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  • laura32324 2
  • Dengirl29 5

    Feeling really down..increased dose=worse depression?

    I'm really struggling right now. My meds were switched to a different manufacturer and I've been struggling the last few months especially around menstrual time. I finally upped my meds from 12.5 to 15 and I'm about to be at the end of week three since then and I'm a wreck. I feel so up and down. ...

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  • Bambithegirl 2

    Just passed 5 week mark

    Hi All, So I have just passed 5 completed weeks at 20mg (prior to that I was on 5mg for 4 days then 10 mg for 2 weeks). My main side effects were massive increase in anxiety and loss of appetite but also got low moods much worse in the first few weeks. Morning anxiety has seemed to settle a bit although...

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  • Luke7580 3

    Fluoxetine maximum dose.

    Does anyone know what the maximum dose is? I'm looking online and it seems to be mixed, I was told 60mg, but have seen a some people online saying they're on 80mg?..... Thank you

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  • Seizetheday123 2
  • spice67422 3


    Decided to go to Er to see a psychiatrist. As I have been having increased anxiety on the Prozac !!! But im not sure If it is the prozac or stopping the risperdal or if I needed the risperdal ?! I went and the psychiatrist told me to increase the Prozac to 40 mg and add abilify . Well I did and I was...

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  • Pinkrozez 3

    Week 4 20 mg. cant stop worrying

    I have been on 20 mg Prozac for about 4 weeks now. I definitely feel the anxiety has improved and the lows have also improved. There have been ups and downs but after reading the posts here I am reassured that's also normal. My issue is that even when I am feeling good, I am always SO AFRAID that I'll...

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  • john 1939 1

    Prozac withdrawal

    I have been on Fluoxatine 20mg for 20yrs. I stopped taking them for various reasons about a month ago. I am now suffering light headedness, shivvers throught out whole body core, inpared speach, distorted vision, all lasting  10 to 20 seconds with recovery taking 2-3 minutes. Will, and when will this...

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  • amelia99 1

    night sweats

    has anyone had night sweats with fluoxetine? i've been taking it for 4 years now and have had night sweats which over the last few months have been every night. i've had lots of tests which have have proved nothing. i'am told it could be early menopause (i'm 39!) or the fluoxetine! originally i took...

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  • kirstie 92875 3

    Anxiety and fluoxetine

    I have been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks now I started off on low low dose 10mg after 3-4 weeks I I started to feel a lot better in my self but I was still having a little anxiety at night so my doctor told me to up my dose to 20mg I have bin on for 3 days now and all I've felt during day is severe anxiety...

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  • spice67422 3

    My life . The road that leads no where .

    Hello everybody . So after a brief or rather lengthy trip through the emergency dep to the hospital to see a psychiatrist on duty , I was told to increase my Prozac from 20-40 mg tomorrow ! That's two 20 mg tablets ! As if my anxiety hasn't increased enough already I'm told to do this :o and in addition...

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  • spice67422 3


    So sick . Pacing the floor . Intrusive thoughts and high anxiety with prozac . Stopped risperdal due to high prolactin levels . Then start abilify with this mix and I'm vomiting all morning . Between twitches . Vomiting an drew nightmares I can't cope in addition to this strong energy I'm feeling .

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  • shannon67864 1

    Stopped Prozac 20mg after 4 days still have side effects

    I was put on Prozac 20mg and I took it for 4 days. The first day I was ok but the second day I had a bad panic attack and the third day I was not doing too bad until night time after visiting the er for anxiety about headaches. Then Friday morning I woke up at 4am with full blown anxiety. I was weak...

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  • hope81 2

    Need advice.

    I've been on Prozac for 8 weeks now and am tapering off the xanax. I'm down to half of a .25 two times a day. My head is in a cloud and I feel very dizzy. Has anyone come off this drug. I know what I'm experiencing is withdrawal I am just wondering if anyone personally experienced it and how long it...

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  • laurie12351 3

    Looking for help

    I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on the healing process for depression with Prozac. Sometimes I have had a break from the side effects but still am feeling very depressed. Do the side effects get better first then the depression after? I still feel really down and have negative thoughts. ...

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  • james81531 2

    Thank you

    I've only been on fluoxetine for a few weeks. But it has been very reassuring to search your posts and find answers to my questions. Thank you so much for your willingness to share. I want you all to know that youake difference. Respectfully, James

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  • tealover 2

    Best time to take Fluoxetine?

    Sorry if this is a bit long winded. Started on Fluoxetine 20mg daily 2 weeks ago by my GP for anxiety / depression when I went to see him regarding some physical GI symptoms I am having investigated. Have tried Citalopram many years ago and remember the vile weird heads it used to give me, and came...

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  • lisa48485 2

    update hope for new starters

    6weeks ago I was terrified of what might happen to me, I've never tried Anti depressants and I'd hit an all time low and couldn't see a way out, the first step to recovering is recognising your not yourself and making the appointment, so a pat on the back for that, not knowing anything about this medication...

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  • laurie12351 3

    Need support

    Omg, I can't handle this anxiety, nausea, depression and constant shaking. iI know I have complained of this a lot but I so desperately need help. I just don't want to go on like this anymore. I try to be strong but this agony drains it out of me. I hate being the way I am. Laurie

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  • susan76834 2

    Is this a side effects??!

    Started having acid reflux and my throat burns like crazy especially at night. Also feel like my crotch is on fire. Dr told me to take liquid antacid but it Doesn't help. Is the anxiety doing this or am I allergic to flu? Can't sleep and Losing weight. Never had this before. 20 mg now for six weeks....

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  • shane 81689 3

    What should I expect by now need advice

    Hi everyone Just need to know if this is going to work eventually.. Been on fluoxatine now 14 weeks.. 10 weeks on 20mg and the last 4 weeks on 40mg I was given these for anxiety/depression and panic disorder.. Don't get me wrong they have lifted the depression and my mood so much that I can enjoy...

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  • hilary09350 2


    Hi been on Prozac for 9 weeks some improvement but still having awfull anxiety in the mornings does anyone else have this ?

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  • susan76834 2

    Six weeks and not doing well

    Had three almost normal days and now I feel like absolute crap again. The negative thoughts are horrible. Feel like this won't work. Thought once I hit six weeks it would be better. This is the longest six weeks of my life. Summer is passing me by. It's all I can do to go to work. Tired of living...

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  • danny06999 3

    7 weeks on fluoxetine Sure need some help.

    Hi I've been on citalopram 40 mg. I tried lowering and it messed me up. I was upped to 60 mg citalopram to even me out so they could lower me back down. But a manufacturer change in medicine messed that up. Was switched over to fluoxetine Dec 8th 60 mg. by a cross taper. The 60 was about to drive me...

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  • spice67422 3

    To die

    Hi everyone . Today I have not been feeling well. I am having too many thoughts that I want to end my life . I want to get out of it all and escape it all. I can never be good enough for the company I am with and am not good enough . I don't want to live anymore . This anxiety in my head is killing me...

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  • laurie12351 3

    Need some support

    Im really struggling today. We are hosting my son and his finances, Jack and Jill shower at our house. My daughter and husband have done the majority of the work as I'm not in the best shape right now. My anxiety is building, which means the nausea is also. I having a difficult time with all the people...

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  • abi28 3

    week 7 on fluoxetine - no hope

    Really not happy with the progress on the fluoxetine, I'v been on 20mg now for 7 weeks and was hoping to be back to my normal self by now. I am also on 80mg propranolol. Is it too early days to change the dosage or meds really hoping for more improvement. Thanks

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  • mere03725 3

    Lowering dose....

    I've been on Prozac for 7ish weeks. I switched from Zoloft to pro 150 mg-60 mg. I have been feeling jittery so my doc told me to try 40 mg. Since, I've gotten my period and have been anxious, juttery etc . We talked today and she said try 20 mg for next week-till I see her again next Friday. Of course,...

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  • spice67422 3

    Help me

    I'm sorry to bother everyone but I've never felt so sick . I'm week 5 one day . And since I stopped risperdal it's been down hill. I have really bad stomach sickness . I feel sweaty . My head feels heavy and I feel like my head is going to shake . I literally can just lie in bed . I'm looking on social...

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  • kirstie 92875 3

    Anxiety at night time

    I was diagnosed if general anxiety in Feb 17 I have been taking fluoxetine 2.5mg for 7 weeks now and I have felt so much better in myself ive bin able to go out and be happy but it's night time thats the worse for me I seem to keep waking up when my kids wake up with severe anxiety I get gushes of dizziness...

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  • stephie 09935 2

    Suffering with Prozac withdrawal after 10 years

    About 5 years ago I went from 40mg to 20mg so that was the first step - X1 a day. This year, I began taking 20mg every other day instead of every day. After a few weeks, I stopped. It has now been 1 month since I stopped, I felt OK until now but I am now suffering from horrendous mood swings, crying...

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  • kirstie 92875 3


    Hello I have been on 2.5ml 10mg of fluoxetine for 7 weeks now and I've felt a big change in me but past 4 nights now I have been waking up 4-5 am with severe anxiety gushes of dizziness and believing in my mind my heart is stopping and I'm dying I really don't know what's going on with me I was diagnosed...

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  • spice67422 3

    Anyone similar

    Did you ever hate someone so much because of the pain they caused you and think to yourself and wonder could your life have been so much better if you had never met them or crossed paths with them . That's Me. I hate authority . I hate people who think they have power over you or who think they can control...

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  • spice67422 3

    More drama less effect

    I just feel like I'll never get better. Like seriously it has been so long. I stopped risperdal 0.5, the lowest dose , 4 days ago . I lost it in the kitchen and started shaking my head and shaking convinced I was under hypnosis . As I was hypnotised and ended up in hospital and put on these tablets...

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  • angel75405 2

    4 weeks and still symptoms

    Hi. I have been taking lexapro for 8 months, I had an severe breakdown/anxiety attack 1 month ago. At first my anxiety was much worse. It still there but controllable. I have insomnia and extreme mood swings towards my bf. I love him one minute, the next I don't even like him? Is this normal. I'm extremely...

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