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its been four days since i stopped bisoprolol and i wonder if anyone while on withdrawl had werid vision problems like focus a bit off and headache some times sever migraine that cause head to feel so fuzzy like nurones have been messed

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    hi i went from 7.5 to 2.5 i had vision blurryness and headaches after about 6 weeks it all seemed yo wear off hope that helps im still hoping to come off them completely but not sure what to change to

    my eyesight does defaintly seem to have been effected overall though x

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      try half of the 2.5 mg or even a 3/4 depending on how long you were on it

      most important thing is not to rush as docs make out, this is not a medicine to be stopped abrubtly

      expect some withdrawl each time you lower but by doing it slowly its easier to manage

      after your feeling ok on the reduced dose taper that down

      but i cant say enough get docs consent to stop meds

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    I don't get the vision or the migraine problems, but do get the fuzzy feeling, feels like I am always a little drunk, my balance is a bit off, and my speech becomes a bit slurred when tired.

    I can only be out of bed for up to 7 hours a day now.

    The drunk Zombie feeling started the day I started taking Bisoprolol, been off for 21 months now and the symptoms are still with me.

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      hi peter

      how long where you on it ? i too had that drunk spaced out feeling on it and one of the reason i want off

      i was 3months including the weaning period i was on 2.5,5,10,down 7.5 told to stop at this point by gp nope failed went back on at 2.5mg for few weeks then down to 1.5mg for a week then half then half that for a few days

      im wondering if the bisoprolol cause gerd

      I Too am only out of bed for few a hours as i find it hard walking about i bearly sleep as well i did but these were all symptoms on bisoprolol too

      it seems to attacked my neck and mouth/jaw area as find on or off they feel like their swelling

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    I was on for five or six weeks, initially 1.25, but I soon cut the tablets in half as I was feeling so ill.

    I either now have really bad heartburn, or Prinz Metal Angina, I have also lost my sense of hunger and feel uncomfortably full quite quickly.

    My neck, or the back of my head feels as if somebody gave me a numbing injection, the sort you get in your gums at the dentist.

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    This drug is a devil !!!!!

    I was on it for about 3 months. I felt like a zombie. I could not get off the sofa. My feet were freezing, along with very low blood pressure and low heart rate.

    I was told to just stop it 5 days prior to having an attempted ablation.

    I asked my EP specialist if that was okay to just stop. Of course he said there was no problem with just stopping. So I did, but it was not dine.

    I went through hugh withdrawals. I had huge anxiety with terrible legs jerking, shaking and could hardly walk...Also my legs had electric sensations down my calfs. And there were many more symptoms

    Bow at that time I had no idea it was withdrawals as I had never taking anything like this before, Because I did not make the connection, I went to my family doctor as the anxiety was through the roof.

    I was put on clonezepam and trazodone. Another terrible decision. Any then the weaning of those 2 drugs took an additional 11 months to wean and I am about 11 months post this and still going through protracted withdrawal

    If only I had known that the withdrawals were from the biso, I would never had to go through this hell

    I would rather have tachycardia episodes than be on biso !!!!!!

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      I also have what must be Peripheral Neuropathy from Bisoprolol.

      The soles of my feet feel like I have just been beaten on them, I get tingling up my legs, sometimes half way up my thighs, my calves and feet feel like they are on fire, and I get a quivering inside my whole body.

      This Bisoprolol has done something really serious to my whole nervous system, but the NHS do as little as possible to help.

      I thought maybe my Autonomic Nervous System had been disrupted, took me 10 months to have tests, but the tests seem to be aimed at POTs which I dont have, so they said nothing wrong with my cardio-vascular ANS and signed me off, but the ANS does so much more than cardio-vascular.

      I lost my job because of this, lost any quality of life, especially as I live alone but cannot really go out now, dont know what to do next.

      My cardiologist tells me he has another patient who had the same long tern reaction as I, he is on this forum in fact.

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      scarely i have that same burning calves i hope it passes as only been four days made mistake of doing a little cleaning and nearly passed out should pulse actually drop low if on my feet

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      In my research, I have discovered even seemingly minor events such as a minor car accident can cause Dysautonomia, I just discovered this, yet another cause, childhood trauma which can cause the ANS to get stuck on one side or the other.

      I must tell my cardiologist about this one, for months he was attributing my Bisoprolol induced symptoms to anxiety caused by my very traumatic childhood, I had to inform him about the effect of beta blockers on the ANS and that all my symptoms were symptoms of Dysautonomia, not anxiety.

      Maybe we were both right? https://childhoodtraumarecovery.com/all-articles/how-trauma-can-seriously-adversely-affect-the-nervous-system/

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    today ive woke up to pins and needles in hands/lower arms and and weekness amd very bad gas in stomach causing chest/limb pain

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