Permethrin Resistant Scabies..Salt is killing the mites!

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Hello Everyone,

I see our discussion was deleted. Not sure why, but wanted to tell you that extended salt baths are working wonders for us. After 4.5 months, real breakthroughs are happening.

Also, if you can't get rid of the scabies, check your feet..somewhere they have a stronghold. I soak my feet for several hours a day in salt water to get rid of the stronghold.

May you be free in 2020.

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    That's great to hear. Do you have any problems with the scabies going to your face/neck/head during the salt baths? I found that they were only mobilizing to my upper body and had to stop after 3 days.

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      Yes, they do mobilize to the face and head. BUT to me if you spot em you got em.

      That means many have died and others evacuated tyou just keep are killing their quantity. It's about killing them faster than they duplicate. I saw a video once that showed how a mite was sitting in saline solution on a slide. It pulled out of the skin scrape after 60 minutes and died. Salt bypasses their ability to regulate water intake. I"ve soaked my feet for hours on end daily in salt to kill them. It's working. My feet are my worst part.

      The woman I got this from went untreated for 6 months because the doctor told her it was contact dermatitis. The number of mites that came on me from her were huge..she was healed via epsom salt baths. We do 90 minute salt baths (4 cups salt 2 cups epsom) The skin stays well hydrated using the epsom. I understand if you're diabetic this isn't an option.

      Another woman that got it from the same person is also almost done with the mites using salt baths. They work. I've found going in for over an hour is the best option.

      Also, I bought a far infrared sauna heating pad..been using that on my feet and it's been really helping too.

      Also, the Albenza 3 day course we did was a huge help. We'll do another few rounds of it.

      I pray you get a breakthrough soon.

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      If they mobilize the the face and hair, how do you get rid of the ones there? I was having this problem when I tried the baths. I wasn't able to put my head under frequently enough to kill them off. Then when I shower the scabies would then just fall back on my back/chest area, and the cycle would start all over again.

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      Bottom line : salt kills them. so when they move up it's the final battle. My husband had tons of bites popping up on his face. not a good look for work. only when he started doing extended salt baths...2 hours or 90 minutes is when he started to see breakthrough. at first they kicked up but then 2 hours underwater dealt a major blow. We bought a snorkel and he spends most of the time underwater.

      I am encouraged by this and will be using the snorkel to get rid of the stronghold there.

      I just spent 3 hours using a heating pad on my feet. I did this yesterday and i killed a lot of them.

      also dr. Ben's cedar oil is a great tool.

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      One other thing I wanted to mention.. you may want to try to avoid dunking your head and putting a topical on that would kill them if they went running for your head while in the bath? That way you won't have to worry about spreading them.

      I have a stronghold in my feet, groin and head. Hopefully with the heating pad the stronghold on the feet are being broken. They hide in there very well and it's crazy to think of how well they do so. I don't really have many bites there, but when I start soaking my feet or using the heating pad, they go running in mass number. Then I just apply a topical to kill them.

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      Did you see the mites or you had a crawling feeling?

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      From the moment I got them, I had a crawling feeling. Everyone in my family also got the crawling feeling. We also have bites. We used witch hazel to see them pop out. Put it under a microscope and voila..there they were. Yuck. Witch hazel works great though to get them out of problem spots...they litterally are sucked out of the skin.

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      The mites are mainly in my upper arms ... After reading how heat kills them, I also used a heating pad on them ... I wrapped a heating pad around my upper arm ... it wasn't tight enough or close enough to my arm ... to the skin .. so i wrapped it around my arm again, and this time i tied it with a shoe string... to keep it close and tight on my arm to kill them .... the first time i did that, they were itching like crazy ... after i put the pad on them,, they calmed down, i hope some died, and i was able to sleep through the night .......... now, i'm going to continue using the heating pad and i'm going to try the salt/epsom salt baths ..................

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      Thanks for your posts, I've had them for nearly three months, mental health really suffering. Never chronic as I caught them early, my brother was diagnosed at the chronic stage. Hes clear after moving out but mine still surface here and there after permethrin, ivemectin, kleen green on body and daily cleaning.

      I now have a new flatmate and though we dont share anything of each others, I'm paranoid its developing in her and she's padding it back to me via door handles etc

      First salt bath tonight after a new bite, I cant stay in a bath for so long though but scrubbed myself with the salt at the end and let myself dry. let's see, wondering about spraying all the door handles and kitchen cupboards with salt you know if this would be effective?

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      What of those that dont have a bath? Can a salt spray (salt +water) work? If not by itself what needs to be added and what is the process? Do you spray yourself all over the body while standing in a basin full of salty water, then stay in that standing position for an hour, for example?

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    Hey mommacita,how are you and the champions doing this week? Any updates from anyone ? Fcknscabies, dait, kamij, seda, or anyone from where we all began? I am so curious to know how dait and his brother are doing. God help us all and I am grateful for this forum.

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      Hey gang~

      hope all is well. Updates for me, i'm still doing the DMSO spot treatments, and daily oil mixtures. When I get a chance potentially next week, I might try the oil mixtures/vaseline x 3 days straight to see if it rids of it.

      I also found this Lime dip solution (vet) that has pretty potent sulfur that i've been using in my soap/shampoo.

      Life-wise, i'm creating a blog/site of all these treatments that I can share once I am officially cured of this. It's something to look forward to, otherwise this journey will make someone go mad. I agree thanks for this group of people that we can share our story with.

      If there are any revelations please do share. I haven't had any yet but will keep ya'll updated if there are any. Let 2020 be better.

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      Hello Team Freedom!

      We use the far infrared sauna daily and that helps, but no silver bullet yet.

      I bought some far infrared heating pads to attack my feet. I have had a major shift in numbers, thank God. I soak my feet in Kleen Green for about 45 minutes (until they are good and out) and then I use my preheated far infrared heating pads on my feet. (there is/was a major colony in my feet that I hadn't realized). It is making a real difference in freeing my feet. Another week of this and I think I'm going to be sitting really pretty. I've been doing this for about 8 days.

      We started using camphor oil. There is a study that showed people were healed by 50%, 75% and 100% of camphor oil in 5 to 10 days. We have done that for several days and we are thinking it's making a difference. It is smelly but seems to be reducing the numbers too.

      Today we start the third, three-day round of Albenza (800 mg). It makes the mites come out of the skin (the ones that still live). Then we go in to the sauna and kill them. The numbers are coming down.

      We have stopped baths, we feel that it is moving the mites around and we want a stable target. Salt baths did a GREAT help in reducing numbers, but now we want to concentrate on killing the rest of them without baths.

      I found a place that will sell me Eurax. My Nurse Practioner prescribed it for me but I coulnd't even get a compounding pharmacy to make it. I am excited to try that. So many options that take time.

      Daity, I heard from him. He is not allowed to post unfortunately. I think his protocol of albendazole is working, but they won't let him post about it because it's off label.

      Keep up the fight guys!

      God bless you all.

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      Hello. I am doing better overall, I feel I found high dose albendazole is working. my hands and feet are still difficult to get rid of them since they hide in the nails.

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      Hello Daity! I am glad you are doing better.

      I wanted to tell you that we think we may have found the perfect concoction.

      We are using 6% salycicic acid with the Ablendazole (800 mg a day). My husband is almost symptom free! He only had to spray ONCE today due to activity. Normally he has to a lot. It's a great combo. I am more riddled than him. I'm looking forward to our next round. We order from a pharmacy in Canada with an rx and it saves a lot of money.

      My feet are a stronghold. I'm still soaking them in Kleen Green for 30 - 60 min. and then cooking them with the far infrared heating pad. It is making a difference.

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      Where do you get salycicic acid and how do you use it? Have you had any reactions to Albedazole?

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      Any updates? Curious to see how everyone is doing.

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      You can order it offshore through border pharmacy..Canada outfit.

      I was blessed with finding a doctor that will give me a script, but you don't need it. PM me if you want the one I used without aprescription.

      Feet are doing much better..salicylic acid (you can buy off amazon 6%) has done a huge help in getting the feet almost free...almost done with them in the feet.

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      Things continue to get better. As I sent in a PM to you, we are finding great success with 5% oil of oregano in castor oil along with 20% rosemary. That combo is quite potent. Castor is a good smothering agent.

      We are whittling their numbers down.

      Felicia said she's just about free using ZEST TSSSS soap and body wash. it's got volcanic ash, eucalypus and himalayn salt. I think it's about exfoliation and taking out their little burrows.

      Don't let the mites win..keep up the fight, you will get free!

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      Reactions to albendazole..just some mild hair loss..but I had thick hair to begin with.

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      The study showed 1,000 mg a day with a topical (crotamiton and 1% salycilic acid). Obviously kids can't do that, but as a family we are doctor approved to do 800 mg. a day for three days in a row with a topical. We just straight up used salicylic and it put us leaps and bounds ahead. HTH.

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      hi, just wondering how you can tell theres a colony in your feet? do you feel them or just when they leave?

      How are you doing in the battle?

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