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  • jackierc1 3

    Female Cystoscopy ~ DON'T worry!!!!!

    I had a Cystoscopy yesterday afternoon. I've known for about a month that I would have to have one and I have been worried sick about it. Found some awful posts on the net about it, and then fortunately found many reassuring posts on this forum! Trust me that when the ladies on here say "Don't worry"....DON'T!...

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  • james67815 2

    Had mine Cystoscopy

    Hi I'm Jay I'm male 37 . Had my Cystoscopy couple months ago . Was told I have a twisted ureatha . OK I got my appointment in post was very nervous . It was at 3.30pm arrived at 2.45 and I was a nervous wreck . After 20 mins I was cold up to next floor . Was told to do pee sample for testing . Was OK...

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  • BettyJuliaBoop 2

    Very worried

    Nine lots of antibiotics haven't cleared up my UTI so I've been unable to have a cystoscopy. I've now got to have one under a general anaesthetic because the risk of having it done is quite serious due to the possibility of the infection spreading. Has anyone faced this situation because I am worried...

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  • amanda39212 2

    Not to worry...

    I had my cystoscopy yesterday, like everyone, I always worry....I read some of the reassuring messages on here and it helped me. I have had traces of blood in my urine occasionally over the last 2 years so the Dr wanted to check that nothing sinister was in my bladder . I have periods of needing the...

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  • Rich2222 2

    Flexible Cystoscopy (Male) - Anaesthetic Experiences

    I am scheduled for a Flexible Cystoscopy in the next few weeks and I have read some very different accounts. I would welcome some feedback on the anaesthic procedure for Men. 1) What was the time between injecting the gel into the urethra and inserting the Cystoscope?  Was there any time for the anaesthetic...

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  • crawford96748 2

    Cystoscope -- yikes

    I have a appt next week for a cystoscope thing. A bit wary of the whole process and im all ready to cancel. I cannot get past the look of the scope itself. I had one about 10 years ago . During the process I think I scared off all the patients in the waiting area. The scope itself looks menacing....

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  • HEZ64 3

    cystoscopy and urethral dilation

    help !!! i have recently been for a cystoscopy after having persistant uti's .I was told i had a very narrow urethra and was advised to go for a urethral dilation under GA .This is booked for Dec 8th but I have been told horror stories of this not working and I would eventually lose bladder control and...

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  • caz11527 3

    Having cystoscopy with sedation tomorrow.:(

    I am finally having my flexible cystoscopy, to investigate microscopic hematuria, tomorrow morning. I am hoping nothing is found and am really stressing about the whole process. A lot of people on here have been very reassuring and helpful to me and I just wanted to thank them. I will post an update...

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  • brokenarrow 2

    Blue light tech

    I had my 2nd cysto after turb an they removed another new tumor. I'm switching to a NCI hospital which has the Blue light cysto view everyone talks about. Would anyone know if the hospitals that has this, use the cystoview blue light all the time or is it only in special cases ty

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  • ian_uk1975 1

    Flexible cystoscopy (male)

    I'm a 36 y/o male and underwent a flexible cystoscopy last week. Thought I'd register with this forum just to share my experience with other chaps who might be worried about the procedure. Once you're prepped and ready to receive the cystoscope, the procedure, itself, lasts probably around 5 minutes,...

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  • lesleyanne2017 2

    Recurring uti female cystoscopy under general anaesthetic

    Hi I have been getting uti for the last 2years my gp referred me to a urologist, he wants to do a scope and look at my appointment is in 4weeks time I am totally freaked out and my anxiety levels have gone through the roof!! He said it's not a very nice procedure so I'm better off asleep for...

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  • mel-1987 2

    Extreme pain over a week after cystoscopy!

    Hi I'm a 29 year-old female who had a cystoscopy and biopsy under general anaesthetic 8 days ago for recurrent UTIs. The pictures showed a chronically inflamed bladder and I'm awaiting biopsy results. This is the second time I've had cystoscopy under general. Straight after I had the usual burning...

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  • kezmistry 2

    Rigid cystoscopy female experience and vesicare advice

    Hi all. I had a rigid cysto under general anaesthetic two days ago and thought I'd share as I suffer with anxiety and was terrified beforehand having read about experiences of the after pain to the point where I was crying I before went in. I almost didn't go through with but I did. The actual procedure...

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  • caz11527 3

    My flexible cystoscopy experience (female)

    Hi all. I just wanted to share the details of my scope test, which I had today, and hope to reassure others who may, like me, be terrified of having this done. I opted for sedation along with the instillagel, which is squirted into the urethra with a syringe(no needle). When I met with the anaesthetist...

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  • sanjayB 1

    Condition after cystoscopy or prostate cleaning

    I was digonised with a cyst on the mouth of urine bladder which was obstructing urinating fully, hence most of the time a sufficient quantity of urine came out after a few seconds of urination moreover the flow of urination was also too slow. Doctor suggest me for removing the cyst will eliminate all...

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  • michael11030 2


    donmt woory i was but not anymore  take a diazepam and have 2 lots of gel down your penis

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  • Cherrypink 2

    Female cystoscopy - never again!

    Apparently, I have some traces of blood in my urine, so am due to have a CT scan of my kidneys next Monday. I was given only a few hours notice of the cystoscopy and thought it wasn't a big deal. There was nothing wrong with my bladder before, but there definitely is now: I just want to wee the WHOLE...

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  • caz11527 3

    Re-scheduled cystoscopy to have sedation option

    I have known since before Christmas that I was to have a flexible cystoscopy to find the cause for my microscopic hematuria. The closer the date came (4th March) the more stressed out I got. In the end I thought that nothing is worth the stress and I saw a consultant urologist privately and he is doing...

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  • dan15739 2

    Cysto aftermath?

    Had Cysto at Thanksgiving,still have constant burning in penis.Trouble getting erections,and when i pee with erection it feels like its forcing its way out with pain afterwards.

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  • brokenarrow 2

    Bruising then lump/pain end of uretha after TURBT

    Ima 51 year old male. In May saw tiny blood clot in urine, wife (a RN) told me I need to see GP doctor. Called an he oredered a urine test for blood. Returned negative. July had another clot and made appt. for Aug 23rd. to see gp again. $ days before my best friend (Labrador Retriever) Zoey fell over...

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  • michael11030 2

    another cystocopy

    my firast one really hurt is there any advice please i have another one on the 20th feb to see if the chemo worked on my bladder cancer truble is i have an enlarged prostrate

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  • Alicia66367 1

    Bleeding when passing water

    Hi my grandad is 82 and as CKD and other health problems he his a very stubborn man and only wishes for my brother to attended hospital appt with him ~ for the past 3yrs he as lost a large amount of weight and had a problem with his mouth not being able to taste food and getting a funny taste which I...

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  • caz11527 3

    Sedation for female flexible cystoscopy?

    I am booked for a flexible cystoscopy in four weeks time, to try to find out the cause for microscopic blood in my urine. I am dreading the procedure but more so now after speaking to the clinics receptionist. She said I needed to bring a driver as I would be sedated and too woozy and uncomfortable to...

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  • michelle32158 3

    Urethrascopy and Pain

    My name is Michelle and I've been having on and off pain in my genital area and once in a while a jolt burning feeling which feels like it's coming from my urethra. My question is if anyone had a Urethrascopy where the Urologist puts a smaller scope than Cystoscope. It's not a Cystoscope test. It's...

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  • sue91979 2

    Anyone ever have an unknown cause for gross hematuria?

    I am undergoing evaluation for 3 gross hematurias and 5 positive blood dip sticks over the last 4 years. The cystoscopy (which was the worst thing ever btw) was negative. He saw nothing in my bladder and said GREAT NEWS!... now ct of kidneys and pelvis are negative and he is telling me this is great...

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  • Jl26 2
  • sue91979 2

    Cystoscopy- so nervous it's cancer

    32, female, non smoker (I did grow up with second hand smoke). Four years ago when I was 28 I had a bright red urine. I ignored it. 3 months later in feb 2013 I had another bright red urine and I peed in a cup at work (I work at a clinic). The dip showed trace proteins and moderate blood, the microscopic...

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  • brittany 31337 2

    Microscopic hematuria and cystoscopy

    I have had microscopic hematuria for a year now almost at the beginning of the year I had tonsillitis and went to the hospital cause of the pain and fever not knowing then I had tonsillitis so they took my blood and urine and sent back out to waiting area well 2 hours passed still wasn't called back...

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  • mcos 1

    I Canceled My Cystoscopy For Fear

    I passed out during a urodynamic study yesterday.  I found the prep extremely painful, and not different than what I expect the prep for the cystoscopy will be.    I then  canceled my cystoscopy which was schedled for next Wednesday.   The doctor offered me a valium to relax me for the cystoscopy.  ...

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  • amanda197539 1

    Awaiting my Cystoscopy results ????

    I had a rigid cystoscopy on the 8th may. The consultant came to speak to me in recovery and told me he had removed a fatty lump from my bladder. It has been removed and sent off for a biopsy. I get the results on the 3rd June. I'm really nervous and hoping its nothing serious. I had a CT scan and...

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  • Jebr 1

    Female Cystoscopy - please don't worry

    I had a flexi cystoscopy today, having spent the last week worrying about it. I am terrible with any sort of internal investigations so was dreading this. I found it reallly helpful to read other people's positive experiences so thought I would share mine. It was actually ok, not painful, a little uncomfortable,...

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  • Kelman 1

    Cystoscopy Don't worry

    I had my Cystoscopy today and looking back wondered what was I so worried about. Honestly the thought is worst than anything. I had my under a sedative not fully out but I cant remember a thing. Last thing I remember is entering the operating room then waking up in recovery. No pain and all over so...

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  • anna78100 1

    I'm a little nervous about a Cystoscopy!

    I'm 14 years old and I have been having a horrible urgency and pain to use the bathroom for about 3 years now. I have had numerous ultrasounds, bladder scans, ect. I recently went in for a Urodynamics test. I was really nervous because I like to keep to myself and thought the procedure was going to...

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  • michelle32158 3

    Terrified of having a Cystoscope test

    My name is Michelle. I have symptoms to Interstetial Cystitis on off pain and pressure in my clitoris or urethra. It's been chronic for about twenty years but the last ten years no pain discomfort. I've seen a few Urologist that push for the Cystoscope test. I fear having the test, I once had a catheter...

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  • michael11030 2

    catheter insertion

    i have to have it once a week for chemo to go in the bladder and the first one was really painfull i was really hurting is there anything i can do to releive the pain please

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