Blepharitis/veins in eyes.

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I'm 31 now, but back when I was 16 I took roaccutane for acne. Not long after I noticed my eyes getting drier. A few years later I started taking antidepressants which exacerbated the problem (mirtazapine in particular is very drying). Since 2010 I have had rosacea/ocular rosacea/blepharitis. I didn't start cleaning my eyelids until 2013 when I noticed my lids had thickened and I'd lost a lot of lashes. It's sickening to think that, in trying to help myself by taking these medications I caused these eye problems that are the bane of my existence today! I'm currently med free apart from temazepam sometimes to help with insomnia, and doxycycline which I'm about to run out of.

A couple of years ago I foolishly tried the much vaunted Wet Ones and not long after it seems my eyes became very sensitive to everything I put near them. I had to stop using vita pos ointment at night, and could no longer tolerate lacrilube. Now my eyes are full of horrible red veins and I'm honestly broken about it. Everything I use to try to clean my eyelids causing the veins to worsen and grow, even blephasol. If they get too dry more veins appear too. Does anyone know what I can do to stop more veins appearing in my eyes? Warm compresses make the veins and lids even redder even if they feel good. Sometimes I get an awful flare up where the veins get very red and bloodshot and if I do anything which requires my eyes to focus and concentrate more appear at an even more startling rate and it can take a week or more before things calm down. Doxycycline helps a little but like I said I I'm about to run out and I'm worried. Insomnia is not helping either. Temazepam sometimes helps that I find it makes my eyes swollen rbrg if I do sleep on it. I have seen eye doctors, and got the usual advice, although one said I have demodex and need to use tea tree oil, which of course makes the veins worse. I was recently prescribed ikervis but not sure if it helps or not. I clean twice daily with blephasol and do a warm compress once a day. Can anything help the thickened lower eyelids? Not sure if I should massage or not. I don't know if I can beat this crap!

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    Hi, you've certainly been through the mill one way and another and I really do not have an answer for you as I've not had your experience. All I can suggest is, after your warm compress and eye cleaning of any oils released by the heat treatment, using gel eye masks which have been kept in the fridge to cool the area and perhaps calm the veins a little. Only you will know if this helps of course. If nothing else I hope it relieves any discomfort.

    i wish you well. Regards Pamela 

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    As I read about your problem I could only think of is how unfair life can b! I have no experience with your vein problem but my heart feels very sad that U r having so much difficulty! I've only been diagnosed since October ( but have lived undiagnosed for many years) so the only advice I can give u is to take the time to read as many of the old discussions that u can the people on this forum r wonderful and full of such useful information!! u never know what u may come across hopefully you'll find someone that has had a similar experience and u can apply some of it to u!! Good luck and I hope U can get some relief soon!! Terri 😎

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    If you were subsequently diagnosed with demodex its possible thT Wet Ones was not the cauze of the veins symptom of bleph. I use AzaSite three times a day for a week, twice a day for week two and then hopefully, im off for a week before going back. This program is dezigned to not let the product lose its effecti eness by co stant uze. I do the tea tree oil wash all the while, a.m. and bedtime, throughout and hope that hds me over til its time to go back on the AzaSite....sometimes, if I feel an itch I will use it to stave off a new breakout.

    Everyone eventually fi ds the best maintenance plan for them as there seems to be as many causes as there are supposed treatments.

    Im sorry to hear someone so you g has to deal with this. As your ophthalmologist about AzaSite...ask for a few sames...they all get them, as the med is expensive, but effective. Try usi g an acne face wash midday since you have demodex its probably all over your face, microscopically speaking, and acne washws deal with stap and other bacteria.. you can do this. Just stick with what works bezt when you find it and be very conscienti about your routine. Starti g out with a warm shower daily where you wash with the tto mix and then let warm water spray you face for five mi utes is a great start to the day. Get Refresh gel eye drops, very soothi g, carry them with you during the day, a s well as Ocusoft scrub wipes, the come 30 in a box and you do t need to rinse after using them.

    Take care.


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