Bisoprolol and tendons

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I have had a numbness in my left foot off and on for many years when walking that has never been diagnosed. I have been told that there are over fifty types of neuropathy so it is difficult to say which type it is or it could be from wear and tear on my lower spine. That the consultant said should be left alone as surgery often worsens things. Such is our present day state of medicine.

I have in the past taken Bisoprolol for short periods of time with commonly felt side effects. This time I have been on it for about four months and it seems that strength has gone from my left foot. I can move it without any problem but I cannot get power from it when walking nor lift myself on to tip toes with it. The lack of feeling causes a problem if my heel is on a shiny or tiled surface and it feels as if I am about to slip backwards. Changing form one type surface to another causes me a problem in that I usually have to stop and then start up again. I came to a very steep curved road when out and lost control due to no feeling or power on my left foot and had to grab my wife’s arm for support on the rest of the way down. Other times when my foot does not feel the ground I lurch backwards.

Tendon problems are evidently associated with Bisoprolol. It is not tendonitis’s that I have had before as it is not painful. I did get tendonitis again a couple of years ago as a side effect from an antibiotic.

I will see my GP about it next week. He is pretty good on that sort of thing as he is a team doctor for various Rugby and Judo teams.

Meanwhile has anyone else had this as a side effect? It is quite restricting not being able to deal with different surfaces and slopes. Walking from a carpeted surface on to the Vinyl covered kithcen floor brings me to a halt then a shuffle:-)

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    Hi Derek,

    I'm not so sure it's the tendons that are the problem here.

    I was on bisoprolol for about 4 months after a heart attack, and I was taking it with other meds I had never used before, so it was difficult to pin-point which drug was causing the symptoms I was experiencing.

    After about 2 months I found lifting my feet difficult. When walking I suddenly started dragging one foot or the other, as if it were paralysed. I kept mentioning this to my medical advisors, but they shrugged it off.

    This built up and up, along with extreme exhaustion, until one evening I lost the ability to tell my legs what to do. My brain could not command them to walk. I was terrified. My friend rushed me to A&E, and after blood tests, and seeing a neurologist, they decided it had to be a side effect of the bisoprolol.

    Under my GP's guidance I came off the bisoprolol. About a week later I felt the carpet under my bare feet. I was so shocked. I hadn't realised how much sensation I had lost.

    About 10 days after stopping bisoprolol I had a huge kick-back effect and went into meltdown with an extreme panic attack/hyperventitalition. Back to A&E again. It was as if all of my nerves woke up at once and my entire body shook with electrical tingles.

    Now, although I still have the extreme exhaustion (Which I'm putting down to the other meds I'm on) I no longer have the leg dragging symptoms, I feel more alive, and my legs are strong again. I now know where the floor is, which is something I lost.

    I really hopes my experience helps you. Personally I'd say come off the bisoprolol. I have felt so much better since I stopped taking it. Interestingly it was about 4 months into taking it that my symptoms presented.

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      Thank you for your experience. I also have the extreme sleeplessnes  but that precedes Bisoprolol and may be Losartan. I recently tried Melatonin for three weeks but it did not help me to sleep. My GP said that his rugby players had taken it for jet lag after trips to South America and Australia and it had not helped them. It did lessen my need to go to the toilet during the night.

      I have an appointment with a neurologist on Monday (referred to him on January 5th!!!) for headaches that started at the end of October so will see what he says. I did see a neurologist about five years ago after getting a bang on the head. At that time I mentioned the numbness that I had been getting off and on for years. His reply was if I had for that long it obviously was not really a problem. I did have a head CT scan in March as when I mentioned the headaches at the Hypertension Centre the consultant arranged for one. It showed everything to be normal.

      I will update after seeing neurologist abd GP. 

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      We were out this afternoon and I had a few stumbles before falling when carrying two bags of shopping and a bag with a bottle of wine in my left hand and walking stick in the other. Injure knee and elbow and break sun glasses. Wine bottle has no obvious break but is leaking in the bag so my wife takes it back to supermarket who actually replace it!.
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      When a doctor from the hospital phoned me about my seven day ECG monitor results on May 29th I mentioned some of my problems with Bisoprolol. He said that after I get a pacemaker fitted in an optimistic three or four weeks that the side effects from it will diminish or go. I wonder why that would be?
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      I have skipped the Bisoprolol for the past two nights and so far have felt much worse although there might be a bit more feeling in my foot!

      I  had so little balance and felt so dreadful yesterday afternoon that I was about to go to A&E but thought that I should probably phone the surgery to speak to a doctor.  

      One phoned back around 5pm and asked me to come down. He agreed that symptoms and side effects are difficult to separate but concentrated on the cardiac aspect in his examination and said that it is fortuitous that I have the neurology appointment on Monday. He arranged for me to have an ECG and blood tests at the surgery this morning and is faxing the neurologist with  updates on my condition as the original referral was in January. Hopefully that will make him pay more attention than just to my version. Nowadays they tend not to care about symptoms and only rely on what tests show.  

      The ECG showed no change from the last one done at the surgery.

      My blood usually gushes out for blood tests but the nurse wanted samples from each arm. She had difficulty with the right and could get none from the left so gave me a form to get them done on Monday at the hospital. 

       She asked if I was dehydrated. I'm not usually but the weather has been warmer and I  had only got up once in the night to go to the loo and had not passed much and the same this morning. She wanted a urine sample that I could not produce and nearly five hours and two mugs of tea later I still have not produced anything to take back to her to send to the hospital. 

      I wonder if I should give the Neurologist a copy of your experiences to show him that I am not alone??


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