Blastocystis parasite

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Have been diagnosed with this parasite in my gut from a stool test. The doctor said there is nothing they can do to kill this parasite Symptoms loss of weight, fatigue, diarrhea. Anyone else with this



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    hi swamialeukapheresis have a read on net might help . good luck .

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    Hi Swamia

    Do you know what the parasite is called? If it is Helicobacter Pylori a common stomach parasite, then a 3 antibiotic course is usually prescribed to eliminate it....check with your doctor again...

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      thanks for replying but it isnt H Pylori - wish is was as anti iotics do wipe it out with one course

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      It is called Blastocystis Hominus very common but a nasty little bug lives in the intestines

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    I have never had this parasite but I am surprised your doctor has said there is no treatment because I read that potential medications for treating Blastocystis hominis include:

    Antibiotics, such as metronidazole (Flagyl) or tinidazole (Tindamax)

    Combination medications, such as sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim (Bactrim, Septra, others)

    Anti-protozoal medications, such as paromomycin or nitazoxanide (Alinia)

    Go back to your doctor or change your doctor and ask for these medications.

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      I have had a course of Flagyl for 19 days but didnt eradicate the bug. Trying alternative cure now - giving up sugar yeast and following pretty healthy diet Lots of garlic tumeric ginger and herbs Thanks for replying but I dont like the idea of taking any more strong antibiotics that plays havoc with gut flora.

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      Have you gone back to your doctor for further advice since treatment didn't work?

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      No still doing herbal (nasty tasting concoction) and diet - no sugar - lots of garlic - everyone opens the windows when I walk into a room - ginger tumeric etc havnt given up my glass of Guiness every night

      My symtoms have subsided so having test done next week

      thx for replying

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    i was diagnosed with cryptosporidium in July

    a water bourne parasite.july and august could not eat had diarehea bloating fatigue weaknessdoc put me on Alinia antibiotic

    no help lost 20 lbs

    now i am on low FODMAP diet and prilosec

    and probiotic still have issues but now have constipation hoping to get better

    been diagnosed with post infection IBS

    what kind of parasite do you have

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      I have blastocystis hominis and strong antibiotics didnt help but feel much better eating lots of garlic ginger tumeric and giving up sugar etc Maybe parasite is gone Will do a test next week I had similar symtoms as you. How are your symptoms ?

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      Losing all that weight you must be seriously infected. I was under the impression that most people with cryptosporidiosis do not need any specific medication or treatment. Their immune system will usually work to clear the infection. Some studies have shown that medicines such as nitazoxanide may help clear symptoms more quickly in some people

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    Hi Ali,

    I had the same result from a stool test, it showed high levels of Blastocystis hominis. The thing to remember with these is its normal for us to have some level in our guts, the problem is when its too high. A study did find a link between people with high levels and IBS.

    I was advised a course of Antibiotics for 10 days. I followed the course and after i started to take strong probitoics. It was a god send to my symptoms!! I'm a year later and while my symptoms havent completed gone away (some of my issues are food related) it certainly helped!

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      DId you have another test for Blasto , maybe its clear and your improved symtoms are another problem

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    HI Swamia,

    few years ago i had severe itching and rash for nine months, bloating, weightloss, pencil thin stools . doctors couldn'f find what it was. was prescribed steroids , antihistamines, immunosupressants ( which i refused to take). i went to see 5 dermatologists, allergologist, gastroenterologist, primary care doctor and etc. Until single test showed that i had Blasto. first got flagyl, but i knew it wouldnt help as in medical journals it says it only helps in small percentage of cases. after that i requested that my doctor prescribe me bactrim and alinia ( antiprotozoan) medication ( did my research prior) . i took this combo for 10 days and all the symptoms stopped. hadnt had since .

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      Hi, I know this chat is from a little while ago. My partner has been struggling for over two years and this condition is having a massive impact on his life and he really needs some answers or to to talk to someone that has had the same parasite and symptoms. I wonder whether anyone has any pointers.

      Thank you so much!!

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