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Urinary Incontinence

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  • VauxhallGirl 5
  • sassytoo 1

    Leaky for Life, it seems...

    Hello, my leaky bladder started in April 2005. Boy was it a pain...In May 2012, I had the midurethral sling surgery done, thinking, 'happy days were here again'. Boy, was i wrong, I bleed and cramped so much afterwards, months at a time. To make matters worst, my bladder started leaking again less than...

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  • izzy55387 2

    Bladder spasms?

    I've been having problems with urgency and urine leakage for a little while (28 y-o, two kids aged 4 and 19 months, not taking any regular medication) and I've made an appointment to see my GP in a few weeks time. Over the last 2 days I've had a new 'symptom' which has freaked me out a bit. Basically,...

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  • nuala16574 3

    Stress Incontinence and Yentreve withdrawal

    Hi I had a laproscopic hysterectomy and recto celebrate repair Nov. 2013. Since then I've stress incontinence. So far I've tried keel exercises, tablets I can't remember the name and attended 3 urogynecologists. My last attempt at treat was Yentreve 40mg twice a day. They are not working for me after...

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  • izzy55387 2

    Wetting the bed - what can I do?

    Hiya, I'm a 28 y/o with two kids, aged 4 and 19 months. I've posted yesterday about the incontinence episodes I have been having. One issue is that at the moment I'm wetting the bed almost every night and, although I'm trying to get an appt with my GP, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips for the meantime...

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  • izzy55387 2

    Keep having accidents, so worried...

    I am a 28 y/o female with 2 kids, aged 4 and 19 months. After giving birth to my second child, I started having some incontinence issues and I went to my GP surgery and saw the nurse, who said I probably had stress incontinence, which can be common after pregnancy and childbirth, etc. etc. I wasn't too...

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  • helena1971 2

    Fed up with bladder

    Really had enough I've been going to out patients for over a year. Had this bladder problem for 5 years or more.been waiting since 8th march and get appointments that get cancelled all the time. I've another in July so have to wait an age to see what next steps are. They were thinking self catheterisation...

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  • SueTVTdisaster 2

    I was injured in 2009 with TVT,new scan reveals horrific truth

    Through a nightmare many women undertsand with TVT injuries i have studied and asked questions and never accepted lies. I believed that my TVT was mis-placed. My belief was vindicated this year with a Volume MRI scan. This is the best to reveal where TVT TVT should be behind the pubic bone,the...

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  • june07258 2


    please is there anyone else who has had these symptoms years after having op,   

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  • phillip 23 1
  • claire63612 3

    Juliet Laser Treatment for urinary incontinence

    Hello does anyone have any knowledge / experience of this treatment.  I believe it's relatively new in the UK and I'm considering trying it rather than going for a TVT operation.  Any advice/opinions gratefully received.  Thank you

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  • pat17497 2

    Has anyone tried Betmiga,antichlogernics unsuitable for me

    I have taken Oxybutiin Vesicare and Tropsium all with bad side effects, the latter seems to have affected by eyesight badly my glasses don't seem to me 'mine' anymore! Also memory problems. Have been told to go back to Dr. and ask for Betmiga it is a different class of meds and may suit me better but...

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  • eden98 2

    OAB first botox treatment

    Here is an update about my over active bladder. I’’m under urologist treatment for almost two years now and had several tests, urologic and neurologic, tried all known medication, did kegel exercise. But unfortunately without any improving of the symptoms. Since a urodynamic test one and a half year...

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  • kaydollx3 1

    Interstim.. botox.. ive tried everything.. still suffering

    I was diagnosed with OAB at age 16. One day I noticed I was going pee almost every 10 minutes and always felt an urge to pee. It happened out of no where! I'm not 21 and still dealing with this hell! I have the interstim implant that shocks my nerves and it doesn't really help... i get the maximum amount...

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  • lucy17820 1

    OAB meds??

    I have a "low, distended bladder that doesn't stretch like normal bladders" with IC due to some psych meds I took for a while- not naming any meds bc they really do help some people.😅 we're treating it with OAB meds and I was wondering if anyone else has had OAB and treated it? Because things have only...

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  • john75639 4

    Overactive Bladder (OAB) incontinence-urine leakage

    These,are some comments on urine leakage and some items that work per the persons on this forum 6clivealive believes it is a vitamin deficiency william 81563 and glenn77 Have found the artificial sphincter.called AMS 800 installed which helps with leakage glenn77 has used a condom catheter with...

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  • dhode 2

    Leaking, Urgency, Low Flow for Weeks

    Starting on March 13th 2017 I started to have a frequent urgency to simply go go go. I let this go for a week taking cranberry supplements to no avail. I went to a urologist on the 22nd, found out I had an inguinal hernia and my prostate was mushy. I was prescribed Bactrim and took it for a little more...

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  • Sami92 2

    Erection anti not emptied bladder

    I have incontinence and whenever I uriniate I feel i haven't fully emptied my bladder yet , and there is that irritating feeling that keeps making you scratching your privates for comfort. The feeling is prolonged after drinking beer. The thing is that I discovered a method which removes that feeling...

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  • Demilee77 1
  • cin0619 2
  • osho619 2

    strange urinary problem

    hello i have strange urinary problem from last 6 months. i also suffering from ibs since 2008 but problem is in end of bowel movements i get urge  pee 4 to 5 times then i get feel bladder completely empty and this  also happen while i am taking shower. i also visited urologist but they took ultrasound...

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  • S's Mum 1

    Teen Stress incontinence

    My daughter is 19 and seemed to have suffered from several urine type/kidney infections for several years. Only very recently she has confided that she has been leaking not so much from coughing, but sneezing, She also can't hold urine when she needs...she has to go there and then, and often its not...

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  • Court10 1
  • mary90 3

    Burch colposuspension

    I've just had another urodynamics with xray test and have been told that a colpo suspension is the best way forward for me as my bladder muscle is too weak to allow me to wee properly after having TVT.  I'm quite pleased not to be having TVT as I've read some horror stories about them, but it would be...

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  • Maisiemugwump 2

    Urethral bulking injection

    Hi ladies following an anterior repair I have been left with stress incontinence and although it is improving slowly I still leak every day and especially when I cough.  Following a urodynamic test I asked my surgeon about these injection as I do not want to have the colposuspension surgery.  Does anyone...

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  • samantha50596 1
  • JaynieJ 2

    TVT operation

    Hi Ladies, I am waiting for my date for my TVT Op. It was on the radio yesterday about all the side effects and problems ladies have been having with this operation and now I'm terrified!! I don't know whether to have the op now or just stick to pads for the rest of my life? I've tried the tablets but...

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  • james17316 1
  • ann84715 1

    Instruments at night

    I am a 54 year old female . I just started haveing incontinence at night and it had gotten worse. I never know, i have to go untill it is to late and i am trying to get to the bsthroom we as soon possible but i am already peeing down my leg onto the floor This only happens at night but everynight what...

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  • james17316 1

    Male hormone imbalance with incontinence

    Hiya I'm 26 year old male and I have urine incontinence due to imbalanced hormones I'm just finding it very difficult to keep a relationship due to having to wear incontinence pants and I also do sometimes leak abit from the other end (sorry if that was horrible ) I'm just wondering how people manage...

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  • glenn77 4

    How to heal small wound on penis skin with urinary incontinence

    I've been living with high (total?) urinary incontinence for over a year following a bad outcome from procedures for BPH.  For several months, I had been using condom catheters and a leg bag.  I found that arrangement to be much more comfortable than using heavy duty Depend pullups, as I had to change...

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  • leo80735 1
  • BrianICI 1
  • Roly1 1

    UTI symptoms.

    I had TVT surgery 3 years ago for stress incontinence, which has given me 100% relief from incontinence. However, I do suffer from an additional and concerning problem, that I cannot seem to get a reply about! If I don't drink lots of water, I get symptoms that feel like an infection - namely discomfort...

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  • mary1280 3

    Which absorbent products do you use and you recommend?

    I use all the types, pads, pull-ups or even diapers, depending on the situation. I constantly look for a better product, with good cost/quality balance for everyday use and with high absorbency/comfort balance for the occasional "hard" situations. Every few months there is something new marketed or changed,...

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