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hi im 33 and have a problem with binge drinking ive lost my wife and kids through it and would like some advice on stopping drinking ive tried limitting myself but it just doesent seem to work ounce i start i just cant stop myself i

was wondering if there is any advice how to stop all together thanks.

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    Stephen, I tried to stop dead last year, and it nearly killed me. ( didn't know it was dangerous to stop at once, and didnt understand the symptoms, so was using my heart and painkiller meds.). now i'm tailoring down over a period of a few weeks to alleviate any withdrawl effects. Have you tried coming off slowly ??. Keep in touch, If i can do it, anyone can !!, cheers, howard.
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    Oh Stephen, my heart ached for you when I read your mail.  How sad that you have lost your loved ones.  That's the evil of drink.....alcohol is great in it's place, but it is a nightmare when it gets hold of you and rules your life.  I cannot give you any advice on how to stop, but there are so many people on here who can.  I am a habitual drinker, every night, and I am trying to find the strength to do something about it.  

    Good are young, you have all your life in front of you....don't waste it on the demon drink.

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    One word. Nalmefene. Google it Stephen and, if you need any more advice, send me a private message.
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      Hi Paul, I just wanted to ask you if you used Nalmefene?  I have Googled it and I wonder if it might be right for me.  I don't feel ready to abstain, but I would like to cut down on the amount I drink every evening.  Thanking you in anticipation.
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      Hello Patricia. No, I am fortunate enough never to have gotten in ttrouble with alcohol, myself. I am an independent alcohol treatment practitioner.

      If you want to cut down your drinking, Nalmefene woukd be a very good way to do that. The issue is that it isn't always easy to get a GP to prescribe it due to its cost and the recommendation that psycho-social support is given alongside it. Many areas don't have the resources put into alcohol services to allow them to offer that support.

      I would certainly ask your GP about it though.

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      Thank you, Paul.  I think I will approach my GP, although I find it hard to admit to anyone, other than on here, that I have a problem.  I also wondered if you knew if my private health insurance would cover something like this.  I am on Venlafaxine too, I have trouble with depression and anxiety.....would this exempt me from using Nalmefene?  I just feel so lost and unsure about everything.  I am frightened.  I don't know which way to turn.  I wonder if I should just go on as I am, I only drink after 8pm, never during the day.  I am sorry to burden you, I just seem to be a waste of space.  Thank you for listening.
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      Patricia. Venlafaxine does not interact badly with Nalmefene so no worries there. In fact the worst reaction at the moment is the alcohol, which is a depressant so will be cancelling out the effect of the Venlafaxine.

      Alcohol causes anxiety and depression, any reduction of your drinking is good for anxiety and depression.

      I am not sure if your health insurance would cover the costs. You would need to check to see conditions it covers and if any particular conditions are excluded.

      You are NOT a waste of space, at all. Please don't think that you are smile


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      Hi Paul I had drink problem in the past last drink I had was 2009 but 2weeks ago I had bad cold thought the odd drink to chill me out wouldn't hurt ha more fool me, next thing I was drinking at breakfast and I stopped last night but getting not too bad symptoms shakes sweating etc I found some Librium from my last detox but have only got few pills that won't last my question is does 2 weeks drinking mean I need to see a Dr or could I tough it out as I don't want this relapse on my medical records thanks.
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      Hello Frub,

      I have to be responsible here, as a qualified nurse, in my answer to you.

      It is 5 years since that Librium was presecribed for you. It is likely to be past its expiry date. It is also 5 years since you were examined and that Librium was deemed appropriate for you. You can't use that Librium and you shouldn't take any Librium without being checked out and having it prescribed again, IF the person prescribing it, considers it appropriate for you.

      It is dangerous, however, for you to try and get through alcohol withdrawal without any medical support. The shakes can result in seizures which can be seriously dangerous and even fatal.

      The only sensible answer I can give to you is for you drink what you need to, to stop the withdrawal symptoms, until you can see your GP and ask for a new detox prescription. Hopefully, you will still be able to get one, as there are many GPs who simply refer you to the local alcohol service and some of those don't offer detox or, if they do, you have to wait weeks.

      The other option you have is to ask for Nalmefene. With that, you can drink and your drinking will decrease without you really having to try. Google 'nalmefene' for more information on that. Unfortunately, because of the cost of this drug, it is a postcode lottery whether you can get it in your area.

      Don't worry about this being on your medical records. It is confidential most of the time. The only time that gets complicated is if you need a doctor's report for a job and the form for the report includes 'has the patient ever been dependent on drugs or alcohol?' Only you will know if that is an issue for you.

      The only other option is a private detox, but that is always about having the ability to pay. It would be kept off your medical records though.


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      Many thanks for your reply most appreciated,it just that as I was only drinking for short period thought withdrawal would be moderate 

      ,just for info the Librium has worked most powdered capsules have a shelf life of approx 15 years I was trying to make them last till Monday,then see Dr 

      Again thanks

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      Alcohol withdrawal is normally complete after 3 days. It is more comfortable to come down slowly off the Librium, so 7 days detox is normally done.
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      Your are doing well and taking it seriously. Well done and you seem to carry on and not giving up is great. Seeing your Doctor is also a brilliant idea. Have a great Sunday!!
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      Just thought I'd give you a sit rep the sweats tremors palms hit me hard  took 20 mg took an over an hour to kick in properly couldn't sit still walking round the house like I was on fire eventually calmed down I waited till started trembling  badly then had another ten very rough night  so am ekeing them out stayed in bed all day yesterday took another 5 mg about 5 this morning although I feel like a cadaver with mega hangover I am shaky and sickly but have one pill left and surprisingly haven't really felt the need to use it,am I out of the woods or is it going to come back and bite me later cheers
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      not quite a great Sunday but not as bad as I thought thanks for your support 

      what really fired me up was the fact that my family rallied round me in 2009 couldn't do enough for me I felt I had let them down,well I had let them down but I thought I need to nip this in the bud and get back to  alcohol free life my problem is Im retired so don't need to get up for work and. not short of cash but life with alcohol is no life it's like being in prison you are of no use to anyone thanks again 

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      How long is it since your last drink now, frub?

      What worries me is that you are taking a risk trying to see out the withdrawal symptoms. Clearly, the doses of Librium you are taking are not sufficient, or you would have no withdrawal symptoms.

      Normally, I would do a detox with someone starting on a mimimum of 20mg four times a day and, often 30mg four times a day.

      The danger, as I said before, is that you could have a seizure. I need to everybody else who may read this, 'don't try and do this, it could kill you.'

      As far as you are concerned, Frub, I am worried for you, but I can see that you are going to try and see it through without taking my advice so I hope you soon get past the worst symptoms!

      Please don't think I am not being supportive, I just want people to know how dangerous this is and that they shouldn't follow your example. I wish you all the best and please keep us informed how you are.

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      I appreciate your concerns and I certainly concur with the point of telling other people not to do this but I have managed to keep this from my family and cannot risk them knowing as they would be devastated my reasoning is that as I was only drinking for about two/3weeks the toxicity wouldn't be that high it's now midnight Sunday have stopped shaking etc feel ok bit lethargic last drink was Thursday night will keep you posted 
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      It doesn't work like that though Frub. If you get ANY shakes, you are at risk. I hope that you have got past them now. You should have if your last drink was on Thursday night. Normally, severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms happen in the first three days after the last drink.

      Well done on sticking to it, though, it can't have been easy.

      Just remember, if you are ever in the situation again, your family would be far more devastated if they lost you.

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      Hi paul its 6 am took the last of my pills last night after reading your msg think it gave me the wobbles! I feel ok tired tho no shakes no sweating hopefully I've come through the other side this was nothing compared to when I detoxed in 2009 I knew nothing about the consequences of just stopping and I spent the first night in my camper van and it was like a visit to hell I had the full monty of withdrawal symptoms monsters in the van bugs crawling under my skin sweating like a burst pipe  arms flailing when I looked out the window I saw thousands of camper vans stacked on top of one another crowds of people  it was the longest night of my life I believed I was going to die in the morning what saved me was my daughter saw my van parked up she came in and saw the state I was in called ambulance the rest is history the irony is I never drank until I was about 40 I started getting panic attacks went to see my dr he said nothing you can do about it,learn to live with it I now realise there was plenty one could do,but some one said have drop of whisky chills you out big mistake, anyway I feel I've beaten the beast I wanted the pain and the fear that's what I will remember if I ever think of drinking again too anyone who might read this my advice is to persevere it can be done.have to say this is great website!

      thanks for the advice Paul

      ironicly my youngest daughter has just qualified as RMN 

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      It does sound like you are over the worst.

      I get so angry at doctors saying there is nothing they can do. That is serious incompetence and none of them ever seem to face any consequences for that attitude. If they said it about other medical conditions, they would be sacked!

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      Well if that Dr had done his job it would have saved me and my family a lot of heartache!

      I feel pretty good took my dogs for a short walk had dinner my life has been very eventful I joined the army at 15 and six months later had the last rites for meningococcal meningitis survived intact then 4 years later suffered serious facial injuries  last rites again both times by a Franciscan monk! I was beginning to think they had a monopoly on souls! I've been shot stabbed blown survived! but I thought the booze would be my nemesis I could write a book! onwards and upwards and anyone reading thisremember 


      thanks for your concerns Paul keep up the good work 

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      Glad you seem to be over the withdrawal safely smile

      Yes, a very eventful life! smile


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      Hi i Have just detoxed, how do I stay off, this evil stuff, I have tried everything from AA to the new tablet (can t) remember it s name lol, just joined this group, so hope it ok to write it here, looks ike myself and Stephen are at the same stage
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      You could ask your GP for Acamprosate, Tina, which helps with craving.

      What a lot of people don't realise is that Nalmefene does absolutely nothing if you are abstinent. That isn't how it should be used, after detox, when a person has stopped drinking. I am not surprised it didn't work for you.

      Acamprosate IS meant to be used when abstinent, to help relieve cravings.

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