Blank Mind/Brain Fog for 5 years, is there no cure?

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I've been going through something ridiculous for 5 years, here's something I typed a few years ago when I was venting:

July of 2011 I woke up with “a blank mind” OVERNIGHT

Awful Brain Fog and blankness that impacted my sleep and memory. I can best describe it as having your head empty with pressure all the time with horrible memory and no energy, lack of feeling emotions.

2012 I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety because of these symptoms.

Memory was, and still is, impaired from what it was before July of 2011. Short-term is terrible, long-term is a little better than short-term, but still terrible. I don't experience headaches since it happened.

Sometimes get muscle twitches (left eye, legs, sometimes arms)

(If I run a hot shower and put the stream exactly in the middle of my head, it slightly feels less “foggy”).

Emotions dulled. Can't feel the full feeling of happiness or love. Over time, I felt anger and sadness more than positive feelings. Imagination is also impaired because I can't longer.of visual images well.

Sleep is severely impaired.

Can't sleep at all without medication, due to racing thoughts, songs, and voices playing in my head that start to happen before I sleep.

(Earlier my legs would always be restless).

I was prescribed Seroquel because it shuts those thoughts down, which allows me to sleep. Sleep still doesn't feel as restful as it was, before July of 2011.

If I choose to sleep without medication, I won't fall asleep until it's past 4:00 AM. I'll wake up 3 or 4 hours later feeling highly alert.

Excessive Sweating

Everyday at some point, I sweat excessively through my hands and feet.

(I was prescribed Klonopin to help with Anxiety)

Feels like I've lost my personality

loss of internal monologue

can barely remember what I was like back then in 2011

drugs taken over the course of having a blank mind











Surprisingly weed did lift it once.

nothing has changed besides me sleeping at night with medication. I've also been diagnosed with MILD obstructive sleep apnea. I'm pretty close to giving up because I can't live like this much longer.

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    Do you see a psychiatrist? If you do ..have you discussed medicnes and choices. I would say whatever mix you are on is effecting you. Theres different ways to handle this. One is to pick one med you are on and wean off slowly with the doctors guidance. Do this until your are no meds at all. If you can handle that. Once cleared let your body have a rest from all it. Not sure how the weaning off works and how many drugs you are currently taking. I would say go to a complimentary doctor and try a whole new way. Sedatives will close down emotions and thoughts that is there purpose.
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    Hi. I experienced a condition which sounds somewhat similar to yours. Specifically, I had constant brain fog, sinus pressure, twitching, poor mood, fatigue. By chance i discovered that certain foods where triggering these symptoms. This is known as non IGE mediated food sensitivities. By identifying the problematic foods, I saw an almost interested improvement to all symptoms. That's not to say we share the same underlying problem. But if you are curious, I would say try a water fast for a day, and see if you notice any obvious improvement in symptoms (that's how I discovered food was the cause)

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    Hi Renitence,

    ?Treating your anxiety should do the trick. Other people online who have had blank mind have cured it, including a Youtuber called Justin Creek apparently. The key is anxiety relief and patience.

    As for your sleep, make sure you adhere to oxegen therapy, this is known to be hugely beneficial to the cognition of people with sleep apnea, reversing all brain abnormities caused by it (if any of these brain abnormalities are present in the first place, which I don't believe is always the case).

    ?Also, evidence has just come out that a decent dose of vitamin d supplementation during the day 'dramatically' increases quality of sleep and duration of sleep for a lot of people. I noticed it working absolute miracles before I saw the evidence, and then seeing the peer reviewed science just confirmed it. You can buy them online for pretty cheap, I'd go for a decent dose upwards of 1,000 UI, especially if you haven't been getting outside much this winter, but I am not a medical professional so don't take my word for it. From what I've heard, the vitamin D during the day convinces your body you've been out all day like humans are supposed to be, and this balance of daylight during the day and darkness at night is essential for quality rest. 

    I believe your issues are all treatable. Blank mind is very common with depersonalization, and it disappears in that case when the anxiety and/or depression is relieved. Sleep apnea is perfectly treatable, especially in its mild form, and so is depression and anxiety. The main thing you need to tell yourself is to never lose that determination. Give yourself motivation in your mind all of the time. Tell yourself you can do it. When you are able to process a thought, force a positive tone of voice - this will help you have a better time believing logic over your anxiety. 

    ?Good luck my friend. From what I've read, I have faith you're gonna make it. 

    All the best. 

    ?Btw, PMO and death grip causes brain fog. Google it. 

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    Hi, I struggle with the same. Brain fog, feeling tired all the time, flashbacks, Gad, depression etc. I have now a sleeping pattern where I don't sleep at night and sleep most the day. It's kind of a feeling just anxiety during the day and don't really go out so whats the point kinda thing, its very stressful to have. I also have other conditions also which I am not going to get into but anxiety is definetly affecting me everyday, I am on propranonol- but taking these tablets i have side effects i.e. bad dreams, weird and life like dreams, eye irritation sometimes etc which gives me more anxiety when i get up. I have tried anti depressants, been on and off them for years... doctors wont prescribe me benzos, I have tried herbal anxiety meds but some the ingredients were not healthy towards liver. Doctors have prescribed me promathezine, but from what I am aware of it will only make you sleepy and is used mainly for allergies, I have heard it isnt helpful for anxiety during the day. Just finding things difficult at the moment, on a waiting list for therapy, but I have been waiting since may. feels like just kinda 'trapped in my own body', if that makes sense. Hopefully you find something that helps for you. I am thinking of trying 5-htp or cbd oil, or even both. Has you ever tried these?

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