Blepharitis and Occular Rosaces

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Just at opthamologist and diagnosed with Occular Rosaces and Blepharitis which often go together.  Has anyone tried Clirades Wipes.  Dr suggested them.  

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    Do you mean Cliradex Wipes? They are Tea Tree oil based but the compound was developed by an Opthalmologist to be non irritating. 
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    Hi Karen, I have not been diagnosed as yet  and do know that I haven't  the type of blepharitis which your doctor diagnesd your eyes1  

    Tea tree oil was mentioned to me several timesand today I have found TeeTree sterile eye drops which I will try.

    For most who have some type of Blepharitis we will need to cleanse our eyelids daily. there are numerous over OCM (Over the Counter Medications) available.

    I am now researching more and will keep a post of anything else that is not mentioned elsewhere.  David's replies to Davida 2014/15 are great and will help, plus the site to google Blepharitis Roceces I wish I had found much earlier but took my eye problems with a grain of salt as seemed to the ophthomologist and general physicians I had seen.  Maybe they thought I was more aware of Blepharitis than I had been.

    Follow your doctors instructions as he has advised well!

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    Please disregard Tea Tree Eye drops until further discusssion as they are not founded for Blepharitis of any type and Tea Tree Oil can be used sparingly near the eyes! It is possible to cleanse with warm water and one drop of Tea Tree Oil.
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    Cliradex is not Tea Tree oil. You can learn a lot about it on their web site. I had been using it, but had to stop because it was causing an irritation on the skin under my eyes. 

    It comes in individual packets and is a treated wipe. I cut the wipe into smaller squares, wrapped the square around the tip of a Q-tip and then just applied it along the lash lines. One side the tip lashes, then the other side of the wipe the bottom lash line. Then with a new square I did the same on the other eye. This extended the use of the wipes because they are expensive, but also kept the solution away from the skin under my eye an the lid area. This was helping. 

    Then my Opthalmologist said that she wanted me to stop that treatment and try a new treatment that was non irritating and might help the red, raw skin around my eyes. It is called Avenova. She also put me on doxycycline hyclate, an oral antibiotic. I am to stick to these two and continue with warm compresses 2x a day and preservative free eye drops throughout the day. I will do this for two weeks and then she will check my eyes and see how things are going. Avenova is also very expensive but can be ordered through Amazon or you can get a rebate coupon online. 

    Knock wood, it seems to be helping and is not irritating or stinging. I will post again after I see my doctor. 

    For the past 4 months I have been working with my Opthalmologist and doing as much research as I can to understand the condition as well as listen to what has worked for others. My advice is to not try too many things at once and stick with a routing for a few weeks if it seems to be working for you before you make a switch. Unless, of course, you have an immediate negative reaction. 

    It's hard to be patient with this condition but a lot of people on this site have successfully gotten it under control. What works seems to be very individual in nature and you have to keep at it until you find what works for you. At least, that's my opinion. 

    Also there are patients in the UK and the US that post here and some of the medications are only available in that patient's country.

    Good luck with your treatment.

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      Thanks for sharing.  Please post as to how this treatment is working for you.
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    Never heard of Clirades wipes, can you provide more detail. :-)
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      My opthamologist said the wipes contain tea tree oil which should help me.  I have occular rosaces , blepharitis and meibonitis. I am going to order them online and give it a try.  Will post as to how they work for me. for me. Lawra16916 above had good information.
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    My ophthamologist told me several years ago that people with Rosacea often have blepharitis.  My dermatologist had diagnosed me with that about 15 years ago and treating me with a steroid lotion for my face.  No I have vener heard of those wipes.  My ophthamologist treated me for over ten years with two different antibiotic to absoloutely no avail.  Finally I went to my dermatologist 5 weeks ago and he has directed me to wash with 2% coal tar shampoo on lids and eye lash area.  WOW  What a dramatic improvement in such a short time!!  I'm so excited because I have had this flare up for almost 3 months and they feel better no than in several months.
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      Thanks Linda, I'll try the coal tar as I do know it was a recommended shampoo for itchy scalp. I also remember that coal tar was recommended to be used sparingly. So, likely with any shampoos we would be advised to switch between different types/brands occassionally.

      I now see my adult grandson rubbing and clearing his eyes, plus a 3 year-old granddaughter with weepy eyes and I am concerned we are passing this 'whatever' around.  Could this all have started from the 'petri dish', 'germ factory' of nursery school?  ( So many young children have been out with much more than chest colds, etc.)

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      My dermatologist does not think mine is cause by infection.  Rather a condition related to my reosacea.  So it cannot be "passed" to others.

      I don't know where you are located.  Perhaps their symptoms are more weather or seasonal related?

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      How long did it take to see results with coal tar? And does coal tar kill staph in blepharitis?
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    Hi I suffer blepharitis due to autoimmune disorder. Most effective treatment is to wash your eyes with warm water and Johnson's baby shampoo. Excellent remedy. Don't know anything about the second condition you mention.

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