Bladder Cyst and ovary cyst - already lost one ovary few years ago! why is this happening?

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I had a dermoid cyst and had to have my ovary and tube on right removed with it in June 2013. I recently had more surgery a few days ago to remove "simple" cysts on left overy and cyst removed from bladder.

am confused about it growing on bladder? has anyone had this before and why it happens.. i am 32 years old and dont have children and only have one ovary now so am concerned with more problems happening in case i get another cyst that grows to big and i end up loosing my ovary.

any advice would be great... want to know why this keeps happening. 

Am seeing specilist in few weeks time.

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    I'm not sure that I have any advice but thought it may help to tell you that I had a total hysterectomy and oophectomy (removal of both ovaries) due to a mammoth cyst which made me look pregnant. No children too - wonder if this has any connection ?? Have been on HRT patches now for 11 years to help with lack of hormones/ estrogen. I feel sure there maybe additional cysts in my body due to being able to feel strange lumps and also wonder if one cyst leads to another ? It was my doctor checking my 'lump' concern that the ovarian cyst was questioned, then confirmed with a CT scan - I just thought I was carrying excess weight.

    I wish you luck with your specialist. Being monitored can only be a plus

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      Thank you for replying. 

      I was on HRT middle of last year for 3 month to try and help my pain and i am sure that has played a role in this recently surgery to remove the cysts from ovary and bladder. 

      Which HRT are you on. I was taking prosap injection and i also took tiblone tablets to help with side effects but it did nothing... hot flushes OMG they were bad along with crying etc.

      Really hope your ok and you dont have any more cyst, but i would question them cause i got one on bladder and if your in pain its worth checking.

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    I am sorry about your having cysts.  I can relate.  Unfortunately, I seriously doubt whether any traditional doctor can tell you exactly why you continue to develop cysts but they are happy to keep removing them and collecting the fees.  It is possible that you have a genetic tendency to develop cysts.  Genetic medicine is a relatively new field but promises to actually identify true root causes to medical issues.  After suffering for years with a variety of gyne issues, I had a radical hysterectomy in 2010 from stage 4 endometriosis and a cyst the size of a large peach on my right ovary.  When I asked "why" these things developed no one could tell me.  I researched enough to have a degree but still found no answers.  I also have a host of other health issues that doctors cannot explain.  A few months ago I did a genetic test and found out about my predisposition to cysts, endo, etc. as well as many other medical conditions.  The test was incredibly accurate.  I am 48 and have suffered for years trying to put out one medical crisis after another.  I now wish I knew earlier I was fighting genetics and that genetics always wins.  I could have had a hysterectomy at 20 and saved myself a lot of pain, worry and trauma by just accepting the facts.  The facts were hard to accept, but at least now I know what I'm dealing with.  If you are interested in investigating this avenue, you can get genetic testing painlessly through websites for $100 and then process the raw data through a reporting agency for around $40.  It was the best $140 I ever spent. Best wishes, Sarah smile
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      Thanks Donna. My recent operation they checked for endo and they said i didn't have any which is what they thought.

      I wil defo have to look up some more information regarding this genetic test?

      I live in UK so not sure how it would work and costing??

      What does it mean the results to help you, what can you actually have done or does it always end up in a hysterectomy. I find when chatting to people they all seem to end up down that line anyway.

      Can i ask have you had any children, did your symptoms get worse afterward if you did have children??

      Can i ask did you have the coil in for contraception methods. I had the merina coil and i notice that it causes issues with cyst and i feel that after getting it out this is when my hormones became even more inbalanced and thats when my health got ten times worse.

      Thanks for all your help in advance. xx

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    I have never been able to conceive and I never used contraception, Sarah.  However, my gynecologist prescribed oral contraceptives to "help" with the endometriosis when I was 41.  What I found out later is that estrogen is to cysts what fertilizer is to grass -- aka  estrogen makes cysts grow IF your genetic constitution is disposed to irregular processing of estrogen (which mine is).  So, adding hormones to my equation for a couple years was disastrous.  I trusted my doctor and just went along with their recommendation, but it was really the beginning of the end of my sex organs.  My hormones became horribly unbalanced and the endo got so bad at that point that a hysterectomy was my best option.  I figured that if I had not conceived before 43, I might as well conceed that I wasn't going to and have the hysterectomy and end the month trauma.  If I knew my genetic inability to convert estrogen properly at age 20, I could have taken the appropriate measures then and definitely not taken estrogen.  I'm not suggesting that you have the same genetic mutations that I do, but you may want to investigate it further.  For me, I feel like things are making sense with my health for the first time in my life. 

    On another note, I understand that this is a particularly emotional issue because of the child bearing aspect.  Try to remember that adoption is a beautiful option.  I work at a homeless shelter for pregnant women who sometimes choose to lovingly place their children up for adoption because they cannot care for them properly.  There are children everywhere in need of love and a home smile

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