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I was very happy to find that common table salt in a war...

I was very happy to find that common table salt in a warm bath cured my Scabies. After soaking for 15 minutes, get out of the bath and drip dry. Do not use a towel, but if you must, just pat dry with kitchen towels as they are more hygenic.If needed, repeat after 4 days.

I feel this treatment should be made public, as it is free of harmful poisons associated with common cures prescribed by the physician.

The salt will get into the mite holes to kill the eggs, and also kill the mites on the surface almost instantly.

This is something all families have readily available in the kitchen, and is very simple to use.

Make sure all bedding is washed in at least 50 degrees, and clothing is changed and washed as hot as possible.

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    Unless it is a scientific fact that salt water kills scabies mites, i would be very weary of trying this. salt water CAN clean scratches, but in the long run it will dry out skin too much. i know my skin is very dry and sensitive after my malathion treatment which i have had to repeat as it didnt work the first time. yes it would be great if this works!

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    I initially thought I had flea bites, and so took a warm bath in salt water and covered myself and fresh bedding in olbas oil and tiger balm. However on further investigation and research, it is almost certain that I had scabies - after the above treatment the relief was immediate and dramatic. All blotches, redness and itching disappeared totally in 24 hours, so something clearly worked

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    Thanks for the clues on salt. Just think if you lived by a salt water beach: you'd be healthy all the time. Here is something that enters the exoskeleton of the scabies and dries them out: It's human grade diatomaceous earth and is used in food and water to kill intestinal parasites. All it is is a bunch of crushed up sea shells found at the bottom of the ocean. It's dynamite!

    \"This powder has an abrasive feel, similar to pumice powder, and is very light, due to its high porosity. The typical chemical composition of diatomaceous earth is 86% silica, 5% sodium, 3% magnesium and 2% iron.

    Diatomaceous earth consists of fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. It is used as a filtration aid, as a mild abrasive, as a mechanical insecticide, as an absorbent for liquids, as cat litter, as an activator in blood clotting studies, and as a component of dynamite. As it is also heat-resistant, it can be used as a thermal insulator.\"

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    Hi, I've had scabies before and I don't agree with the salt water theory. I live next to the sea and am a regular swimmer / beach goer. I caught scabies around May this year and had to treat them with cream. They came back despite following all the instructions. I was swimming 2 - 3 times a week in the sea around this time (for about an hour each time). I finally got rid of them with Derbac M liquid.

    If you do have scabies use the correct medication!

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    After trying everything to include all the presciption meds I went to table salt. I soaked and did a salt scrub after the bath on the existing bites. The itching stopped immediately and the holes began healing up quickly. I actually did it every day for a week. It does not ruin your skin like so many other things like tea tree oil. I asked a dermotologist if table salt would hurt my skin and he said no, in fact table salt has nutrients in it since we ingest it daily in just about every food we eat. He also said scabies survive off the fluids under our skin therefore salt dries out the scabies causing them to die immediately.

    I also put table salt in my body lotion for a few days and inside my shoes.

    I am now totally healed up after months of misery.

    • sue11094 sue11094 Guest

      I, too, have done what you said you have done. My body feels so much better. 1st salt bath, I used sea salt, with Iodine. Was all I had. 2nd bath, same day, I used Epson salt with Lavander. Felt even better.

      My biggest thing now is, my hands are the issue. They have been all along, with everything else,too. They itch inbetween the fingers and the palms itch until my hands hurt. Inbetween my finger, there has never been any sign of mites. I don't know why they itch so badly.

      More bath tomorrow...Praying this is my cure. 


    • patsy7 patsy7 sue11094

      thats another place that they can hide _deep into our skin we just have to find all the nooks and crannies__  they can get into your eyes ,ears,nose,mouth,belly button,privacy areas ,under your arm pitts etc..keep with them don't ever give up__

    • Mary1205 Mary1205 patsy7

      So party what have you done to keep your envoirment safe. I'm having a hard time cleaning because it seems to me that they are in my clothes and I've gone to the drs all they keep saying it's in my head. I'm breaking out in my face as well. It's extremely depressing. I lost my son because of this. I'm suffering so much. I'm just hurting. 😔

    • jordan 64824 jordan 64824 Mary1205

      THERE HAVE BEEN PEOPLE THAT HAVE HAD SCABIES FOR MONTHS OR EVEN A YEAR WHO HAVE BEEN CURED BY DOIN THIS ONCE. ANYONE Almost can do this. 1) Start boiling all the water you can fit on your stove in the biggest pots you have on the highest heat you have(may not have to if water gets hot enoug. 2) While they're getting to a boil, Get a timer vapable of 20min countdown. Also get 500grams (17.85ounces) (2cups?) of salt. table salt like you would put in your food (I think sea salt has also cured people of scabies). 3) when the pots are at a boil, Get in the bathtub and start the water on as hot as you can possibly stand it while having on the fastest output of water you can with the drain still unplugged (so that you can start with the hottest water possible when you plug the drain) Then 4) once you have it as hot as you can stand it, plug the drain to start with the hottest possible water flowing as fast as you can. 5) let the water fill up enough to add the 500grams of salt (about half of your foot should be sticking up out of the water, toes pointing towards the ceiling while half submerged in water. This is the stage you add all 500grams of the salt to the hot water and mix/stir it all in as thoroughly as possible. 6) Then, as you get used to the heat and are capable of making it hotter, turn the heat up more as hot as you can stand, then get used to it again and turn it up to as hot as you can stand again and keep repeating this while periodically relaxing down into the bath at small intervals that you can handle. The goal is for you to be able to fit as much of your body as you can under the water while getting it hotter and hotter and being at the point where it's as hot as you can possibly stand with room enough for you to add the stove water later. 7) Now start the timer for 20 minutes. 8) when you are as used to the water as you are going to get, start adding the stove water SLOWLY without burning yourself (pour it as far as you can away from you) until your tub is near full or you run out of water. Relax slowly into the water a little bit at a time until you have as Much water as you can over your entire body. 9) This is the hard part. Force yourself to Stay all the way in the water until the timer runs out. Scream, grunt, cry, or do whatever you have to to stay in the tub. 10). If it's possible at some point during the wait, move the water around you for extra heat. There will be an intense itching when it's really hot but if you go past this point it can start to feel so hot it feels good, like scratching. 11). When the timer is done get out and drip dry NO TOWEL DRY (TO allow salt to be on you and working as long as possible) but if you must, then pat dry with clean cloths. Don't wipe yourself. 11a) it is optional to immediately pursue a salt rub right out of the tub and use the salt mixed with veggie or olive oil to scrub the itchy parts if they are still itchy. THIS BURNED for me so I don't recommend it. 12) cool off and enjoy your immense and immediate relief from that horrible itching, wait until you have fully drip dried enough to put on fresh clothes. 14) consider similar less harsh treatment for your face and head while using a snorkel or some sort of breathing under water thing. 13) repeat once more as needed later or the next day if you need it. 14) Kiss those mites AND EGGS good bye that were literally boiled alive and dehydrated to death by the salt (sometimes possible to look at bottom of your tub and see all the crap that came out of your skin from the heat and pressure). The salt gets really deep into the burrow air holes and the pores of your skin when the water is that hot. It kills surface mites almost instantly and gets to the mites underneath and eggs and dehydrates them, robbing them of the moisture in our skin that they need to survive as well as sometimes being brought to the surface by that level of heat right into the salt death trap insta-kill. heat treat the ENTIRE BODY THIS WAY. Some have reported all wounds healed within 24hrs

    • jordan 64824 jordan 64824 Mary1205

      Marry you can do this without a bath or even salt. If you're still around or you still are on this site there is a way all you need is a lighter a tent or some other way to keep steam in and some container that can hold a lot of water or multiple small containers of water. The idea is that you want to cut a hole in the bottom of a tent and then dig a hole into the ground where the hole in the tent is so that the tent hole is exactly over top of the hole in the ground. The next thing you need to do is make a fire that is nice and big and hot. The bigger and hotter the fire the better. The next thing you need to do is cook rocks Inside the Fire for 6 to 10 hours. Stay away from the fire though as rocks can explode. Take sticks and move as many of the Rocks into the hole inside the tent. Fill the hole up with burning hot rocks they should be red if possible. then get inside the tent with a lot of water somehow one big container or multiple containers. Start pouring the water slowly onto the rocks. This will create Steam and people have been known to be cured by saunas after one treatment inside the sauna for 122 degrees at 45 minutes. The idea is you want to keep pouring little bits of water over the Rocks not too much just a little bit at a time to create the Steam and fill up the tent do it as hot as you can stand for as long as you can stand and you should be cured when you come out!!!

  • jAs1979 jAs1979

    I have tried everything 5% Permethrin, 45% permethrin, ivermectin,Off, 100% deet, salt water baths for a month, bleach in my bath, Alcohol, Peroxide, ACV in my bath with lots of salt after scratching myself all over with a coarse green scrubby, Neem, tea tree, oregano oil for two months. All while I was ironing my clothe on very hot right after I took them off! Nothing worked. I live near the beach and i took a green scrubby and scratched all over while I was in the ocean and stayed in the water for 2 hours everyday for a week and when you get out don't shower til the morning but use anti-bacterial ointment on any open wounds because the ocean holds millions of bacteria! the first night I finally had itchless night! a week later I don't itch at all I'm going to continue this for another couple of weeks until I know they are not in my house! But I literally iron everything I can! My bed, sheets, covers, couch! I use to boil water before I washed them but this is the same concept! Good luck to all who have these creatures I am now sleeping at night after 2 years of scratching!

  • jAs1979 jAs1979

    The thing with scabies is everyones skin is different! some peoples skin dries out quick, some people skin is hard to dry out! Some peoples skin can absorb different chemicals faster, but I don't think my skin dries out fast or absorbs that well, but like i said I used a scrubby everyday in the ocean and zang it's gone so far!

    Diatomaceous earth is good for things on the outside of your body but doesn't kill eggs or kill the bugs inside your skin unless you drink or eat it but then it takes forever! and yes I tried this! Also tried lindane lotions and got no results!

  • I killed em I killed em

    Salt does work!!!! I rubbed salt all over me, except for my upper back which I could not reach. I left it on for 10 minutes, I have 1 itch on my arm, the rest is on my upper back... now I'm getting my boyfriend to rub it all over my upper back and I will do it full body again, I might go a head and do it for 15 minutes just to be sure. My guess is you have tried all the oil and perscriptions already, lord knows I have.. But the salt really really works, just try it.

    • muso45579 muso45579 I killed em

      I have tried a salt rub each bath. I also use dog shampoo with permethrin as the main ingredient. I have wash hair with shampoo then scrub body with salt. Occasionally I'll use salt in the shampoo too. Then I'll rinse and wash from neck to toe with dog shampoo. I had almost immediate relief and will be bathing 1-2 a day for a week, two if necessary. Most of the areas drive up and a lot of redness was gone. I have noticed that when I try to leave the salt directly on my skin for (even) 5 minutes it burns so much after 2-3 minutes. (Even skin that isn't damaged)

      I have tried bleach scrubs before with a sponge soaked in bleach water mix. I have received some burns from this. It burns like CRAZY when I rub over it with the salt. I feel if your body can handle the heat the whole body salt rubdown I believe it helps too!

      I just don't want to think about laying in a bath with them!!!!

      Did it burn when you used the salt scrub?

    • Mary1205 Mary1205 muso45579

      What happens if you don't have a bathtub. ? It's gotten to my face and my clothes it's so horrible. I get into depression n can't seem to get relief. Please help. I lost my son n job because of this nightmare. Been suffering 2 yrs n my drs say it's dilutional

  • agreval agreval

    I know the topic is about the effectiveness about the salt against scabies... but i couldn't hold my self to post this... i have tried a lot of ways and methods... (this with salt im gonna try it.... i hope it work) , but the only one that seems to work is HOT water... in my case... try in one spot that you have... use the hot water and slowly raise the hot water up, up to you can hold... this kills the mites.

    I know it may sound crazy... but just after you do it... the itches goes away. Then if there is some remain... do it next day... you'll see is gone.

    Now.. everybody is different... but you dont lose nothing to try it... and for me... i would do anything to get fhe itche away.

    Im gonna try the salt water and i let you know how it goes with me. Thanks to everybody for the feedbacks to the original post.

    • mrhouseman mrhouseman agreval

      I have had these pesy things for about three weeks now , I have never had them before that I know of but I was reading up on them and also saw a post about hot water . I was having a rough night with these things and thought I would try the hot water soaking but instead I just put my legs and feet under the hot water as I let it run and let it get as hot as I could tolerate it and it was though you could actually feel these things trying to move or someting , anyway after letting the water run over my leg I then stopped and just sit for a moment and realized how much better that leg felt than the leg that I did'nt try the hot water on , I must say as crazy as it seems that this is the quickest relief that I have found. I had also went to the Dr. and got the 5% lotion "which buy the way is just too expensive and shouls be against the law to sell it for that ridiculous price" So anyway the next night I ran a tub of hot water and just lay in it and ran the hot water after I got in it and let it get hotter and i will say this was the first night that I actually slept well and thought I would wake up and they would just be gone ,,LoL.. They are getting better though and the hot water is the best relief that I have found thus far. Be very careful doing this as you could very easly burn your skin and never put your child in this hot water "ONLY DO IT TO YOURSELF"  as you know just how hot you can stand the water.   

      On another note instead of paying $120 bucks for the permethrin lotion from a drug store you can buy a product made by Happy Jack for dogs for about $10 bucks and it is like 17% permethrin and also contains piperonyl butoxide , "Google it " you can make your own cream for abot $20 bucks for three times as much product, just be careful using it and never use it without diluting it or maybe just mixing it with some good body lotion. Good luck and don't give up as we all have different bodies and certian things effect us different ways so BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU TRY ON YOUR BODY> Actually I'm sure that if you can afford it the best thing to do is to go to your Dr.

  • justiris justiris

    I've tried Nix Shampoo, Nix Cream for scabies, tea, Nem, Eucolypsis oils, Ecosmart Home control Herbal spray for bed bugs, bed bug spray, bed bug dust, earth (seashell flour),alcohol sprays, flea sprays, turpintine & kerosene. Everything is in plastic including the couch. A tenant 2 doors down had her apt sprayed for bedbugs & I helped her put a bedbug cover on her mattress six hours after the Pesticide company with dust & spray followed by the herbal and earth. 2 separate co sprayings & she still has bites and had placed things out into the hallway. Is it possible for scabies to dig a hole & bedbugs take lodging...2 cell mates together? I think so. Day ?13, rubbed Colgate Total which may contain wintergreen or menth (cold)...the left arm showed white deposits collecting on the sores, the rite arm rec'd Cinnamen Blast Close-Up toothpaste (heat) and wrapped the arms up in toiletpaper and went shopping. The mint/wintergreen was VERY soothing & the skin tone looked good. The Cinnamen blast skin was more shiny & irritable but not necessarily ineffective. The white deposits showed up on the sores and the scratches turned white as the deposits capped. Day 14, took the salt bath with baking powder and clorine and upped the clorine for two hours. The mites showed up on the skin about half an hour later. Which means that they can live under those trapped doors for a long period. The olive oil treatment in Day 13 produced a lot of mites by rubbing in circles. They don't like oven spray & pop up but the spray dabbed on a hanky gave me burns and don't try it. Raid for Ants (red bottle) was quite effective for sleeping undisturbed and the oil dried onto my pj's which ripped off like a wax. So, wax may be the next thing and a rub down with plaster as it contains a lye and let it dry to cut off oxygen and let it sit for 3 - 4 hrs. Hopefully by then I will get the okay for the pesticide company. Tommorrow while my husband is doing the God thing, the couch goes.

  • dagon53454 dagon53454

    500g of sea salt

    hot bath-add some boiling water from your kettle

    20 minutes

    vacuum your room

    bin what you can't wash a 60 deg.

    Monsters are gone.

    Doctors(all 3) failed to help me for a year. Doctors no good in case of the critters.

    End of story.

    No reply.

  • dawn23478 dawn23478

    Found some great OTC and home remedies...

    I came across this discussion while searching for answers to my outbreak. I searched for 2 days because my symptoms weren't as severe as those who had scabies but I thought I had some type of mites in my skin. Turns out I had hives, a minor 24hr outbreak due to my body's allergic reaction to the combination of cold medicine, 2mosquito bites and an herbal tea blend that included eucalyptus oil (I can't do plant based products). I'm healed but had you guys in my prayers and on my mind, couldn't leave you hanging...

    Info on this site was very helpful but to simplify, I'd like to combine the most helpful info into one post:

    I am not a patient or health professional...just someone who,wants to help

    First do all the research you can online and see a doctor. If they don't seem to understand get a 2nd opinion. You have no time to be misinformed

    Avoid physical contact with people or pets, scabies is contagious. A guy posted that he got it from a communal jumpsuit while skydiving

    Warm baths in 500g (2cups) of table salt. Dermatologists say chlorine bleach is poisonous and harmful to the skin. Derms say it will flush out the eggs and body parts. Do not apply the bleach directly to,your skin. One guy said he now has floaters in his vision from taking bleach baths. Epsom salt or baking soda works same way

    Salt may dry your skin. I found a new blend of Shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E and essential lavender oil (purifying) on the shelf at my local beauty supply store. Peppermint oil has the same property and can be a substitute for lavender

    Calamine lotion is great for anti-itch..bug bites, poison, ivy, etc. I've the counter at pharmacy/drug store. It comes in pink or white and dries fast. Great for measles and chicken pox too

    Wash clothes in at least 60% water. Wear plastic gloves to load the washer, discard them and out on a clean pair to take them out and to unload the dryer. A box of 50 latex gloves is around 4USD. One guy wore plastic gloves to,drive his car

    They hate peppermint oil...use aromatherapy in a diffuser. Soak cotton balls with the oil and put in in the bag with your washed clothing. Place in your car and around your bed

    Use peppermint soap...Shea butter soap w/peppermint oil, crushed bits of almond and baking soda. The almonds are smaller than mustard seeds

    Olive oil is great for healing scars and burns. Kiss my face makes pure olive oil soap and lotions

    Eat at least 2 cloves of garlic per day. Dice them and sauté with diced tomatoes & basil in olive oil. Place on toast and enjoy...this is bruschetta.garlic & the lycopene in tomatoes build immunity

    Take lots of vitamin C and B

    Avoid sweets, they weaken immunity

    Avoid iron, bacteria feeds on it and your body hides it when it's attacked. Don't overwork it's ability to store the iron

    I pray for your strength and can get through this!

  • aliaszt aliaszt Guest

    Hey guys, I am from Australia, am 30 years old, and have had random bouts of scabies for years now - each time I thought I killed them with Pymethrin but turns out not.  The most recent attack saw my feet and hands covered and a bit sore, fairly itchy especially at night/upon waking in the morning.  I took the below steps after a range of research and asking for a bit of guidance:  So far the combination has been highly effective and I can truly recommend it to anyone - I have decided you really need to attack these buggers internally and externally:

    1. alternating baths every two days consisting of either (don't mix) - Neem Oil

    or - Table salt baths - two cups in the bath and I also rub a lot of salt on the area like an exfoliant, leave for five or so mins and rinse and repeat, I have abouta twenty minute bath each time.  If using Neem oil, 10ml is advised.

    2. After bath wash hands with disinfectant handwash, then shower it all off.  If washing hair use neem oil shampoo and conditioner (commonly used for head lice - is a natural insecticide)

    3. After shower using cotton pads, wet with TEA TREE OIL, and wipe body, leave to dry

    4. INTERNAL - Herbal Triplex is a very effective Parasite Detox, though you can use any parasite detox really.  This will ideally kill the parasites via the blood stream.

    5. If you like to use moisturiser use PAW PAW ointment it has a natural antibacterial property and is amazing on sores/skin without feeding the bugs with moisture. 

    n.b I found the table salt baths the most effective - thanks so much for the tip!

    After three weeks of this routine I have no itching and can literally see the changes - feeling relieved!

    I agree with most posters that it is also very important to maintain a healthy diet/immune system and am working on improving my diet every day.  I take a range of immune boosters such as Reishi mushroom, Camu Camu powder and echincea with garlic.

    I hope this helps everyone!  And try to rememer, YOU are in control of your body not the bugs, so in some way or another you are allowing this infestation and stating "I do not use my body for sickness" is a very strong intention and is empowering smile

    • ang0412 ang0412 aliaszt


      Ive never had scabies till now. We stayed at a hotel at the beginning of February to go on a cruise that never happened due to the weather. My husband, me and 1 out of 3 children got scabies. What a nightmare! Me being hit the worst. The scabies have loved my neck and my chest. Yesterday I took a shower in peppermint soap. I thought that stung. I was comfortable enough to finally sleep last night. I thought the nightmare was on its way of being over. NOPE. I woke up this morning itching like crazy. Benedryl has become my best friend. I took a salt bath this evening for about 30 minutes. 2 cups of salt in hot bath water. And having extra in a measuring cup to rub on me(the salt will stick to you once you are wet). It stung really bad. Id rub it on, leave it on as long as I could stand it, rinse and repeated 2 more times after that. I even wet my hair and put salt in my hair. I can say even though the salt hurt directly on my skin,the itching is no where near what it was earlier today. We have spent so much money on getting rid of this nightmare. I hope to

      be rid of these soon and hope to never get this again!

    • Had-it Had-it aliaszt

      Well I am also from Australia and have lost count of how many times I have seen doctors regarding this. The insult was made worse by the dermatologist I was referred to he didn't examine my skin instead he giggled something and gave me two pages to read which his diagnosis what that I had Morgelons desease. For a $230 visit I have to say I was discussed. I have gained a bit more info on some remedies here for free as I to have used the prescribed doctors medications and it is nearly a year and still suffering this debilitating condition I bagged. Lothing up eVeryday changed all bedding everyday for months still to no avail I will try the salt bath and few of your recommendations and see what happens.

    • fellowsufferer fellowsufferer Had-it

      Bless you and your family.  I know the pain of having the Doctor blame you for their ineptness.  It's ridiculous.  Good luck with the salt, it didn't work for me, but maybe it will work for you.  What did work for me was to take ivermectin horse paste four days in a row, two days off, and then 4 days in a row again...for a couple of weeks, while covering my body with a mixture of half tea tree oil and half olive oil every 12 hours for the same period of time (two weeks).  I figured that the ivermecting would kill those under the skin while the tea tree oil got the ones on top of the skin at the same time.  Also, check the temperature of the water in the wash machine....if it's not hot enough, it won't do the job.  Good luck and hang in there.  

  • always worried always worried Guest

    my 9 year old son was diagnosed with scabies 2 days ago. we did the permethrin treatment and now he has more bumps on his body. now its on his face when it wasnt 2 days ago at the doctors office.we do our 2nd treatment of permethrin next tuesaday.  im so worried about him and myself. i havent shown any signs of scabies yet and i hope i dont but i do feel like something is crawling on my face and ears. i dont know if its a mind thing. i wanna try and give a salt bath tonight. but i got some epsom salt. i dont have much table salt. think that could work as good? should i wait to give him the salt bath after our 2nd treament of permethrin? 

    • tasha65752 tasha65752 always worried

      What happened?  I'm sure many of you really do have scabies. I unfortunately was misdiagnosed with scabies and wanted to give yall a heads up scabies should not be that hard to kill. If you feel crawling it is not scabies. Some other type of mite is possible. Anyways not to freak you out.  Wondering if you got rid of them

    • always worried always worried tasha65752

      After his first salt bath it seemed to have dried out the itchy bumps he had all over his body. He didnt itch much. I'd say the salt bath helped a lot. And also i dont think the doctor was 100% sure it was scabies. My son took salt baths every other day.

  • fellowsufferer fellowsufferer Guest

    Thank you all for the advice about the salt water bath.  I've had these darned things for about three weeks.  I think one of the most important tips is to SCRUB yourself thoroughly.  Human's have sebacious glands that produce oil, so just rubbing yourself with soap may not be enough to break through that barrier.  Also, scrubbing should get down to the horrible eggs and dry them out.

    I'll keep you updated on my progress.

    ​I hope this works.  I'll keep yall updated.

    • posterchild posterchild fellowsufferer

      My spelling is bad but please excuse it. Ok Topic. cabies.. Now. My middle son who has a bad lifestyle. Stopped by .. he traveld far. Had marks on legs. Said it was mosquito bites. I didn't belive him but said ok come in. He dose drugs & alcohol & dosent think good sometimes as he sets off w just anyone. So first day 5pm. He showerd. Shuffeld his clothes off his back as I placed in washer. He spent one night here. One afternoon. Peroid. He had to leave. So I begin to feel an old (12) yr memorie bite me. Omgosh .. no he didnt. Well day passed .. oh no. Bites.. I am instantly concerned. I scrach and stop on spot as I feel something seem to burrow into my skin. Wow.. if he didnt contract this at age seven at a possiable day care. He is 20 now. So.. I have a second 7 yr old. His little brother.. so I get him .. I ask are you itching. Cuz my older threw his self onto my bed for three to five mins. So my youngest says yes mom.. omy dear lord in heaven. So . We showerd .. changed bedding .. I just knew it. So smotherd selves in cold cream to start *Jergans.. then peaceful night. Woke w mindfull concerns. & I should be. So we left went to dolmar general. 2$ large alcohol 3 of them.. 1large lemon ammonia. . A bottle of spider spray.. 2 lg empty spray bottles . A big box of trash bags. Because that cant go on. I remember this going on for yrs as a kid. So any clothes laying around  get trash bags and begin to place clothes. ..clean or not in them as ur done spray a squrit or two of spider spray and tie completely closed. St aside repeat. Till you feel that issue is solved. Walk off and regroup your mind. Ok. Or yr gonna go nutts. Fill ur sprayer w a whole bottle of alcohol. Whepon #2.. spray ur furniture where visitor was or sat or clothes layed .. now im not a dr. But logic is logic.. google says these scabies are spider related. Well bingo. Go to room where they stayed. Place bedding in trash bag after sprinking w DE food grade and while ur at store. Keep other bags from earlier seperated. . So do this w all stuff. And as u finish and u feel creepy itch crawling on u.. blast it w alcohol. Spray ur clothes. Keep working use logic. Feel an ich spray it. Make sure children are just lightly misted.. put em on new bedding. Tie up pillows and make sure the kids have showerd w clothes from dryer. This gives u time. U itch again spray spot its only rubbing alcohol. Im not saying fill ur tub and lay in it. I said spray spots. When they itch. Unless ur in late stages and have bad wounds. I dont care if I have five itchng spots at once.. I spray each one. As I think this through. Cuz this bites bad.. no pun there. This suxs. Think u feel it befor it burrows . Spray ur finger and rub spot. So ur bagging and spot treating ur self. (Adult supervision .. not saying children ) ok. Clear ur mind. Things are gonna get better in time only. Ok.. 150$ bottles of med ... whatever reinfestation is certin.. ok spider relative. Hum. I need to treat beds and furnatur w pets outside w spider spray. And then I need to shut the door. Clear ur mind again cuz ur battleing a little parasitic jerk. Containment is goal. These guys die. In trashbags. Id dont do time lines of three days . What ever.. are we for sure. No so like I said squirt or two of spider spray.. tie up. Contain.. separat.. new wash n dry .. hang up fresh clothes. In spider treated room after it airs out. Get what im saying.. and  feel its a process.. a long one hellatious process if u dont follow my learned routeen. Cuz I delt w em for yrs and yrs.. if its so bad .. trash ur stuff.. buy new stuff in small amounts but if its summer time and hot put ur trash bags in the garage. Always keep seperated.. and every few days when u have time spot treat spot wash and hang up in clean rooom. If u have animals . Get larva stage frontline or something for them. No cross contaminate. Use DE And just run in circles w this till months pass and its getting better or have em for 4yrs.. just time and treatments and vaccume and spider spray and no where did I say spray spider spray on you or ur children so dont be rash... woops. Rash .. try salt bath .. couldent hurt. God bless and all best wishes and best concerns and best of health.. 

  • posterchild posterchild Guest

    And remember its a several attempt in multi areas .. bags .. alcohol. Wash . Vaccume. Spray for spiders.. just a body treatment will never suffice. U have to controll everthing now. Cuz bugs are bugs. Thay dont care what u think.. got me. Dont mix old and new.. clean w dirty .. wont rid em ever. 

  • posterchild posterchild Guest

    And each adult should have a spray of alcohol for them selfs. And my amonia idea is for my second bottle for floors till I can vac or mop or steam clean. But never confine u or others or animals in toxic smelling rooms. And hopefully it is an easier battle w this info .. 


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