Bisoprolol 1.25mg

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Hi guys

Anyone else have tiredness on such a low dose? I sit down and that's energy ....have to sit down to do jobs I once used to sail through.


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    I was put on 1.25 Bisoprolol, overnight it turned me from a very fit person with a lot of get up and go, to a drunk exhausted zombie who could no longer feel his lungs working and had to remember to breathe. Turnd me into an old man overnight.

    So I cut my tablets in half which was enough to stave off my VT, but after a few weeks, I was found semi-conscious with a pulse of 42 after the oxygen which had brought me around, so I wonder what it was before the oxygen. So they took me off beta blockers.

    That was January to February of 2017.

    I have been off work since, Bisoprolol has permanently affected me, and I am not the only one here.

    Took the longest time to get the NHS to listen to me, they tried fobbing me off with "its anxiety", hardly, when I always feel in some sort of drunken stupor.

    I had to learn for myself that beta blockers block adrenaline receptors in the Autonomic Nervous System, every one of my symptoms is a symptom of a disrupted Autonomic Nervous System.

    I discovered that one of the causes of Autonomic Neuropathy is beta blockers.

    One of my cardiologists finally listened to me, and referred me to an Autonomic Neurologist who said I have Autonomic Instability. As this is incurable, I am currently going through the process of medical retirement.

    My life pretty much ended the day I took Bisoprolol, I pretty much just exist now. 


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      Hi Peter so sorry to read this.

      It seems we are all in the same (ish) boat where this tablet is concerned.

      I've never had to sit down to play tennis with my son but it's got me!

      Really hope you'll pick up soon and find something that may help you

      It make a me so cross that we are all struggling on such an awful drug and no one truly understands

      All the best x

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    1,25 is not a low dose.

    It is a lower dose compared to the highest doses like 10,0 Mg.

    But a difference between 0Mg and 1,25 is very big.

    Analogy would have been, imagine someone saying: I haven't drink too much alcohol.

    He might have said: I drank only 2 beers, that's nothing, I shouldn't feel any consequences.

    Well, 2 beers is not enough compared to 10 beers.

    But 2 beers is still a lot compared to 0 beers, if you get me?

    Further, some scientific tests have shown that Beta blockers have the highest impact from 0 to 1,25 Mg.

    For example:

    If your heart rate before drugs was: 80

    At 1,25 Mg dose, your HR will drop to: 65

    At 2,50 Mg dose, your HR will drop to: 60

    At 5,00 Mg dose, your HR will drop to: 55

    At 10 Mg dose, your HR will drop to: 50

    So, you see, a drop from 0 mg to 1,25 is from 80 to 65 heart rate.

    So, 15 beats per minute.

    While a drop from 1,25 to 2,50 is only 65 to 60, which is 5 beats.

    So, a jump from 0 Mg to 1,25 Mg is more or less equally as strong as a jump from 1,25 Mg to 10,0 Mg.

    The thing is that even on the lowest dose (1,25Mg), you are getting "a base amount" of drugs which will do everything needed.

    And all larger doses are only minor improvements in effects.

    So, 1,25Mg is not a small dose.

    Even on that dose, you get roughly around 50% of a maximum effect which you could ever get on this drug.

    So, even on 1,25, you can get every possible side effect.

    While I was at 1,25, I had these problems:

    1. being tired

    2. dizziness

    3. breathing problems

    4. getting tired and breathless after 5 minutes of walking

    5. sleeping a lot

    6. nightmares

    7. anxiety

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      Hi Bob thank you so much for this it's very informative and very interesting. You are spot on with what you're saying. Personally I've never had anxiety but boy I have it now not bad but still anxious about things o shouldn't be.

      Hope you're going on ok x

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      I had some arrhythmia and I was allowed to stop taking Beta blockers.

      I was taking them for 2 years and I managed to quit in the 2nd attempt, but I had to wean off slowly for around 8 Months little by little.

      I was allowed to stop take them.

      If I'll have to go back on them one day again, I will again try as many different drugs possible.

      I tried Bisoprolol, Atenolol, Metoprolol, Nebivolol (3-4 different kinds).

      For me personally, Nebivolol was the least bad in terms of side effects.

      On Bisoprolol, I was tired and I had breathing problems, plus it affected mood, anxiety, sleeping and other mental behavior.

      Nebivolol (Bystolic) caused dizziness and some breathing problems (but less severe than Bisoprolol).

      And it hasn't affect my mental state.

      My cardiologist told me that I could try a different class of drugs, called Calcium channel blockers.

      They work the same, but have different mechanisms and different side effects.

      So, regarding Beta Blockers:

      1. if you NEED to take them, try ot experiment with different Beta blockers, maybe some of them will suit you more

      2. if you don't need to take them, try some different classes of drugs like Calcium channel blockers or wean off totally from drugs, if you are allowed

      I am off drugs for the last 20 Months, and I feel happy and fine.

      But again, you never know what will happen in a 1, 5 or 20 and whether I will need to go back on drugs from some new health reason.

      But again, if you need to take drugs, try several different drugs if your doc is willing to help you, until you find the most suitable one.

      If you want to wean off, please do it slowly like:

      Week 1: 1,25Mg dose

      Week 2: 1,00 or 1,20 Mg dose

      Stay on that dose for a week or two until you will feel stable

      Then lower again for 0,10 or 0,20 Mg and stay on that dose for 1-2 weeks.

      Repeat the same for a few Months until you come to 0,10 and 0,00 Mg doses.

      Drink a lot of water, vitamins, magnesium.

      And try some food and tees for relaxation since your nervous system and anxiety will be crazy during a withdrawal.

      If you need anything, ask.

      Good luck

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      Its scary. I have found exactly the same as the others and I now realise that 1.25 mgms is NOT  a small dose;. I cut it in Does cardicor cause neuropathy? I know statins do.TY
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      Hi Bob

      I know you havent been on here for a while but I wondered if you could help me. I am trying to withdraw from bisoprolol very slowly but I am now getting these dreadful anxiety attacks. If I stay on a dose for a longer time will they become easier and less frequent until I drop the dose again. Also I am being woken every morning around 3.15 and am unable to get back to sleep again because I think it may be the withdrawal. As you have been through withdrawal I just wondered if you have any ideas to help for which I would be very grateful.

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    As this thread has opened up again, I thought I will add how I am doing 18 months later.

    So its now getting on for three years since I took my last beta blocker, whilst the low blood oxygen and breathing issues resolved a full year after coming off, the complete lack of energy and the drunk zombie feeling I got from the first day I took Bisoprolol have remained, so I must presume they are permanent,. I had to be medically retired due to whatever this drug did to me. My drunk zombie feeling manifests itself in balance issues and I had my first fall just a few weeks ago.

    Due to see a neurologist on Friday but its plain he has already made his mind up so I hold no hope there.

    One thing I have discovered, I did a DNA test and sent my raw data to a specialist company that reports on all the health aspects known regarding your genes, turns out I am w "slow metaboliser" of a few heart drugs including beta blockers, this means my liver hasn't removed the previous days dosage by the time I took the next days, and so I became overdosed until I ended up in A & E. They don't warn you about that possibility when they tell you to take these drugs.

    How are you now Jane?

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