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  • steve87568 1

    7 years of Bisoprolol

    7 years ago I was diagnosed with Afib and Heart Failure and put on 10mg Bisoprolol and Warfarin, amongst others. I also had a pacemaker fitted as my heart rate went too slow. When I left hospital I was finding it difficult to get about but eventually things settled down. However, the last 2 years I

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  • LuckyPenny1 2
  • rachel1511 2

    Beta blocker/Bisoprolol withdrawal and breathlessness

    Hi. I am 43 yrs old and have been on beta blockers (initially metoprolol and then bisoprolol) for svt the last ten years. I had an ablation which went wrong and I ended up on higher doses of beta blocker after that (8yrs ago). They added in flecainide a year ago as they wanted to drop my bisoprolol

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  • ann82027 3

    insomnia with bisoprolol

    I,ve been taking Bisoporol 1.25 for 2 months now and am getting bad insomnia, does anybody experience this?   I didn,t sleep very well before, i could get to sleep but couldn,t often stay asleep after 4 hours, now i can,t get to sleep or stay asleep,it is making me feel quite depressed.   I have

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  • milco 2

    Different brands of bisporolol...

    I've been taking 1.25mg bisoprolol per day for just over two months. The first 8 weeks were OK after a couple of days getting used to them. Last Monday I started a new brand and have started to experience side effects such as lethargy, tiredness and an occasional feeling of 'unsteadiness'. Could

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  • itspung 1

    Bisoprolol concor 1.25mg

    Hey guys I am just How do doctors determine what dosage you should take? Is it by the severity of your condition? I am taking concor 1.25mg which is the lowest dosage available.

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  • ann82027 3


    I,m on Bisoprolol 1.25 since feb 4th, does anybody experience insomnia  and feeling unwell, i can,t remember what i felt like before when i had palpitations all day and svt.     I,m waiting for an ablation but i,m not sure i want this procedure after reading peoples comments about how they feel

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  • alibalibea 2

    Off Bisoprolol altogether

    hi everyone I went on a half dose for 6 days and decided I couldn't bear to go through the ups and downs again going slowly so I stopped taking them yesterday.    Was only taking .62mcg.      My heart rate is okay I do feel jittery and am a bit upset as my friends are telling me I am talking too

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  • sharon77083 2

    Stopping Bisoprolol Completely 1.25mg

    I have been taking Bisoprolol 1.25mg for about 2 months now. I had a heart stent 2.5 months ago and a second one 1 month ago. My echocardiogram is normal. I have suffered from low blood pressure most of my life and i want to come off the Bisoprolol now, but I am getting no support from my GP or

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  • hannie23682 2

    Irregular heartbeats and iron.

    I have recently discovered that both a shortage of iron and too much iron can cause arrhythmias.  In my case it was an excess of iron, since I changed to a multivit. with iron about 6 months ago.  As I am postmenopausal, I do not need the iron.  I did not think it would harm me.  I stopped this

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  • ann82027 3

    sandoz bisoprolol

    My chemist gave me sandoz 1.25 bisoprolol, previous to that i was taking bisoprolol 1.25 given to me by the hospital when i was admitted with svt on february 4.   I have felt different after 3 days of taking these, i have had a breakthrough of missed heartbeats and not feeling myself, although the

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  • kelly44033 2

    Bisoprolol what were\ are your actual side effects ??

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to taking bisoprolol and literally feel whacked ! I'm 33 and have a heart murmur and an irregular heartbeat. I was put on bisoprolol 2 weeks ago after suffering horrendous palpitations for weeks that wouldn't calm down . And since a week or so ago I feel unwell

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  • marcy49900 2

    Scared :(

    Hi I'm new here today and fairly new to cardiovascular problems. I few months ago i started having irregular heart beats.  So after a visit to the ER and a referral to a   had some tests and was recently put on Bisoprolol 2.5 mg per day.  I should have started it a  month

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  • jane32307 2


    at the doctors on monday thinking of coming off this bisoprolo what other beta blockers are they please

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  • jane32307 2

    feeling low

    im on bisoprolo 5mg been on them for a while now feel low quite a lot and tearful does anyone else 

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  • ann82027 3

    bisoporol and insomnia

    I,ve been taking bisoprolol for 4 weeks now after some difficulties starting  it, it made me feel terrible but it could have been the trauma and drugs they gave me in hospital when i was admitted.  I,ve had svt for many years but this attack had me admitted because my heart would not settle back to

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  • exhogg 2

    Doing the job ..... but at what cost ?

    Following heart surgery back in 2011 I've been symptomatic one way or another. i've had 5 cardioversions in 5 years and have been in AF for over a year now. i'm on warfarin, irbesartan and for the last 3 months bisoprolol . My GP put me on bisoprolol because although i'm on warfarin & have a

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  • smurf93 2

    Looking for advice with anxiety/stopping bisoprolol

    Hello everyone! I've been reading these forums for a few months and there's a ton of information here that I'm really grateful about. I'm looking for some general advice on stopping bisoprolol and if what I'm doing is right and if I should be worried at all. Not sure if this is the correct place

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  • kim33712 1
  • kelly44033 2

    Bisoprolol -what actual side effects did you get ????

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to taking bisoprolol and literally feel whacked ! I'm 33 and have a heart murmur and an irregular heartbeat. I was put on bisoprolol 2 weeks ago after suffering horrendous palpitations for weeks that wouldn't calm down . And since a week or so ago I feel unwell

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  • andrew28896 3

    Side effect : Blocked and congested nasal sinuses

    Does anyone else find one of the main/worst side effects they have got from taking Bisoprolol is nasal congestion?. In 38 years I have NEVER suffered from nose problems or brething through my nose yet within days of starting Bisoprolol I've had the worst congested nose you could ever imagine. Its

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  • david05967 2

    Worsening side effects on bisoprolol

    I was diagnosed on Tuesday night with Bradycardia with episodes of ventricular ectopics. I was taken off the two BB's I have been taking for 17 odd years since I had a stroke and cardiac arrest and prescribed 1.25mg Bisoprolol instead. The palpitations are bad enough but the side effects are worse.

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  • Elizabeth1971 1

    Bisoprolol side effects

    I have been taking Bisoprolol for about 9 weeks. Side effects so far from day one were noticeably cold fingers and toes, and my fingers were red all the time. The opposite extreme they become really hot and throbbing. After about 6 weeks i started to feel nauseous regardless of whether i had

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  • ann82027 3

    svt and bisprolol 1.25mg

    I was put on bisoprolol 8 days ago after i was admitted to hospital with a heartbeat of 197 beats a minute, today i feel terrible, dizzy and if i am going to faint.   Will this settle down eventually.   I just want to live a normal life, i haven,t felt able to go out since taking this drug,i was

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  • bernadette44282 3

    Second successful cardio

    just had my second cardio version today , the first lasted 4 days short of 2 years , I continued on meds including bisoparol , today the on the second conversion  I'm told I have to come off it completely , I have only been on a very low dose but I'm worried I'm going to go back into AF again . 

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  • Michelletlc 2

    New to Bisoprolol

    I was started on Bisoprolol recently due to eptopic beats connected to a heart valve problem I've had since childhood. My heart rate was in the 40s prior to started the drug. All week I've continued to be bradycardic and dizzy at times and palpations on and off. I've seen the Gp but he did nothing.

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  • Bedford90 2

    Bisoporol for svt

    Hi all I'm 26 healthy( I've had so many Blood tests and what not I can say that with a decent amount of confidence) I have had svt diagnosed for pushing two months. I also take vit d3 tablets. I'm on bisoprolol 1.25mg 1 per day since January 11th, and I have experienced the same as a lot of

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  • andrew28896 3

    Bisoprolol 5mg not lasting full 24hrs

    As per the title I find that some days my Beta Blocker (5mg Bisoprolol) is not lasting the full 24hrs and allowing breakthrough A-FIB after around 18 - 20 hours. Does anyone else find this?, if so what is the answer? should I up the dose with the Dr's blessing, or split the dose in two and take

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  • merry christmas 2


    I have been taking bisopropal prescribed for my panic attacks ,and anxiety 2 .5 but i am getting anxiety more,,went back to Dr given me higher dose , i I asked her if it was the tablet causing more symptoms she said not xtried taken it morning triedtaking it night ,any help please x g

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  • lynn73645 2

    Coconut oil

    does any one use coconut oil hear it has good benefits for the heart not sure though 

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  • marcus22944 1
  • steven84918 1


    Hi, I suffered from bad dehydration after a physical event which led to my electrolytes being really low. I went to A&E with an irregular heartbeat which was caused by low potassium. I was given potassium drip and put on 2.5 mg of bisoprolol daily. After 24 hours my heart had gone back to normal

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  • roxyroy 2

    I am off Bisoprolol

    I have been on Bisoprolol for more than 3 years in various doses as high as 7.5 but for the past year I have been on 1.25. I had a heart attack 3 and half years ago and I have had periods of almost complete recovery and periods when I did not feel right, breathless chest pains felling wobbley.  

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  • rosina 1948 2

    5 days on bisoprolol

    Thursday had afib after 18 hours heart with Meds everything went back to normal felt ill with bisoprolol so went to Doctor they took me off scared incase I have another one I am on blood thinner though any one got a thought on this why hospital put me on it then Doctor says no more after 5

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  • rosina 1948 2

    6 days

    Been on bisoprolol only 6 days how long before go's out of your sisterm.

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