Wrongly misdiagnosed with Scabies? Help!

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My Father has bad psiarosis. About 4 months ago I had visible psiarosis on my legs, which went away after a month, it seems to happen when Im stressed. Then I found out my Mum had cancer and for some reason my skin flared up crazily, obviously due to worry and stress. I have slept in a lot of beds the past 4 months for travelling around but they have all been new mattresses and duvets or fairly clean houses with brand new sheets on the bed. Over time the itching has gotten worse. In December it wasn't all that bad, I had little patches of psiarosis over my body but could deal with them. I can go a while without itching, it seems to be when someone touches my skin, it activates itchiness. I started off a few weeks ago with a scab on my hand just below my thumb, I have itched that much that new little scabs have formed and sometimes bleed, theres only a few, not a lot, I personally think that the amount I have itched, has spread infection and other scabs have formed. The other day, I found out that my Grandparents had had scabies, they went through weeks of tests and different dermatologists and the bloods came back fine and after about 4 different doctors, they said scabies and gave them cream. When they went back to England, the dermatologist said they hadn't had scabies, but dermatitis. What annoys me is that my doctor looked at my hand from a metre away and just said scabies, she didnt closely look or look at any other itches I seemed to have on my body, she said she wasn't even sure and has sent me for blood tests as she thinks Im allergic to something. If I did have/had scabies, I also find it strange that nobody else in my family is showing any signs, my Mum and my sister and Stepdad lived with my Grandparents during their apparent scabies scare, but nobody else has a rash or is itching, my boyfriend whom I share a bed with and engage in sexual contact with for the past few months, also never itches or has a rash, and my Grandparents were definitely not itching as bad as I am during this apparent scabies, I also show no signs of burrows or anything. I read that it is worse at night, but mine tends to be fine after a cold shower and moisturiser and I can go hours without itching intensely.

I put the scabies cream on 2 nights ago, I am not as itchy but definitely still itchy. I seem to stratch and a bump will raise up where I have itched, like a heat rash. I can deal with the fact that I might have scabies or had it, but I personally don't think I did, I have a strange feeling that it is something else?

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    Hi Olivia. The number when thing you need to know about scabies is that it affects everyone differently. Just as any other medical condition does. We each have unique immune systems that respond differently. Most people will not have the classic scabies symptoms. That is why it is so hard to diagnose. Please also know that it does not matter how clean someones home is or if the sheets are new. Scabies will live in the furniture, especially the bed. So, unless the beds you slept in were brand new you could have gotten it. Also the elderly have a reduced itch response, so their symptoms won't be the same as a younger persons. Some lucky people don't seem to be bothered by them. I have came across many people who have had them, but their sleeping partner did not. I'm not sure why, neither are doctors. Doctors ( or Dermatologists) are not good a diagnosing or treating scabies. They get their info from the Cdc website and the cdc gets their info from the doctors. They are always confused when the Permethrin Cream doesn't work. So they give an alternate diagnoses, such as dermititis. ( which means something is irritating the skin. Did they say what? Probably not. If the did say what 90% of the time they blame it on soap. Like all the sudden you have this weird reaction to soap?!) If they would do research, as etimologists do on bugs, they would know scabies are becoming resistant to the treatments. I do believe by

    what you have described, you have Scabies. Do not be lax on the situation. Treat yourself at least twice and clean your environment, but most importantly wrap your bed in plastic. I hope you don't have resistant scabies. If you do follow up with me and i will try to help you with a treatment. Good luck!

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    Hello Olivia, Lest we forget Dr. are people too and sometimes they are as ignorant as the day is long. I just got back from the dermatologist, I suspect crusted scabies she said no and took a biopsy. TRIED to show the the dens or burrows tried to show her the cigarette paper like skin where the mtes toxins have made the flesh soft and she wouldn't listen. Let me say if that biopsy comes back pos for norweign scabies I WILL NAIL HER ASS TO THE CROSS.

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    I have a bad case of scabies did yall cure it? This disease is ruining my life.

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