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Hi im novie and i was diagnosed with bile reflux 10 months ago. My gastro prescribed me with antibiotics since i developed gastritis and PPI for a long term treatment unfortunately im experiencing side effects like nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. Im lossing any hopes what to do for this condition i experience backaches, sometimes shooting pain on my left chest, pain when the food passes esophagus, and painful burps on chest. My EGD result was severe bile reflux but has no esophageal lessions seen yet. Im worried with the longterm effect of this bile reflux if left untreated. sad im 26 from philippines. If others have known any alternative meds that could cure or somehow alleviate the pain... Let me know, thank youu. Hope we all feel better soon

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    My daughter is 14 and has bile reflux. Nothing that can be done, we were told.
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      does she experience backaches and pain when swallowing too? how long does she have diagnosed with bile reflux? did the doctors suggest anything? like surgery?
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      No pain when swallowing, no backaches, "only" severe pelvic/lower mid and right illiac fossa pain (appendixitis symptoms, appendix removed, normal histology, no inflammation markers up).

      She was diagnosed with bile reflux via gastroscopy (lake of bile swimming in stomach)

      (and we knew it anyway, since when she throws up it is yellow/green when food does not mask the colour too much)

      Bile reflux is the smallest of our problems at the moment.

      But she has always been a vomitting baby with bile at the end and pylorus is normal, not hypertrophic.

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      If there was pain when swallowing and backaches, what would your suggestion be?

      Which operation?

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      my doctor said the cause of pain and bachaches is the bile that is backing up my esophagus. she didnt explain further bout it since we all knew that this thing has no cure. iv done some research and some have had

      roux-en-y and fundoplication. you can check.out mayo clinic or google it for more information about the surgery.. what does the cause of her bile reflux anyway? did her gallbladder removed? or it did just show up.. cause mine just show up and i havent removed my gallblader...

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      No, she has her gallbladder.

      She is slim as well and suffers gastroparesis.

      Nobody honeslty knows what bile reflux is caused by.

      The symptoms of acid and bile reflux into oesophagus are the same.

      Some people have both: acid and bile reflux

      Now one thing needs to be distinguished:

      bile reflux from duodenum into stomach (duodenogastric reflux. Bile is released into duodenum, has nothing to do in stomach normally)

      and/or bile reflux from stomach into oesophagus.

      My daughter has definitely reflux of bile into stomach as a doudenogastric reflux.

      Of course bile comes with every vomit or sole vomit out as well since it is simply present in stomach.

      (not only due to severe gastroenteritis infect, when pure compression of severe vomiting has bile coming out too and is gone once infection is healed as many people experience)

      She has no oesophageal changes in gastroscopy/biopsies.

      Her stomach though has gastritis in antrum and corpus without h.pylori and most likely due to the bile lake constantly hanging around and irritating lining.

      There is nothing to be gained by fundoplication (or roux-en-y, which I would never ever agree to since she is so slim already)

      in her case therefore since she has no oesophagus changes.

      Closing the stomach from oesophagus will heal nothing since her oesophagus is fine, but her stomach itself suffers bile reflux.

      Acid bile reflux combo people might gain something, but will not at all effect the root cause (which is unknown) of bile being in the stomach in the first place.

      Of course regular gastroscopic checks must be done.

      Of course conversative approach of 'lie with elevated upper body', 'stay slim' are recommended same as for acid reflux.

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      i would definitely agree with you. are you a nurse? im planning to do lifestyle modification since theres nothing to do about it medically. anyway im taking chamomile tea which eases the pain in a bit. im taking it twice a day morning and evening some says it has anti-inflammatory effect which might reduce or somehow prevent irritations in the lining... buttt the taste is not so good though... </3

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      Benefits and risks, it's always a balance that has to be individually assessed.

      What might help one, might be useless for another and vice versa, but that's what that forum is about, about ideas to get a broad view and perspective.

      Nope, I am not a nurse, not a doc, just a medical scientist (limited medical knowledge, but a bit) and battered human with many accidents and illnesses (broad experience) far from knowing the vast field.

      Funny we tried ginger too, but did no good and dear me if it soaks a bit too cleans out sinuses. ;-)

      For chronic non-life threatening conditions one has a bit of time to trial and error.

      Acupuncture is maybe not too bad either, a combination of western and eastern approach for chronic conditions is, what I like. The problem being: it becomes rather expensive unfortunately.

      And I always like to keep an eye on things if something changes and needs a different approach, that is indicated then.

      GOOD LUCK!


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      thanks... i hope everythings well with your daughter.. praying for her and your family! smile

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    Ask your doctor to change your medication if it disagrees with you.
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      yeah i might go back to her since its not helping at all.. what i suffer alot was the pain when it passes my esophagus its not that painful though its tolerable.. but it does suck all the time cause i will always remember it everytime i eat and my appetite sometimes lessens beacause of this.
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    We btw also trialed prokinetic drugs to get stuff faster out of stomach which should also transport bile out, but didn't help.

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