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  • Sedgly 2

    Tapering bisoprolol. Bob52204

    Bob52204, I hope you find this new post, I literally lost the last I had written you. It is some where in a maze of other posts... I have a couple questions if you would be so kind as to enlighten me. You may recall I was tapering off of 10mg of bisoprolol. Currently I am at 5 and tomorrow will go to....

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  • rachel1511 2

    Beta blocker/Bisoprolol withdrawal and breathlessness

    Hi. I am 43 yrs old and have been on beta blockers (initially metoprolol and then bisoprolol) for svt the last ten years. I had an ablation which went wrong and I ended up on higher doses of beta blocker after that (8yrs ago). They added in flecainide a year ago as they wanted to drop my bisoprolol down...

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  • rosemary66682 3

    Bisoprolol 1.25mg

    Has anyone found their heart beats hard and forcefully since being on bisoprolol? I take 1.25mg a day. As far as I know I have nothing wrong with my heart but put on bisoprolol as my regular non specific beta blocker (Inderal LA) was discontinued. I was put on it 8 years ago for migraine only.

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  • simon9198 1

    Help please - 9 years deep and about to stop Bisoprolol

    Hi everyone, Bit of background... 9 years ago was put on bisoprolol 2.5mg for palpitations. (Was under a lot of stress at the time). They did solve the problem. Came down to 1.25mg and continued for a couple of years. Long story short I've been up and down between 1.25 and 2.5mg for all that time. ...

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  • denise41938 2

    Bisoprolol Side Effects

    Hi Everyone, sorry if you're all getting tired of me!  I've had my gripes with this darn drug, came off it, had tachycardias like I've never known before, had to go back on it because Verapamil didn't suit and then - believe it or not I've been praising the Sandoz brand. ...

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  • Guest M

    Bisoprolol buddies

    Hello fellow Bisoprolol buddies - I cannot actually believe that I didn't think of doing a search on Bisoprolol earlier as it is so comforting to have discovered this web page. I have been taking Bisoprolol Fumarate 5mg daily for the past 3 years following a frightening episode in town which resulted...

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  • Elizabeth1971 1

    Problems with low blood sugar - bisoprolol

    Hello, i forgot to mention reason for taking bisoprolol last time. (My short term memory seems to be getting worse)!! .. Oh yes, i had a fast heart rate n palpitations which i put up with for a time, but after a while I couldn't stand the feeling of being on a constant high and my heart pounding...

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  • david05967 2

    Worsening side effects on bisoprolol

    I was diagnosed on Tuesday night with Bradycardia with episodes of ventricular ectopics. I was taken off the two BB's I have been taking for 17 odd years since I had a stroke and cardiac arrest and prescribed 1.25mg Bisoprolol instead. The palpitations are bad enough but the side effects are worse....

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  • helen79781 1


      I have paroxismal a fib.  I didnt notice my repeat prescription for bisoprolol was for 2.5 mg instead of my usual 1.25 .  I carried on taking this higher does my usual twice  a day for a month or so until I noticed it.  I then reduced it back to 1.25 twice a day.  I was...

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  • denise41938 2

    Bisoprolol 2.5 mg Sandoz

    Hi Everyone,  I've had 8 fabulous weeks on Bisoprolol 2.5 mg produced by Sandoz.  I know many of you don't like this brand, but after 5+ years I was actually able to 'live'!  I fought tooth and nail to stay on this over the last 2 weeks instead of changing to Carvedilol. ...

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  • mandy4711 2

    Bisoprolol 1.25mg Do I need this

    Im 51 and terrified. I went to Dr as keep getting breathless and she said she didn't think it was my heart. She took a blood test and later that evening she phoned saying I had to go to A&E as Troponin levels where very high. At A& E had chest X-ray, ECG and blood test and troponin was still...

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  • jack 48795 2

    Quitting Bisoprolol

    Hi everyone A few moths ago I was put on Bioprolol because my GP suspected I had hypertension. I was on 3.75mg for 4 months. During that time I was expiriencing very bad side effects and after a few visits to renal clinics and cardiologists the doctors decided to take me off all medications.  I'm...

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  • greg84718 1

    Bisoprolol and angina

    Hi all, I am a 48yo, male on 2.5 bisoprolol (Concor) for 4 months now for aortic root dilation and aortic regurgitation. Since the beginning, I have had sensations similar to those mentioned by you all in this forum. However, nobody seemed to have noted that these symptoms are angina (lack of oxygen...

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  • mark60129 2

    How many years should I take bisoprolol?

    Hi All. I'm 55 now and had an MI just over four years ago followed by two stents. Ever since I've been on a daily baby aspirin, statin and 1.5 mg of bisoprolol fumarate. The hospital I go to (in HK) seems to just renew my medication each time I go back, without a proper discussion with a doctor....

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  • sharon77083 2

    Stopping Bisoprolol Completely 1.25mg

    I have been taking Bisoprolol 1.25mg for about 2 months now. I had a heart stent 2.5 months ago and a second one 1 month ago. My echocardiogram is normal. I have suffered from low blood pressure most of my life and i want to come off the Bisoprolol now, but I am getting no support from my GP or Consutant....

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  • dean0612 2

    can bisoprolol or Rivaroxaban cause raised iron levels?

    Hi, i have been diagnosed with AF a couple of months ago,& i have been put on both Bisoprolol 2.5mg & Rivaroxaban 20mg both once per day. ​I have been feeling very tired & been getting aches & pains which i understand are part of the side effects of the medications. I had a blood test...

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  • linda83225 2


    I have been taking 2.5 mg twice a day for a few months after taking Sotalol 80 mg for 20+ years.   A GP in my practice has without consulting me changed my prescription to 5mg once a day.  I'm not even sure I should be taking 5 mg a day let alone all at once.  My SVT is not too bad...

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  • ann82027 4

    insomnia with bisoprolol

    I,ve been taking Bisoporol 1.25 for 2 months now and am getting bad insomnia, does anybody experience this?   I didn,t sleep very well before, i could get to sleep but couldn,t often stay asleep after 4 hours, now i can,t get to sleep or stay asleep,it is making me feel quite depressed.   I...

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  • terence68672 3

    Bisoprolol Flatulence?

     Tiredness is well documented as a side effect of this drug, I get that, though not so bad now its gone down to 5mgs/day. But since taking them, I've had the most awful flatulence. Well, it could be a coincidence, I dont know.  I wonder, does anyone else get bad, continuous and embarrassing...

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  • charles67285 3

    Making bisoprolol

    Is there any reason why we cannot take bisoprolol at night before bed, that may be better for the lethargic symptom instead of walking around in a dream all day,as if taken in the morning the worst of the effects are worn off about 6pm.

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  • andrew28896 3

    Bisoprolol for AF & Ferrous fumarate

    Hello everyone have checked for the answer to my question in previous posts but cannot find anything. So I hope not to waste you're time and hope there is someone else on here who can help with my query. I have just been prescribed 325mg ferrous fumarate for iron deficiency anaemia. I already take...

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  • steve87568 1

    7 years of Bisoprolol

    7 years ago I was diagnosed with Afib and Heart Failure and put on 10mg Bisoprolol and Warfarin, amongst others. I also had a pacemaker fitted as my heart rate went too slow. When I left hospital I was finding it difficult to get about but eventually things settled down. However, the last 2 years I have...

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  • roxyroy 2

    I am off Bisoprolol

    I have been on Bisoprolol for more than 3 years in various doses as high as 7.5 but for the past year I have been on 1.25. I had a heart attack 3 and half years ago and I have had periods of almost complete recovery and periods when I did not feel right, breathless chest pains felling wobbley.  Over...

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  • jane32307 2

    feeling low

    im on bisoprolo 5mg been on them for a while now feel low quite a lot and tearful does anyone else 

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  • paul29961 2

    Bisoprolol and low Patelets

    I had Colon cancer in 2008. Worked through it, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Surgery etc, and at some point during all the treatment I was put on Bisoprolol 2.5mg. I have taken these i think for the last 9 years. The only other mdication i am on at the moment is Ventolin for my Asthma. Recently i discovered...

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  • ann82027 4

    svt and palpitations

    I,ve been on Bisoprolol .1.25 mg for 3 months now, does anybody get the pressure in the head as if its going to burst also my heartbeat gets very strong and i feel somebody is squeezing my throat even though i,m taking the drug regular.  I do get a breakthrough of the palpitations at times too.

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  • Elizabeth1971 1

    Bisoprolol side effects

    I have been taking Bisoprolol for about 9 weeks. Side effects so far from day one were noticeably cold fingers and toes, and my fingers were red all the time. The opposite extreme they become really hot and throbbing. After about 6 weeks i started to feel nauseous regardless of whether i had eaten...

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  • precious 94079 1

    Conception date

    Hi I was wondering if you could help me. I had intercourse with my ex boyfriend on the 31/10/2016 the condom broke and I took the morning after pill within 5 hours. I got my period on the 8/11/2016 till the 12/11/2016. Then I had intercourse with my current boyfriend on the 4, 18, 19, and 20 November...

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  • terence68672 3
  • kelly44033 2

    Bisoprolol what were\ are your actual side effects ??

    Hi everyone I'm new here and new to taking bisoprolol and literally feel whacked ! I'm 33 and have a heart murmur and an irregular heartbeat. I was put on bisoprolol 2 weeks ago after suffering horrendous palpitations for weeks that wouldn't calm down . And since a week or so ago I feel...

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  • denise41938 2

    Arrhythmias and Bisoprolol 2.5 mg and Driving

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the same misfortune.  After Heart Failure, Left Bundle Branch Block, etc. (5 years ago)  it was discovered that I also had some Broad Complex Tachycardia, but nothing was done about that. To be fair, I think the Bisprolol had it under control. I eventually...

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  • terence68672 3

    Is it safe to take Viagra with Bisoprolol (5mgs)

    ....and not only that, to save me beginning two threads (!) is it also safe to take Mirtazapine (15mgs) too>? In it safe to take ALL THREE?!  I am a 55 yr old male who is on Bisoprolol 5mgs for SVT and Atrial Fibrillation. Thanks

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  • terence68672 3

    Is it safe to take Viagra with Bisoprolol (5mgs)

    ....and not only that, to save me beginning two threads (!) is it also safe to take Mirtazapine (15mgs) too>? In it safe to take ALL THREE?!  I am a 55 yr old male who is on Bisoprolol 5mgs for SVT and Atrial Fibrillation. Thanks

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  • itspung 1

    Bisoprolol concor 1.25mg

    Hey guys I am just wondering... How do doctors determine what dosage you should take? Is it by the severity of your condition? I am taking concor 1.25mg which is the lowest dosage available.

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  • ann82027 4

    sandoz bisoprolol

    My chemist gave me sandoz 1.25 bisoprolol, previous to that i was taking bisoprolol 1.25 given to me by the hospital when i was admitted with svt on february 4.   I have felt different after 3 days of taking these, i have had a breakthrough of missed heartbeats and not feeling myself, although the...

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