Blepharitis - any suggestions?

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I was diagnosed with blepharitis about one year ago. My symtoms are: dry eyes (used eyedrops on and off for around 10 years), left eyelid is swollen but never any crusts. It feels sore and looks red and slightly swollen. Right eyelid feels fine, no problems there. These problems became worst when I was on antibiotics, so I guess that my problem might not be bacterial?

I ate Accutane for 7 months when I was around 18. This made my eyes permanently dryer. After this (for around 4-5 years) I had several eye infections, almost always in the left eye. My eyelid started to look red sometime during this time as well, but eyes just felt dry, not really a big problem at the time.

I have been taking Omega 3 supplements and using warm compresses for the last year. No major improvements. 

What I am curious about is that nothing I do really seems to help. Washing with a baby shampoo just makes it worse. Warm compresses seem to almost do more harm than good. I have tried the Cliradex wipes, did not really help much either. 

Basically, I feel like my symtoms are in some ways very standard, but in other ways (0 crusting, and in only one eye) a bit less so.

I am going back to another eye doctor in a few weeks and I am going to try get some kind of bacterial test done.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to possible things to try? These eye-wipes that you guys are trying perhaps?



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    Wet ones wipes as suggested on this forum by Lynda have been very good for me and I am thankful for her instructions which she often posts on the formum
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    Try Cleridex wipes sold on Amozon,they kill demodex mites that can caus Bleph,my eye doc recommended them to me as not much helps me either. Best thing that helps me is keeping my eyes clean,and face. I havnt tryed the Cleridex yet. Also have heard doxycycline helps some people. Xx
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    Hi Erik reading your post your symptoms sound more like Sjogren's to me. Has that ever been investigated? You can get blepharitis as part of Sjogren's and in fact any other auto immune disease. Have you ever been examined properly by an opthalmologist?

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      Hi Margaret,

      Not really that the syndroms matches Sjogrens as I do not really suffer from the other symtoms. However - I forgot to mention that i was diagnosed with MGD when I was at a specialist clinic about 6 months ago. That feels like it is true - but then why only on one eye?

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      Probably the meibomian glands are just not funtioning properly or not as well in that one eye. I have mgd both eyes,but my right is wose then my left.
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      Ah ok. Think that is obviously the source of the problem then. Is there any treatment fir mgd itself. Sure others on here will know of good treatment. I sympathise as I had blepharitis for long time but baby shampoo did work for me.
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    Hi Erik

    After I'd been diagnosed with Blepharitis I did all the things that you're supposed to - hot eye mask, Blepharitis gel (as recommended by my optician) etc but to no real effect.  I didn't like using the hot eye mask - it never made my eyes feel better, usually worse and the Blepharitis gel seemed to do nothing.

    So, I stopped using the hot eye mask and my eyes felt better but still prone to crusting overnight.  Then I read on this forum someone suggested Bio-Oil, so I started using it first thing in the morning and last thing at night.  The crustiness has pretty much gone and I just use eye drops for dry eyes during the day.  

    This pared down treatment seems to work for me, and keeps my eyes feeling comfortable.  I still have swollen eye lids but they just look horrible and don't feel uncomfortable.

    At some point I will see my GP and asking for a referral to see if there is anything else I should be doing.

    So, in conclusion - there seems to be lots of different types of treatment and not everything suits everyone.  Find a regime that suits you and stick to it.

    Good luck.

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      i suggested a few years ago for sufferers to use bio-oil i dont know was it my post you read or someone who reposted my post i have been using bio-oil for years now and am very comfortable it doesnt cure it but my goodness it makes life more bearable and my eyesight hasnt changed one bit since i started using it i dont know what i would do without it i couldnt go back to feeling as if their is something in my eyes all the time keep up the oil regards
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    Yes I too have the problem only in the one eye, my left eye and as yet have still not resolved it, although like you have tried everything.  Sorry I don't have a solution.  What I do know is that it is difficult to live with.   Carol

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      try the bio-oil and massage it into your lashes every morning the cheaper brand out of savers will do it works for me being doing it for 4yrs and no bother since regards
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    this may sound odd to you eric but i suffered quite a bit for many a year i had all kinds of medication every night was a nightmare so bad that sometimes i had to go to bed at 8pm just to get my eyes closed but unlike you thier was no swelling but i had little crystals like sleep on my lashes and my eyes looked very tierd had been at eye clinic and was advised to wash with baby shampoo it was no use a few year ago i started to use bio-oil as a mosturiser for my face after a week i didnt even notice at first but i wasnt rubbing away at my eyes every night and if i massage the bio into my eyes every morning had no bother ever since but if i wash my face say at teatime i have to reapply the oil if not it starts again you dont have to buy the bio-oil you can get the cheaper one out of the likes of savers and such places please try it may be worth it for you to the small oil will do you if you use it every day and it helps please let me know regards
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    No tears baby shampoo, and one drop of tea tree oil. Closes eyes , rub eyes gently. Rinse cold water, use a good eye drop like systàne. Twice a day.

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