzer (not bleach), or 1.5 cups Borax and 4-8 3% bottles of hydrogen peroxide and hot water. The first bath after applying the medication was the most intense sensation ever, but as I became used to the water it subsided and became pure relief. Be prepared to bathe about every 4-6-8 hours after applying the first treatment of permethrin for relief for a couple days.

      I went 24 hours, then bathed for 20-30 minutes in hot water with 1/2 cup of swimming pool sanitizer (not bleach). The Borax and hydrogen peroxide bath also helped me with the itch but not nearly as much as the sanitzer (possibly because the hot water leeched out the contaminated oils and the santizer killed the secondary bacteria in my skin).

      01-08-2015 Second Application repeat process undiluted 10% permethrin liquid.

      Bathed 12 hours later then applied the pre-mixed lotion to my entire body.

      I wore the same sweatshirt and pants to sleep in for the next seven days. Permethrin will adhere to your clothes and is also sold as a repellant for mites and will last up to 5 washes, so I washed them seperate.

      Step 4 - After applying the medication it's time to wash the clothes... ALL the clothes.

      I kept mine seperate from my families to prevent spreading. I dried my clothes on two full cycles. Continue bagging the clothes of the infected person until 14 days without symptoms pass.

      Permethrin WILL kill them. You have to kill the adults, larvae and eggs... all of them. Which means the mites have to come in contact with the permethrin (which is usually by feeding on skin cells that have absorbed it). This means if you have thick, rough skin it will be more difficult.

      I found Aveeno daily moisturizing lotion in the green bottle to be the best for me. Apply it generously with a couple drops of jojoba oil per squirt to help with dry skin and hydrocortizone cream for the itch. I had to use cortizone for about a week on my hands and genitals, after that just the Aveeno.

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      If you think you have scabies you should look into trying tea tree oil as a treatment. Ive treated scabies with it, and it helps relieve the itch. I feel like you may have a really bad case or someone else in your house maybe keeps giving it to you? Either that or you and never truly killing of them and the symptoms subside
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      My Dr. Didn't even tell me how to use the perm, just to apply my boyfriend asked his Dr who told us, this is a nightmare, it's in my boyfriend's car , we can't rid of it, it's costing so much it better to buy online the concentrate?

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