Help please withdrawal from Bilicor /Bisporolol ????

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Hi guys, I'm a 38 year old female with pcos. Have my own business which is extremely stressful and was dealing with lots of legal issues this Jan 2020 when I went to the GP for a kidney infection. Doc picked up racing pulse and increased blood pressure and put me on Pearinda (not sure dosage) and Bilicor /Bisporolol 2.5 mg as well as Lipitor 10mg. Well 2.5 months later I managed to change my eating and exercising and lost 6kg and after exercising one day felt so bad and faint. I can't even type about this experience and I feel so ill and afraid to go through the same events. Well due to Covid 19 hubby insisted on not taking me to hospital which was the correct thing to do. I waited until the next day to see the doc again and she said that my blood pressure and pulse was low due to the tablets and the weightloss. So she asked me to stop all tablets immediately. The next day April 8 2020 I felt the worst I have ever felt in my life. I had anxiety, panic attacks lasting for hours, dry mouth, shaking hands, pain in my hands and cold hands and feet. My stomach would be sore and I would run to the toilet every few minutes, ulcer pain, gas. Went back to the doc and she said it's anxiety and gave me tablets for stress. I felt like I was dying.

That night I couldn't even put my head on the pillow I couldn't breathe and needed the room windows all open and the dry mouth and racing heart was horrible. Went back to the doc and she said she couldn't do anything more for me and I needed to go to hospital. And with COVID 19 the hospital close to home was closed and not accepting patients. Doc also said there's no such thing as withdrawal from Bisporolol as I did some research and found this forum. I'll never go back to that Doc again and will tell everyone of my experience. She's not a physician or specialist and put me on such dangerous pills. I went through withdrawal at home with my parents and hubby taking care of me.

I read here many of your stories which helped me get through the hardest time of my life!!! I read that magnesium helps, short walks and plenty of rest and water. Did all that and it certainly helped. Today is exactly 1 month later since I stopped the tablets, and although it's gotten so so so much better and I feel human again, I still experienced slight anxiety last night with a bit of dry mouth as I couldn't lay flat on my pillow again and barely slept. I tried starting exercising again however I'm terrified of feeling like this again. What I did notice with bisporolol it hides or masks all the pain you feel and once off the tablet, it all comes flooding back at one time. Now I'm battling with a pinched nerve causing pain in my neck and arms as well as severe ulcer pain with loads of gas. Also when I feel like going to the loo, I also feel a panic attack coming on but it's not as bad as the first few weeks.

My question for you guys who went through this, how long will it take for me to be back to normal totally. I'm 38 about 70kg, 1.6m, been on this for roughly 2 months. I meditate every day, take vitamins and magnesium, slow short walks, eat fairly healthily now. I rest quite a bit as well. Would love your support and advice please? TIA

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    One of my many Bisoprolol side effects was the feeling my lungs were not working and I had to remember to breathe. This was confirmed by a quality Oximeter and the one in the hospital that I would spend half the night with blood oxygen levels around 85%. A full year later and just like that, my blood oxygen level returned to normal and my feeling of breathlessness went away.

    Three years later and my worst side effects, (the drunk zombie feeling), still remain. I have been waiting since last August for a brain MRI to see if the year of low oxygen has damaged my nervous system.

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      Hi Elaine, can you confirm which side effect you are referring to please?,

      Both the breathlessness feeling and forgetting to breathe, and the drunk zombie feeling both arrived from as soon as I was put on Bisoprolol, so I know they are related, in fact the side effects where so bad that I cut my tablets in half within a few days to try and reduce them.

      Somebody at work said she had the same breathlessness from Bisoprolol, looking up side effects, breathlessness is quite common. Beta Blockers act on the Autonomic Nervous System and one of the things the ANS does is regulate your breathing by detecting blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and getting you to breathe in accordance without you even needing to think about it.

      It was when I was connected to the hospitals big machine that wouldn't stop bleeping all night that I discovered the feeling of my lungs not working automatically had a real physical effect, so I bought my own quality Oximeter.

      Unfortunately I cannot give the NHS any credit, they have done as much as they can to fob me off, blaming "anxiety", "lung cancer", "hypochondria", and even a "sweaty finger" for my low oxygen levels. It helped greatly when my cardiologist found another patient who had the same long term side effects as I from Bisoprolol, to even get a referral, but I can tell from the Neurologist's attitude that their medicine has permanently ruined my life and they are not going to do a **** thing about it but the bare minimum they can fob me off with.

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      I've been on bisoprolol 1.25 for roughly 8 years and ive had on off breathlessness but lately seems to be getting worse. i never knew the connection. seeing a neurologist soon so will bring this up

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    Glad to hear you're doing better! I was taken of metoprolol, another beta blocker, after 30 years of use. Cardiologist was clueless I was on it. Immediately went into severe withdrawals, 4 ER visits, and no one knew what was wrong. Had the following symptoms for 18 months, racing heart, palpitations, dizziness, jittery and very anxious, severe chest/heart pains, overall discomfort. Feeling better now 18 months after the fact, and 15 doctor visits with 3 different specialists! They should have weaned me off the meds. The best thing is knowing that it will go away, but your body needs a lot of time to adjust, or so I've read. Knowing this helped me get through many a bad day and night. Currently at about 98% normal feeling all day. Still get the jittery feeling once or twice a day but I can handle this compared to what I was going through. I'm male and 59. Never had any health issues till this. Good luck!

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    I was on biso for about 3 months in total. I was put on it because I having tachycardia. When I was on it, I felt like absolute s**t. I was so listless and tired. I did not want to get off the soda. Also my hands and feet were freezing.

    I was told to come off it 5 days prior to an attempted ablation. I asked if it was ok to just stop and was assured that it was just fine. Well, it was NOT JUST FINE.

    I went into complete withdrawal. My anxiety was through the roof. I had so many physical withdrawals. I remember not being able to walk. My legs were like jelly and jittery, and it was hard to take a atep.

    Now, at that time, I did not realize this was withdrawals from biso, but thought it was plain anxiety. I went to my gp and he gave clonezepam (benzo)and trazodone.

    Stupid me I took it, and I took it for 18 months. I then had to slowly withdrawal from both of these. This was the worst time of my life. It took about 9 months to wean off both drugs. And once I was finish weaning I still went through hell for 2 years after.

    If I had known that I was having withdrawals from the biso, I would never have gone through this nightmare.

    Any doctor that tells you that there are no withdrawals to biso, needs to read some of these sites about all the people that go through hell.

    If I knew then what I know now...........

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      Can I ask what the 2 years of hell after comprised please?, I had the same issues and was also told to just stop taking Bisoprolol five days before an ablation. For me though its now 3 years, I lost my job, my brain feels permanently numb as if I have a bad hangover.

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      Hi there Peter,

      Because I did not realize it was withdrawals from the biso, as mentioned I went on a benzo and trazodone.

      I took both of them for 18 months.

      I then wanted to go for a second attempted ablation, but my EP told me he would not try again unless I got off both meds. This was because my first attempt he could not trigger me.

      So I went through approx 9 months weaning off. I went through hell with physical withdrawals even though I did what I considered a very slow withdrawal.

      Once I finished the weaning, I still went through protracted withdrawal. The physical and emotional symptoms were unbearable. I have never had such physical stuff in my body. I started going through waves and windows many times through the day which very slowly started to change . Waves could last 5 minutes or last days. Windows were such a blessing but you always knew they would not last, and a wave would come.

      I have been off for about 2 1/2 years but still have some issues but now bearable.

      Benzo withdrawal is no walk in the park. The hardest thing I have ever done, but so very proud of myself. All you have to remember is that time and patience will get you through..

      It saddens me that I went through this when I should not have. If I had realized I was going through biso withdrawal, I would have never gone on that evil medication

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    Thank you for all your comments, I really appreciate it. Last night I felt terrible again, couldn't breathe so well and woke up a few times in a sweat. What I did was keep a wet facecloth to wipe my face down, take a 1/4 disprin and watch a relaxing movie. A few hours later I went through this forum again and it helped me so much knowing that this is a journey that I'm on after stopping the tablet and it does get better.

    For anyone going through this and feel like they are losing their mind, you are not alone. Take it one day at a time. My initial symptoms in week 1,2,3 are not bad at all now and I have so many hours in the day to focus on my health, meditate, take walks in the garden, listen to music, eat well and take my supplements also drinking loads of water.(We on lockdown and hubby is running the business) I remember at day 5 after stopping Bisoporol, I was frantically searching this forum looking for a timeframe of when I would feel better and desperately counting down the days to 14 days. I thought it would take 2 weeks to completely heal. Looks like I'm wrong. After being on the tablet for 2 months, it's now one month later and still having some symptoms, but I know that I can work through these feelings, now that I'm armed with the knowledge from this forum.

    I'm hoping that by Christmas, I can be surrounded by family, look back this at time and recognise the strength and courage I had to overcome this feeling of death.

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    I feel for you, my hubby was on bisporolol, it made him so ill. breathlessness, dizziness, etc, he had every side effect and more one being ectopic heart beats, which of course the doctors deny. My hubbies GP said it can take three months for it to leave the system.

    When you start taking pharmaceutical drugs like these, they leach the vitamins and minerals from the body, it takes six to eight weeks depending on the persons condition prior to taking drugs. Magnesium is the most important mineral in the body as it is used by over 300 functions. Because magnesium is needed by so many functions, when you start taking it, every part of your body wants it's share therefore, it takes time to replenish the body.

    Good luck with your recovery, it will take time, but you will get there.p, with your exercise and medication.

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