Bisoprolol, neuropathy , wavering gait, tendon problems and other side effects

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I was wondering if anyone had experienced any of the above side effects of bisoprolol. I have been taking it for a number of years and unable to stand the peripheral neuropathy any longer. I would be very interested to hear what other people's experiences have been on this drug. Thanks.


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    Hi Harriet, do you mean the Bisoprolol has caused the peripheral neropathy?  The other problems you mention could be caused by things other than the Bisoprolol.  If you have been taking it for years perhaps someone should review it and why you had to take it in the first place.  I took Sotalol for over 20 years and am now on Bisoprolol for SVT.  I'm not convinced I really need it but it does keep my BP down so I don't want to stop.  I do feel unwell sometimes especially if I've got indigestion (all to do with the Vagus nerve) and short of breath which is a known side effect of Beta Blockers.  I've also got the shakes and giddiness now especially if in a panic and my joints are bad and I've started to get muscle spasms but I've got osteoarthritis so I haven't bothered to investigate and what's

    to be done anyway.  Unfortunately most drugs have some bad side effects - the question is do they out weigh the good effects?   If you can say for sure it's the Bisoprolol perhaps you could try another Beta Blocker.  Good luck.

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    I took Bispoprolol for three months, initially 1.25 but they made ne feel like a drunk zombie and I could no longer feel my lungs work so I cut them in half.

    I have been off beta blockers for one year now.

    The syptoms that still remain are:-

    The "wavering gait", people at work asked if I was drunk.

    The Brain fog and lack of memory.

    The horrendous heartburn that does not respond to prescription heartburn drugs, so I believe may be Prinz Metal angina.

    Whilst my lungs may work of when I do things, when I relax and when I go to sleep, they often do not maintain my blood oxygen above the 88% red line minimum.

    I have lost my sense of hunger, and it only takes a little food to make me feel painfully full, seven hours later I still feel full. This also bring back my PVC ectopic beats.

    I have an internal quivering feeling.

    My feet tingle so badly that it feels as if I have just been beaten on the soles of my feet.

    I was given an autonomic blood pressure test which showed me well within the range of Ortostatic Hypotension.

    Because I nearly collapsed on Bisoprolol, they tried me on Solotolol for just a few days but it gave me the most horrific cough which has left me with the constant desire to cough a year later.

    It took me the longest time to get the NHS to listen to me that Beta blockers disrupt the Autonomic Nervous System, and that every one of my symptoms I got from the day I took Bisoprolol is a symptom of a disrupted Autonomic Nervous System.

    So I was finally referred to an autonomic neurologist who tells me I have developed the incurable condition called Autonomic Instability.

    And whats more, one of my cardiologists who had previously said I nust have Anxiety, now tells me he has another patient who has been affected by Bisoprolol just as I have been.

    In the process of losing my job as these side effects have made me pretty much house bound for most of the year.


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      Hi Peter

      Thank you for your very invaluable in out, it is exactly what has happened to me. I am fed up of this cough. I have tried everything without any success. I do not buy into risks v benefits excuses. At he end of the day it is about quality of life.


      The drs usually say that when they don't know the answers or alternatively when they do and don't want us to know them! 

      I am housebound. I understand completely where you are coming from.

      I hate that bisoprolol . I really do.

      At least the cardiologist had to 'change' his mind!! I bet that upset him.

      Peter have u got reflux? This can mimic angina.

       This can affect the lungs as well. Have u tried Gaviscon say some in the morning and a dose at bedtime? I find bicarbonate of soda helps plus a bland diet, non spicy or acidic etc.


      Have u tried sleeping propped up on a few pillows. Have u been put on any PPIs they can make things worse so ....

      That's awful.

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      I thought that I had acid reflux, its only recently I have began to wonder. You see one of the things the Autonomic Nervous System does is it controls the muscles of arteries, for instance, when you stand up, gravity would make all your blood leave you head and go to your legs, so the ANS tells the arteries to constrict so that blood pressure remains constant.

      I have Autonomic Instability now thanks to these drugs, so I have read that a malfunctioning ANS can cause the artieries that feed your heart to constrict so much, that it blocks the blood supply in the same way a LAD occlusion might. Its called Prinzmetal angina or Coronary artery spasm, and thats what it feels like sometimes, a spasm, out of nowhere, even when I haven't eaten, I get this pain, even across my chest from side to side like a pair of birds wings, just for a minute or so and its completely gone, doesn't react to prescription antacids

      Now on one such occasion, I was feeling horribly ill, so I took my ecg and found the following, (click on image), now you know what a normal heartbeat looks like?, its a spike going upwards called the "R" wave, that is followed by a little bump called the "T" wave that shouldn't be more then a third the height of the R wave. You see my T wave is up to three times higher than the proceeding R wave.

      So I read that when the T wave towers over the R wave, be suspicious of LAD occlusion, LAD occlusion being a blockage of an artery to your heart, surely the same result as a blockage to your heart via constriction via muscle contraction?

      I put the ablove to my cardiologist yesterday and he said I might be right, though nothing further, I see a heart failure cardiologist as St Thomas' in June so I might ask her as well.

      I think the cardiologist I saw yesterday quite like me, yesterday was supposed to be my final appointment with him, but he wants to see me again in six months to see how I am doing. I feel quite privileged to be under the care of two different hospitals. This is because a friend worked at St Thomas' which is handy for me anyway as I work(ED) directly on the other side of the river, and at home the ambulance would take me to St Georges. 

      I bought these risers for my bed so the head is tilted up by about 5 inches. Not sure its so good for my feet though as I now get Edema and so my legs need to be high as well!

      Haven't been on any drugs since a year now.

      The cough is a nightmare, the GP said to me about it, "Well what do you want me to do about it", and when I complained about the "anxiety" fob off, she said "well you seem very anxious about your cough", they even have a poster up saying see your GP if you have had a cough for two weeks, I have had it for a year now and to them it shows I have anxiety because I mentioned my cough.

      I walked out in despair when she said "whats brain fog?"


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