Bladder spasms?

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I've been having problems with urgency and urine leakage for a little while (28 y-o, two kids aged 4 and 19 months, not taking any regular medication) and I've made an appointment to see my GP in a few weeks time.

Over the last 2 days I've had a new 'symptom' which has freaked me out a bit. Basically, I have been getting a crampy sort of pain and a strong twitching feeling and urgency which makes me start peeing straight away. I don't think I am describing very well, but it is like a big hand just suddenly squeezes my bladder very hard,

Is this what might be referred to as 'bladder spasms'? Might it mean I have a UTI (although I don't think I have other symptoms) and should I try to get to the doctor sooner? 

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    What you describe is probably bladder spasms which could be due to many causes including Overactive Bladder (OAB).   How often does it occur?  Are you leaking a large amount of urine when this occurs?  Are you able to stop the flow when it happens?
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      Thank you, Barry. It's only happened like this three times - twice yesterday, once today. All three times I leaked quite a large amount of urine (like a proper going to the toilet amount) and I couldn't stop the flow at all. It was like I tried to use the muscles to stop it and nothing happened. It really freaked me out and it is quite painful as well - not burning, but more like a severe muscle pain. Even now, it feels a bit achey.

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    Hi Izzy

    I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing this. I have what seems like the same issue. I have no sensation whatsoever of the need to pee, then I experience a cramping or pain and either simultaneously or a few seconds later, I start to pee. My bladder completely empties and I cannot stop the flow.

    I have overactive bladder, and other health conditions including fibromyalgia, connective tissue disorder and an autonomic nervous system condition.

    I was diagnosed with overactive bladder a few years before this specific symptom started. I leak small amounts of urine throughout the day and when I have the urge to pass urine I can only hold on for very little time so frequently wet myself, anything from a small leak to the full bladder.

    When this spasm symptom started, I was having other gynae problems too with extremely heavy periods, and I had suspected endometriosis. This wasn't the only reason endometriosis was suspected - I also had other symptoms of that - but the GP suspected that the endometriosis had grown around the bladder or through the bladder and was causing the spasms. However, this was found not to be the cause because when I later had surgery (partly for something else) they didn't find any endometriosis. My periods are now less bad than they were but I still have this spasming problem, independently of that.

    I've now been told that my bladder problems including the spasming are overactive bladder, partly due to weak muscle control because of my connective tissue disorder, partly due to neurological problems. The wrong messages are being sent between my brain and my muscles, which is causing muscle cramps and spasms, and this affects my bladder (as well as other muscles in my body). So my bladder spasms and empties at inappropriate times.

    So I guess the short answer is that yes it sounds to me as if this could be part of overactive bladder. I don't know if this could be caused by a UTI. I have been fortunate never to have experienced this except for once many years ago (and many years before the spasms started). So I'd say spasms can happen in the absence of a UTI. Saying that, I know UTIs can cause extreme urgency and bladder pain.

    It could be worth getting an appointment sooner if you can, if you are worried about a UTI, as that can often be treated quickly with antibiotics. But I know how hard it can be to get a GP appointment. Possibly could you ask your surgery if you can drop a urine sample in and they may be able to get it tested without you having an appointment? I think that can be possible.

    I take an overactive bladder medication which helps a little bit, but not much. I think it helped more when I first started taking it about 8 years ago, than it does now. My other health conditions that are contributing have deteriorated, so that probably makes sense.

    By the way, I don't want to worry you - I'm not suggesting that you are likely to have any of the other health conditions that I have. There are lots of reasons people have overactive bladder other than these conditions, and I know it's especially common after having children. There are different medications available and I think it's really worth seeing the GP, if only to get referred to get an understanding of what is happening.

    In the meantime, have you been able to find pads that work to offer the right protection when you do have accidents? For me using the right protection, which I order online as it's better and cheaper too, helps a lot in my quality of life and not being anxious and embarrassed about accidents.



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      Hi, thank you for your message. It sounds like you have had a difficult time! It happened again to me this evening - my bladder sort of contracted painfully and my bladder emptied. Fortunately I had just got home, so at least I could change!

      I am going to go to the GP surgery tomorrow - I really wonder if it's a UTI since I've never has something like this before.

      BTW - I am struggling to find the right pads! The ones I use always get sopping because I tend to get wet when I can't get to the toilet in time, not from little leaks throughout the day. I think my pads aren't heavy enough but I basically am not sure which product would actually be right.

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    Hi, I have urge incontinence, I think. I've taken a few medications but nothing was helpful. Yesterday I was walking from a store to a movie and then, just like that, with no warning, and I completely went, getting pee all over my jeans, down my legs and into my shoes. Sopping wet. I'm afraid to even go out now.

    As for pads, etc., I, too, have no idea what to get. Hopefully, someone who sees this will give us recommendations.

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      Sorry to hear about your problem.  It is similar to mine.   I have found that pads (the kind you wear in your underpants) can not contain the kind of flow that I have.  They may work better for women.   I need to use high quality absorbent underwear that has raised leak guards or the tabbed briefs (diaper) to avoid leaks into my clothing.

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      I actually bought Depends ultra strong adult female diapers yesterday. I only got a small and should have gotten large, but I can use these, comfortably, until they run out.              

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