Blepharitis in one eye, now really affecting my life!

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Hi all, there's a little bit of back story here, so thank you in advance for taking the time to read it and offer any advice you can!

For reference, I'm a 28 year old male. Just over 3 years ago I woke up one morning with a swollen and tender right eye. I assumed it was a stye or similar, and over the course of a week it got better, but I was left with a small, hard lump under my lower eye lid (which I now know is a chalazion). This lump wasn't very noticeable, and due to being flatter and wider than a standard lump, it meant I just had a 'fuller' looking eyelid, rather than a big bump. It didn't cause me any problems at all and I essentially forgot about it.

Then, a year and a half later (so a year and a half ago), I started getting little white spots/pimples at the base of my eyelashes. They'd hurt and be sore, but heat and some massaging would get rid of them. I saw my GP who gave me eye drops which actually cleared it up for a while, but they came back and that's when I saw a few different eye specialists, who all had a different opinion! I eventually found one I was happy with and he diagnosed blepharitis, most likely due to 'staphylococcal hypersensitivity' (or being allergic to my own bacteria on my eyelid, essentially!). He hoped it was something that would disappear with time, as my immune system became less over-reactive.

He advised me of all the medical options, but wanted me to take a gentle approach for now, so I've been applying a hot compress and using eye wipes to clean my eye lids. I go through periods where it's very much under control, and periods like now where it seems to flare up a lot. I have been experimenting with tea tree oil, which seems to help somewhat, but doesn't prevent the white pimples, just seems to alleviate redness along the rest of the lid. 

Essentially, I'm wondering if the chalazion is having a big impact? My dr claims my condition caused the chalazion rather than the other way around, and that despite me having none of these symptoms before (or even a little after) getting the chalazion, he claims he probably would've been able to see that I had the condition if he'd examined my eyes under a microscope even 5 or more years ago. Is it possible that having it removed would help? I just find it strange only one is affected, and mostly just the one lid. I do sometimes have a flare-up with the upper lid, but nowhere near as bad as the lower.

Also, are there any other 'alternative' treatments I could try? I've read good things about applying Manuka honey and don't see how that could do any harm, but I don't want to resort to the extreme of taking oral antibiotics for a long period of time, which is something my dr says could be a possibility, albeit at the more extreme end of treatment. Are there maybe any other medicines I could ask for? Topical treatments such as creams or drops again?

My blepharitis came on a little after a break-up, so I've been single ever since and as a reasonably young man, I'd love to get back out there, but it's really having an impact on my confidence and general happiness; it's tough trying to stay positive when it's something with no real cure or solution, sometimes it feels like there's no light at the end of the tunnel and I dread looking in the mirror every morning! 

Thank you again for any advice or words of wisdom, even if it's just some encouragement!

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    I really do sympathise with you.  It is my left upper lid which is affected, I first had a chalazion about 5 years ago, it was removed under local anaesthetic but I am told that NHS treatment for these is no longer available and the hot compress method is advised instead.

    Just a few days ago I was telling someone on this forum of my own method of keeping the dreaded blepharitis at bay and that is to shower every morning using a shampoo called Capasal which is actually a treatment for sebborheic dermatitis but it seems to help keep the oils and crud clear from my eyelashes.  I presume this is where the debris comes from that can block a meibomian gland causing a chalazion to form.  This is not 100% guaranteed to work but seems to offer some relief.  It's available on Amazon if you can't persuade the doc to prescribe it.  I did see the doc when blepharitis was first diagnosed and he gave me drops but they didn't work and like you I don't want antibiotics for the rest of my life.  I too can't understand why it is only one eyelid that is affected, I don't normally sleep on that side, I change the pillowcase at least once a week.

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    It is wonderful if you can get your eye problems under control without prescribed meds but sometimes they are needed. No matter what I did I could not get rid of redness, mucous, and constant tearing without antibiotics with steroids. I am not happy taking them but hope I can be weaned off soon. It was the only thing that worked. 
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    Hey, literally your situation mirrors mine.

    I woke up ( nearly a year ago to the day!) With a puffy left eye. ... thought it was just a eye infection used some eye ointment from the chemist.... only to find after the swelling going down I grew a pea sized lump, which I later learned was a chalazion ( never heard of it before in my life) I started out with great optimism that it would resolve itself in due time with hot compresses etc. It didn't go and I had it surgically removed 2 months ago. I have since grown a subsequent chalazion by my tear duct which is really uncomfortable and irritating. I constantly have dry gritty sore eye. Which leads me to believe I have blepharitis....

    I think that once you start having issues like this it's very hard to shift!. Even though I do hot compresses as a matter of course since the day I had my 1st chalazia. I still continue to have issues. I now no longer wear make up or do anything that could potentially cause eye issues... like swimming etc. Awful how it gets you like a prisoner in your own body huh!!

    I woke up 2 days ago with a sore inflamed upper eye lid . Could be a stye ?? Who knows.... always waiting for something new to pop up!. I am currently taking oral antibiotics called doxycycline... isn't doing much at all. I have been reading up on things like castor oil eye cleaning and using Euphrasia. Pretty desperate like you to find some relief/ resolution...... fingers crossed ay!

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    It will take time and resilience. Its been a year I am struggling with Bleph. Pinching burning hurting of both eyes is upsetting. I've been ALWAYS with complete make up. Now my eyes red, swollen, looking ill, no cosmetics. Stay with this site. 

    There will be some relief.


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