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Hi everyone, this is my first time on this website.  I have been prescribed Bisoprolol @ 5mg/day for migraine headaches which I have suffered with for 12 years.  I already take a few suppplements which do help but don't cure the headaches. I have also tried nerve block injections (they help but only last about 4 weeks) & Botox injections (sometimes helps and sometimes makes them worse).  I also have Fibromyalgia, which comes with a WHOLE LOT OF OTHER ISSUES and Chronic Fatigue.

After eading all of these reviews about Bisoprolol I am udecided about taking this med.


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    Did the person who prescribed the bisop provide you with reasons why he/she thought it might help you?

    Hopefully they were aware of all the other meds. you were taking to ensure the bisop does not "interfere" with or lead to  any unwanted side effects.

    Perhaps it is thought that the bisop will reduce the blood pressure which might ease the headaches? 

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      The 2 hour  period is the "half life" point of bisop, in other words it has maximum effect after 2 hours (in most people) then the effect reduces during next 2 hours (according to my chemist)
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      Thank you. I did not know this. I have gradually tapered off and am now down to 0.625 and hope to stop altogether soon. My GP reduced the high dose the hospital put me on as I felt like death warmed up apart from the headaches. My own cardiologist said I could stop 3 months after stopping the anticogulant.
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      Iv just read your post about the beata blockers 2hr half life.

      Iv been put on this beata blocker

      About 8 hrs after taken it

      I get high blood pressure and my heart rate drops to 50 beats.

      I had a heart attack on the 27dec 2015

      I was put on 2.5mg to start but only after a week I went back to emergency doctors as I was really light headed on the brink of blacking out.

      They put me on 1.25 mg now.

      But Iam still getting the light headed feeling

      ( not as severe as it was on the higher dose )

      My heart rate is still dropping to 50 beats

      These side affects come nearly every day about the same time after taking my tablets

      The light headed & low heart rate lasts for about two hours.

      Then it seem to rectify itself.

      Heart rate Gos to 64 beats blood pressure normal and I then feel great.

      Iv been in the a&e department as its took place

      As soon as it Gos back to normal they send me home.

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      If I was you I would measure pulse and bp at 1 hour intervals from when you take the med (or persuade medics. to attach a 24 hour monitor to you) and from the results discuss with them a plan for when you take your meds

      I take my bisop 4 times in 24 hours (1.25mg) at 4 hourly intervals.

      Also take digoxin which has half life of 6 hours which I take at 07.00am.

      With this "plan" I hardly ever get breathless and remain feeling well almost all days.

      However diet and regular exercise (walking) complete my regime and if I don exercise regularly breathing can become a bit of a burden. 

      I am in late 70's

      Originally I was told to take my meds all at once when I woke up,

      This meant I was "spaced out ) until 14/15.00hrs each day.

      The cardiac nurse congratulated me for working out a plan that suited me but it took me 6 months or so as the body/mind takes time to adjust to the med itslf and the changes in the patterns of dosage and the amounts.

      There is a 0.625mg pill of bisop or you might do as I did and split pills in half.

      Nothing is simple I have found and bisop may not be the best bp moderator for you.

      Best of luck 

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      Thank you very much for your reply.

      The cardiac rehabilitation centre called me

      As Iv got to get an assessment done tomorrow

      This is the first time I'll have seen them.

      But the cardiac nurse on the phone knows about my attending of accident and emergency.

      Due the the tablets.

      She has told me the medication may need adjusting

      She also mentioned the 24/48 heart monitor to be done too.

      So let's hope it gets sorted out

      And things get back to normal.

      Thank you very much for your comments.

      It's nice to know that there's someone somewhere who is prepared to listen.

      Sometimes that's all it takes.

      A ear to listen to you.

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      That's good news then Donny,

      Just to mention that there are 2 types of heart monitor (may be more)

      Obviuosly the BP one is more of a nuisance as it keeps on tightening around your arm every so often throughout the 24 hours

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    Hi, I was on Bisoprolol for over a year and suffered constant headaches and on a daily basis would get a painful "boring" like pain in the exact same spot (above my left eyebrow) off and on throughout the day...every day. It really got me down but I just put up with it because I thought it was the pay off for getting my irregular heartbeat under control which is what I was prescribed it for. I am also on several other medications so wasn't 100% sure if the headaches were being caused by them. After a year I saw my GP about it and she suggested I try Propranolol instead. It would still do the same job as Bisoprolol but it is also given to help people who suffer with migraines. She felt what I was experiencing was migrainal and not down to side effects of any of the tablets I was on. Well I've had migraines in the past but didn't think that's what I was experiencing but it was bad enough to give it a try. What a massive relief when after just a few days I was not getting the regular pains in my head or headaches! I do still get the odd headache but its short lived and absolutely nothing like the amount or severity I was getting. Maybe it's something you could discuss with your GP. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you.
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      Thank you for your response Debra.  I have taken Propranolol in the past...great for headaches...bad for IBS issues and also caused fatigue. I do not have high blood pressure or any heart problems.  This was prescribed solely for the migraine headaches.
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