Blepharitis update... 3 weeks on

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This is an update for my previous post after diagnosis with posterior bleph:

So I've been using:

Opatanol antibiotics course for 10 days (finished now)

Hylo Forté 3-6x a day

Hot soak mask 2x a day

Lid massage 2x a day

Blephaclean wipes 2x a day

The main positive is that I've not got any new cysts and my current ones have gone down (1 left eye, 4 right eye). Before starting treatment I was getting a new one what felt like every day!

My eyes burn a bit and sometimes the corners itch every now and then. There's also still some crust in the mornings. I've worn no lenses and a tiny bit of makeup at the very outer edge of my eye.

However I went to the doctor today and she basically said it still looks bad (however it's not the same doctor who saw it previously) and I knew I was doomed when she said "I'm sorry it turned out to be Blepharitis" . She's referred me to a specialist in 2 weeks.

So basically I thought I'd be improving and the specialist 3 weeks ago said I could wear contact lenses in 3 weeks. However doc today said no :-( I don't see why not?! My eyes even felt better in lenses.

I just feel so sad and doomed. Probably been crying for an hour now. All I want is to go back to my life of wearing lenses day in day out and makeup and no long cleaning regimes twice a day. I miss it so much :-(

Oh and she prescribed me oral antibiotics (doxycycline)... Anyone had any major success with them? sad

Thanks guys xx

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    Don't give up!  I had a similar diagnosis on top of other problems.  I was prescribed Azithromycin eye drops by my Consultant but he gave them to me for a month, plus the eye pads & massages & steroid drops that I have been using for a long time.

    Perhaps the Antibiotic eye drops weren't given to you for long enough.

    Doxycycline seems to be a very useful antibiotic.  I was prescribed it for an auto immune skin disease.

    Don't cry, you'll make your eyes sore!  I am also sorry to tell you that I gave up wearing makeup & contact lenses about 30 years ago.  A friend with eye problems, has just had her eye lashes tinted, with no adverse effects,  maybe you can discuss something like that with your Ophthalmologist when your appt comes through.

    Not being able to weat eye make up or contacts isn't the end of the world & you may still be able to but, don't rush things.

    Good luck.


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      Thanks so much for your reply smile

      Are the Azithromycin drops working for you? How do you know if they are working... that's one of my big questions.. my only visible symptom is redness at the bottom of my lids! I really hope the doxycycline works but im skeptical.

      Why did you give up the makeup and contacts, can I ask? Did it feel uncomfortable/make your eyes flare? I'm so sad because I absolutely love playing with makeup. Have so many fancy eyeshadows and lashes etc that I've always used and been known for and now I can't use them :-(

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      First of all, the Azithromycin, I was prescribed twice a day, both eyes for 3 days, then once a day both eyes for a month.  I was prescribed these at Moorfields.  I then went back to my usual hospital & the Ophthalmologists were surprised at the difference in my eyes, from their point of view.

      From my point of view, I have been having a lot of problems with dry eyes & using the drops plus using a wheat bag on my eyes twice a day plus massages, helped to keep my Meibomian glands unblocked, though now, 2 months on, my eyes are drying up again.

      I suffer from Iritis & that was the original problem years ago.  My eyes kept ejecting my lenses, of course they have changed a lot [the contact lenses] in the intervening years but I doubt that I could wear them again now.  I had to have a cataract removed in 1992 because of using steroid drops in the eye with Iritis & in fact, I could have had an implant that would have meant I didn't need to wear glasses at all but, only for the one eye!

      My Ophthalmologist told me to keep creams etc away from my eyes because they were blocking the Meibomian Glands & adding to the problems.

      I'm sorry about your eye make up but, maybe you can find a way around the problem.

      The makeup just added to my dry eye problem, which added to the Iritis.


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    Try Capasal Herald shampoo....has tea tree oil in and I use it on a morning just on my closed eye lids only a little bit and it keeps the crusting at bay. I had to get from the Internet as only seem to be a laboratory in Ireland where you can get it but I have found its worth it.

    I do the same as you with the cleaning regime I also use blephasol lotion diluted in boiled cooked water to open my lids and use a cotton bud to clean the eyelash line.....I use make up but I use disposable mascara wands and eye liner wands with dark eye shadow...I don't use liner anymore but the eye shadow looks the same.

    I do have flare ups but I use the blephasol lotion straight from the bottle and it calms them down....I also keep a gel eye mask in the fridge and use that when my eyes burn.

    I have had the doxycycline and it did make a difference eventually....

    Good luck and hope you find some relief.

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    Hi, sorry you feel you are having a down turn in progress but that is how it is at the beginning. You will over a period of time learn all the things you have to do to control what is a chronic condition. I try very hard not to cry ever as I know it'd do my eyes absolutely no good at all. Not easy I know. For the moment your eyes need to heal and break the 'style' cycle. Be patient ( not easy at all) and treat yourself to other things you can enjoy. 

    As for makeup...I threw all mine away and started again slowly trying out bits and pieces to see if I had a reaction. No 7 do a cream eyeshadow which I find copes well when my eyelids are greasy followed by no 7 powder eyeshadow with a darker shade close to the lashes. I try to ensure there is no loose powdery bits to irritate the eye. I use mascara and that's about it. Not every day....just when I know my eyes can take it. By throwing away all your old make up, hard though it may be, might help you come to terms with what is a chronic condition and a 'new identity' makeup wise. I found it hard but ensure my skin and hair look their best. 

    Mentally i I try to tune out re my eyes.  Even typing this is making my eyes itch. All the best. 

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      Thanks so much for your reply. I really hope I do find out what works for me in terms of treatment soon.. I just wish I could see improvement... but I guess not getting the cysts anymore must be a good sign.

      I find it so confusing... I understand throwing out/stopping use of makeup if it irritates your eyes. But I don't think mine does. I had a month long period of wearing lenses and eye makeup with blepharitis before I got diagnosed properly. I also wore lots of eye make up for one evening last week, and it didn't feel uncomfortable or cause any visible adverse symtpoms i.e. my eyes didn't feel itchy, red or dry. Any ideas??

      I know the feeling. the more i think about it, the more i feel my eyes prickling. how weird!

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    That's the exasperating aspect of blepharitis is so inconsistent.

    Last year whilst on holiday I was treating my eyes with antibiotics (second month of the treatment period) and although the bright sunshine didn't affect my eyes the breeze did. I use facial wipes during the day to remove anything which may have lodged in my lashes...pollen, dust, fungi just don't know what, which helps. Another day the next day I could be much more comfortable for no apparent reason. I try to keep busy to take my mind off blepharitis but it's difficult especially on a day my eyes feel gummy and I have some blur in vision...usually one eye.  It's tiring too. Still, I'm in s good patch at the moment ... I'll try the Viscotears next...wonder if it'll help with light sensitivity. I'll let you folks know.

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