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I have had maybe two good days then I go back to feeling low mood and generaly feeling nothing, them perhaps a day and a half, this morning I woke up not feeling to good but by lunch time I could feel the mood had lifted, but a few hours after I felt like I had low mood again, is this what they call a blip?, has anyone else had this and how long does it go on before the fluoxetine kicks in properly.

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    Hi Shadow, I find that I am just a bit numbed or detached from my depression/anxiety on 20 mg fluoxetine a day which I have been taking for a year. The depression/anxiety still there but I cope with it better most of the time. I already sleep pretty well on it (unfortunately with vivid slightly unpleasant dreams) so I shall keep taking it. I will not increase the dose because I would probably sleep all day. I don't think there's a magic bullet you just have to make the best of the good days and put up with the not so good days. Good luck.

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      Hello Shadow. I TOTALLY agree with Linda. I'm on 20 mgs also & have been since about a year ago. I had been on Fluoxetine for about 13 years until one (stupid) day I thought I did not need them anymore. BIG mistake. Getting back on it was a bit rough. I had side effects like no appetite & shaky feelings, along with anxiety to the moon & back. My psychiatrist prescribed Xanax & that helped a TON just getting me thru the side effects. To me-the heightened anxiety & no appetite was the worst part. Mornings were AWFUL. Evenings were the best but I was afraid to go to sleep because I didn't like how the mornings treated me. It was a vicious cycle. Now, about 8-12 months later, I am doing much, much better. I still use the xanax when I feel my anxiety coming on. I will be on 20 mgs Fluoxetine the rest of my life & I don't care! And if I need the Xanax??? so what! I'm 61 years old & want to enjoy life. If I'm on meds forever--so be it! The vivid, weird dreams are a nightly thing......I hate them but what can I do?

      i do still have depression & anxiety but as Linda said, I'm also a bit numbed or detached from it....and I do try to make the best of the good days & put up with the bad ones the best I can.

      We will ALL be better in time. It takes time with these meds. I don't know where you live but my psychiatrist (in the U.S.) knows that I need the Xanax daily, so I am allowed that.

      Best of Luck to you! You are NOT alone at all. Keep in touch with us.

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      Hi Linda

      Thank you for your reply.

      I am on 40mg 21 days ago it was increased, I have been on it just over six weeks.

      when its not a good day I get the low mood and dont feel like doing anything, I have anxiety but I am more depressed .

      Today has been strange I got up this morning ok ish and then I could feel the low mood, by lunchtime I felt ok and have been pretty good since, its a very unsettling, and I dont know where I am, I have taken fluoxetine before and got better, I was on it for years but the Doctor wanted me to ween off, it was the worst thing I have ever done, within about 2.5 years I am struggling with depression again, I have had to go through the side effects twice, its no nice.

      I have been told that these are blips and they will go.

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      Hello Barbara

      I am not certain who I have replied to but anyhow I am on 40mg 21 days, but a total of six weeks.

      Yes I would like to make the most of good days but then the not so good days I get the low mood and the black cloud feeling, its not a nice feeling, I cant understand how it changes from one day to the next, I have been on this drug before and got better.

      Sadly the side effects are awful, I have lost 3 stone in 6 weeks unable to eat, couldnt sleep fast pulse, and sweats throughout my body, and very shaky, but I have got over the worst.

      I am sleeping better, and eating small portions, still a bit shaky some days when I get the low mood.

      I have been told these are blips and they will go, but it needs time, and because I have been on fluoxetine before it takes longer the second time around, so I have to keep fighting and hope I come out the other side, thank you for talking to me.

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      Yes, Shadow! I had the EXACT same feelings that you had. Everything the same as you! It WILL go away! I promise you. Keep the faith, it does get better especially the mornings. Now I am gaining weight again. Too much, actually because I love pasta, breads & sweets.

      I have days where I start out sluggish & low mood BUT it goes away. Like I said before-I do have Xanax (alprazolam) to take when I feel "crappy". Then within an hour, my mood has lifted because mine is mostly anxiety. Even after almost a year on Fluoxetine, I still have blips but just power thru them knowing that they are just temporary. Go easy on yourself & know that this drug takes time. We want something to "fix" us right away & that's not the case with antidepressants. Just keep powering thru & know that you will be better in time! You have gotten past the worst of it so please know that there is a bright light coming!

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      Oh thats so kind of you, I felt like it was coming and going and would I ever feel ok,, so its lovely to have some reassurance , thank you so much.

      I am in the uk, and just under my Doctor, he prescribed the medication but didnt want to see me again, unless I needed anything if so contact the surgery, I have had no follow up to ask how I am doing nothing, so in six weeks I have just had to get on with it, if it wasnt for my Husband I dont know how I would manage, he is my rock, he has been doing everything, and looking after me, its been a tough journey.

      I have relatives in the USA one in Las Vegas and one in California.

      Just on a bad day I get this negative feeling and dont enjoy looking at anything or doing anything, its horrible, today its been a bit hit and miss, felt ok just before lunch felt strange after for a short while , but the afternoon and evening I have felt ok.

      I had a lot of illness in June July and August and it tipped me over the edge.

      Last time I had depression it must be at least 15+ years ago so I know I got better but cant remember what it was like, just I had depression and low mood.

      I am grateful for your help thank you .X

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    Sorry my reply was suppose to be directed to YOU, Shadow!

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    Stick it out.... it will get better..... and instead of benzos like Xanax, try beta blockers... much less addictive and IMO they work better. Propranalol is a really good one. every time you up the dosage you will go through this, which is why you need to give the initial dose about 4 months or so before going higher. Eat healthier, get exercise, meditate, read, do puzzles..... I did all this in the beginning, but do remember, your going to have blips from time to time, its just life and the way it is. Prozac is a hard one on the system in the beginning, but it will calm down, you just need to be patient.

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    Thank you for helping me, my Doctor just put the dose up, he wanted me to do it after two weeks, but I waited longer, you are right when the dose was increased I had all the bad side effects again, I think the info on these capsules are very misleading, when it tells you that you should feel the full effects after 4-6 weeks.

    I have been on them before but a long time a go and I took them until about 2.5 years ago, the Doctor wanted me to ween off them, it was the worst thing I have ever done, I cant remember before what happened I do know they worked and I got better.

    The problem is I am on blood pressure tablets so I may not be able to take beta blockers, but thank you for the advise.

    I did have a very high pulse rate but the Doctor wasnt to bothered about it, said it was due to fluoxetine .

    Thank you for reassuring me.

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