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Firstly let me thank everyone for their posts in relation to this topic. I found hope and strength from so many.

I am a bisoprolol user of 5 years. 2.5mg given to me for ectopic beats by cardiac consultant who was reviewing me after a hospital admission with query panic attack/heart attack.

Tests revealed nothing other than ectopics. I told her at the time i had a low heart rate anyway but she persisted. When i arrived at A and E having anxiety the first thing they had done was give me GTN which stopped my heart completely!! Reduced my already low heart rate to zero.

So i have taken these for five years during which time anxiety has persisted although ectopics were not felt as they had been.

I eventually realised the trigger for my anxiety attacks was a very low heart rate below 40 which was sending my body and system into a meltdown. So i decided to wean myself off.

Firstly i cut the pill in half for 30 days. No effect in first week or so then i became very fatigued and exhausted. Chest pains accompanied by high blood pressure and high heart rate when doing anything. Very intense emotional moments overwhelming me. Feelings of fear and panic. Trembling was also evident.

I relied heavily on CBD oil and just OTC painkillers at this point to help which they really did. I also took vitamin c d and a b complex daily and manuka honey. I also made a carrot and banana smoothie with spirulina daily. Rest is essential and a belief that you have to maintain that things will get better.

I persisted with walking around the house and just trying to do anything no matter how small just to stay a little active although fatigue would follow quickly.

At twenty five days or so i could feel that there was some relief and the bad days receded slightly. I reduced the dose further at thirty days and took a quarter off the half tablet.

After two days i had a couple of really bad days where all the bad effects returned with vengeance. Then a couple of good days where i really started to feel some strength return.

At thirty days i also started supplementing with L Carnitine and CQ10 and am still doing so. This good days bad days pattern has become the norm and now i am at day 57.

Still have unpleasant combinations of effects on bad days but they are getting less and that is a fact.

I have been able to reintroduce walking outside into my days now and other day to day activities and do feel stronger.

However i have to be careful with not pushing too far too quick as i have had issues after doing this.

I have found that eating smaller meals helps. Avoiding any high sodium intake helps. Water certainly helps so stay hydrated. I have learned to give in to the fatigue when it comes so just accept you have to rest. It will improve eventually.

I am still taking just over a quarter of my tablet but am gently weaning off this and plan to do so over the next six months.

I can say i feel much improved since doing this and even though i still have these withdrawal symptoms they are nowhere near as bad as i felt when i was on the full dose.

The ectopics did return briefly but now they are not present.

Anyway hope this helps someone in the same way some others helped me.

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    I am so pleased for you. I have always maintained that the cures they give us are worse than the original problem. If it is anxiety you maybe helped with CBT it is only making your brain think of something different and the anxiety will fade. It is not a cure as such but it will help you live with yourself.

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    Hi there

    I know it has been several months since you have been on this site but I have recently started withdrawing bisoprolol and wondered if you have now been able to come off it all together with no further side effects.

    I am reducing 2.5mgs very very slowly and it will be another six or seven months before I am off it completely but I am suffering terrible anxiety attacks during the nights. Past 2 nights have been woken at 1.30 am with anxiety and not been able to get back to sleep. ( How did you deal with you attacks)

    I hope you are now fit and well and are leading a normal life once again.

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    I think that the process is unfortunately a very long one. I started a year ago and had found a steady comfortable level with 3/4 of a half tablet say about 1mg . I then decided to push on and had cut down two months or so ago to a quarter tablet of the 2.5 mg tablet which was about 0.6mg. However, i think this was to sudden a big drop and i found my heart racing so often that it became impossibly uncomfortable to maintain this and also damaging i feel. Therefore i am back to taking 3/4 of a half tablet. This has stabilised things for me and may represent a dose i need i guess to keep my ectopics/palpitations at bay without the adverse effects i had from the full 2.5 mg dose. Maybe i have titrated to the optimum point.

    Im going to try to drop again in the summer but i have to work and cant do it at present. The next time i will be more gradual but cutting is difficult.

    So you may just want to find your own level with the tablet eventually but stick at it its worth it believe me i am so much better for not being on the full dose.

    As far as anxiety and other withdrawal effects there is an element of having to accept they will happen. I found cbd oil whether sublingually or vaped helped me greatly. I also have taken half a sominex to help with gettingundisturbed sleep. I dont like sleeping tablets but sleep deprivation will be felt more acutely when you aredoing this so i looked at it as a necessary evil and never took it regularly to become dependant in any way. At the worst points it will be your desire to feel well again that will get you through. i also listed some other things on my original post which helped generally.

    If theres any way i can help please contact me and if you just need to be reassured then contact me. I read and re read some of the posts on here when i was at my worst just to reinforce the belief that things will get better.

    They will so be strong. Good luck.

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      Hi there

      Thank your reply. I am finding it very tough going through withdrawal. I have been as low as reducing to 0.01mg and was on this for 8 days when I did have a couple of reasonable days and about 5 hours sleep for a couple of nights. I have now reduced a further 0.02mgs for the past 4 days and today has been absolutely terrible. Palpitations, breathlessness, jitters etc. At the rate I am reducing I am not going to be off this nightmare medication until September and I only started on 2.5mg. Like you I read and reread these posts just to make sure that it is not just me going through this nightmare. I think I may also need medication for my ectopics but dont know what I am going to be able to take as I have medically got to come of beta blockers. TheDoctors do not believe there are withdrawal effects to this medication I wish they could spend a few days at my house and then tell me that.

      Enough of my problems I hope that you are getting on ok and when do you expect to be clear of medication?

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      As i say i think i have stopped at about 1mg as this seems to work for me. Doctors really dont believe in these withdrawals but just ignore them. Be strong and you will get to the point where your body will function properly again. Your heart has re-modelled with new beta receptors and now these have to go and get back to normal. i couldnt lift bottles into a bottle bank after a month of cutting down. Now i can walk for miles without issue. Be safe take care H

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    Its good that you found help when you needed it. Health drugs and medicines are good. The health stores have naturally good health system enforcement medicine. I like to take vitamins although i havent for a few weeks now. I will continue soon taking more vitamins and i try to eat my carbs and fibre and protein.

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