Best cream for flare ups?

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Hi, I was diagnosed with LS nearly 3 years ago when I was 16 years old.

I have struggled being a teenager with the condition as it has impacted a lot of things in my life.

I didn't have a good diagnosis at first as three different GPs diagnosed me as having a yeast infection. I had severe tearing and bleeding during sex and noticed nothing was healing. I asked to see a gyno and was diagnosed straight away. Within a year my lady parts had recovered by up to 80%! My immune system isn't very good and I find when i get irritations and sores it's normally when I am feeling run down or ill. I am often ill with temperatures, flared up glands and colds. I haven't been diagnosed with anything else but I have a history of auto immune diseases in both sides of my family which is worrying me. Throughout my childhood I have stuggled with skin issues : plain warts on my forehead, hard inflamed lumps on the back of my knees, I've had chicken pox twice and shingles on my scalp and severe reactions to strong sun/UV lights.

I have never spoken to anyone with LS too and have many questions!

I have been given three creams to use when I have flare ups (dermovate, betnovate & trimovate)

and just wanted to know what ones have worked best for other people?

Has anyone seen an improvement after changing their diet?

Any other creams or treatments that have worked well with anyone?

Has anyone struggled with other skin problems?

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    Hi JLou,

    i find dermovate works best for me, as it is probably stronger than betnovate.  I have a family history of skin allergies, mainly from my dad's side, who also suffered as a boy with exzema. My mother was allergic to soap detergents and sometimes had to wear ointment on her hands, plus white cotton gloves.  I have inherited this condition.  I believe food is a factor and am pretty hopeless at following diets these days.

    my LS is quite bad, as I am travelling and have to do the best that I can.  Long haul journeys are not helpful!

    take care and I hope things improve for you.

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    I feel sorry for you JLouC3 as you are so young with your life in front of you. I have suffered with terrible itching for about 12 years and only found out a couple of months ago what I had. I use Dermovate which helped straight away and Hydromol every morning after showering and now feel fine but I think I need to use the Dermovate about once or twice a week cos as I feel much better hadn't bothered and last night began to feel itchy again. Good luck 
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    Hello JLouC3

    I find Dermovate best for flare ups, daily I use Epaderm (chemist or prescription) or Weleda Calendula Nappy care cream (health food shop) as a barrier, both are soothing, one is pharmacutical one is all natural - it depends what mood I'm in. Don't use soap for washing, or anything with perfume. Epaderm works for that too - the one in a tub, not the cream. It's a standard eczema soap replacement/emollient/barrier cream.

    I've been on a low wheat diet for ages. I don't know if that works as I was on it before I was diagnosed but I've heard others mention it. It's getting much easier to do restricted diets, the range of stuff available is really good now. You can try making small changes like granola rather than muesli (although it's very high sugar) or cornflakes rather than weetabix, and you'll hardly notice. Sourdough bread is better for you than normal, there are chemical changes in the long processing that are beneficial.

    Keep asking, there's lots of us about who've been through all you have, some recently diagnosed, some long term sufferers. You are not alone.

    Good Luck


    Good luck

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    Hi JLouC3, 

    I have found that the best creams for me is Eumovate every other day and Epaderm moisturiser every visit to wash away the urine.  That is the most important thing to keep the area clear.  It is tempting to not bother when you are feeling well but you soon realise that it is better to moisturise and treat at least twice a week.  The trick is to keep everything calm and not to scratch which does a lot of damage.  Although I agree that it is such a shame that you have it so young at least you know and can try to prevent a lot of the damage that several of us have had due to non diagnosis for years.  I wasn't diagnosed till my 50's yet looking back I definately had it in my late teen years.  No soap or perfume at all down below.  I find I have to be careful with creams and perfumes elsewhere too.

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    Hi love. I am a professional Complementary Holistic Therapist. I am therefore trained in getting to the root of what is causing the symptoms that someone is manifesting. I have also recently had LS and am succesfully treating it without resorting to steroid creams. I have been using Lippu Oil. It soothes and heals the whole vulval area and prevents the labia sticking to each other and rubbing etc. When I started using the oil, my labia were discoloured, white and then arounf my vagina everything was very red and inflames and in some areas splitting. The Oil was soothing straight away and within a couple of days I had no more discomforet. However, I have checked the affected area every other day and it was still somewhat red, so I have continued applying the Oil every day, just a little over the area. The whole area, after three weeks is now looking almost normal. In my experience, all illnesses, disease processes and imbalances are directly because of a depletion somewhere in the Immune System. I would advise that you find a good Holistic practioner who will assist you oin building up your immune system and see where the imbalances are and most importantly why you have them. It is very difficult in this day and age to have a healthy immune system as there are so many toxins around, even in the very air that we breathe!, However. ypu can help yourself by having regular detoxing massages, eating fresh vegetables (especially greens) drinking plenty of water and dealing with your stress levels. Stress compromises the immune system, whether it is bad food that we eat, smoking, alcohol, or unwholesome activities. A daily walk is good, being with nature is good, Healthy natural impressions are good. Computer games, loud music, refined crap food, fizzy drinks etc are all bad. Do get the Oil not the cream as you will need the lubrication of the oil. Would love to hear how you get on if you decide to give it a go. It has all certainly worked very quickly for me. Good luck. Kind regards, Jane.
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    Oh, and I forgot to mention wasing with Charika Soap. Again available on the internet from Ebay or Amazon. This is a saop with no animmal products and will soothe and heal.
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    I suffered with LS about three years ago.  I saw a naturopath and was treated for heavy metal poisoning and liver toxicity.  I took Liver Chi and Metal Flush from Chi Enterprises.  I also used Blue Poppy Stop Itching Tincture mixed with water to rinse the vaginal tissue. I also took a Calcium Bentonite Clay bath every week!  It took about 6 months to totally heal, but I am totally recovered!  I periodically do a liver cleanse and heavy metal detox.  I have had no flare ups!  I chose not to use a steroid cream like my MD suggested.  I also used emu oil to soothe the tissue.  I have done a lot of reading and some people have suggested that "auto-immune" diseases are a result of toxic buildup in the body.  When the liver is toxic, the skin has to try to detoxify the body.  I have ready many stories about LS and my heart breaks for the people who are suffering so much with "no cure!" 


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      Hello Tami,

      Was it confirmed that you had LS?   I understood that once it turned up, there was no getting rid of it.  I am starting to hear from people, who manage to control it.  If this is so, I will be buying some liver chi and metal flush myself.  Thank you for all your comments.


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      My MD diagnosed it as LS.  Western medicine has no cure for LS.  I never filled my Clobetasol Rx.  I went straight home and put on some emu oil and saw my naturopath ASAP.  My MD has been quite surprised by my recovery.  She is a holistic MD and has supported me throughout my homeopathic and herbal treatments over the past 15 years.

      I have done heavy metal detox before and am doing one now due to a flare up of IC, which western medicine cannot cure.  Again I tested higf

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