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  • shane 81689 2

    Prozac increase

    Hi all I've been on 20mg dose of prozac for about 8 weeks and have been told by my dr I can increase to 40mg as I'm constantly feeling flat and having a hard time dealing with irrational thoughts about my health and heat in particular. Has anyone else increased on prozac and had benefit from

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  • Pinkrozez 2

    Week 4 20 mg. cant stop worrying

    I have been on 20 mg Prozac for about 4 weeks now. I definitely feel the anxiety has improved and the lows have also improved. There have been ups and downs but after reading the posts here I am reassured that's also normal. My issue is that even when I am feeling good, I am always SO AFRAID that I'

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  • raya44397 2

    My SSRI/PROZAC Success Story

    I don’t find a lot of positive stories about antidepressants, or I find stories where people are taking the antidepressant the wrong way.   I wanted to share my experience.  A positive one.   I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder, SEVERE OCD, and panic disorder for as long as I can remember. 

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  • danny06999 3

    7 weeks on fluoxetine Sure need some help.

    Hi I've been on citalopram 40 mg. I tried lowering and it messed me up. I was upped to 60 mg citalopram to even me out so they could lower me back down. But a manufacturer change in medicine messed that up. Was switched over to fluoxetine Dec 8th 60 mg. by a cross taper. The 60 was about to drive

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  • craig05866 2

    Ups and Downs

    I'm on day 34/35 and getting crazy ups and downs, even within the same day which is so unmotivating. Generally my mindset is ok (much better than it was a few days ago) and my anxiety is reducing, which I guess is a positive sign, but struggling with the inconsistency.  I know by reading this fourm,...

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  • hope81 2

    Blurry vision. Does this go away??

    I've been taking fluoxetine for four weeks now. Gradually increasing the dosage to twenty mg. My vision is blurry and it's like my pupils do not dilate right. I'm supposed to go go up to 40 mg tomorrow but I am scared to bc of the vision issue. It feels like I stare off into space at times. Has

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  • tabatha35163 2

    Digestive issues!!!

    Hi. I'm new to the group. I have been on 40 mg generic Prozac for about 6 weeks. I switched from generic zoloft 150 mg. I am having the worst digestive issues. Heartburn, belching, nausea, feeling like something is stuck in my throat, shakiness, etc. I thought it may be the blue dye in the capsule

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  • moises79 2
  • craig05866 2

    Feel like I have the flu

    Hi  I have been on 20mg per day for nearly a full 6 weeks. Anxiety has dropped a lot vs. where I started and I've been having some good moments (parts of days), but today I feel like I have the flu - sore joints, tired and overall very flat. Is this typical of a blip?  Thanks, Craig 

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  • Dengirl29 5

    Different manufacturer pills make a difference?

    I've been taking Teva brand for the last 2 years and occ. was having a blip here and there but overall doing well. For the last 2 1/2 weeks I've been depressed with intrusive thoughts. I also have been on Yaz and spironolactone over the last month for acne. I was thinking I have PMDD because my depression/

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  • donna30993 2

    Feeling worse after 6 weeks on this normal??

    Hi ​I started 20mg fluoxetine 6.5 weeks ago, and increased to 40mg 2 weeks ago.  I am starting to feel worse the past few days, anxiety is awful, low mood and no energy at all.  Is it normal to feel this at this point? as I thought I would be improving, not getting worse.  Should I stick it out or

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  • laura44826 2

    New to all of this

    I was prescribed 10mg of Fluoxetine for anixety. I am going to start taking it tomorrow and not sure if I want to. The side affects that some ppl talk about scares me. Will I gradually get them or do they come on when you first take it? How long will it take to make me not so panicked? I have

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  • violet1975 2

    Increased anxiety with Prozac - please help!

    Hi, I started Prozac 12 days ago for OCD and related anxiety etc'. Started gradually at 10mg, increasing every 4 days by another 10mg. Now on 30mg and tomorrow will reach 40mg. In general, my anxiety has increased. Strangely, I feel that each time I increase the dosage I have 1.5 better days and

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  • sharon 22416 3


    Hi I thought i would just write and share my experiences to give a little hope to those who have just started fluoxetine and are suffering from the awful side Hang in there! i am 6 months in now and i cannot believe how my life has changed, im laughing every day, i love my job im

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  • samantha42264 2

    Can I lower my dose

    I've been on fluoxetine for about 10 weeks, went up to 40mg about 6 weeks ago, I've really tried to be patient with the side effects but his last week my anxiety is just as bad as before I started these and my depression has increased. I don't have a doc appointment for 2 more weeks but want to get

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  • ria57147 3

    Increased Prozac to 40mg.. not feeling good!

    I've been on Prozac for 3 and a half months for anxiety and secondary depression. Started on 20mg but found little relief. I feel it improved my mood but not the anxiety. On Drs orders I increased to 30mg and felt great for about 5 days then just over a week later went downhill again so I've

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  • Ed123 2

    Weak and no energy. Is it normal?

    Hi all. Ive been on prozac now for about 5 weeks. It still has not helped me much, but luckily the worst initial symptoms are gone(headaches ect). The only problem is that iam very tired all the time and have no energy to do anything. Even getting out of bed is a struggle. Even if i sleep 10 hours

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  • Ed123 2

    4 weeks on fluoxetine

    Hi everyone. Ive been on prozac now for 4 weeks. The worst initial symptoms are gone, but i still feel extremely fatigued and tired all the time. I still dont feel better at all regarding the depression and anxiety. Can it be that the meds takes more than 4 weeks to set in and start working?

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  • abi28 3

    week 7 on fluoxetine - no hope

    Really not happy with the progress on the fluoxetine, I'v been on 20mg now for 7 weeks and was hoping to be back to my normal self by now. I am also on 80mg propranolol. Is it too early days to change the dosage or meds really hoping for more improvement. Thanks

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  • andrew80772 2
  • Guest M

    Strange Fluoxetine side effects

    Hi everyone. Started to take Fluoxetine just over 2 weeks ago after being prescribed them for depression and anxiety. I'm hoping it will get better with time, but at the moment I'm feeling so tired constantly, and like I've lost all my motivation. I'm also feeling quite self conscious around people,...

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  • lisaoffthemeds 2

    Fluoxetine withdrawals my experience

    Hi all I'm giving you my experience as I have been self diagnosing myself with brain tumours and all kinds. I have been to my own doctors 3 times in 6 weeks and I have been to the walk in with no answers to my symptoms except for this forum which has helped me to realise I'm not going to die it's

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  • heatherheather 1
  • abi28 3

    20 weeks now on fluoxetine undecided if to up the dose

    Just looking for some opinions on what people would do. As a lot of you may know due to all my frantic posts on this forum I have been suffering with anxiety and depression now since the beginning of jan and I had a breakdown which led me to start 20mg of fluoxetine and 80mg propranolol still on

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  • sabrina 60225 2

    Fluoxetine week 4 horrible side effects

    Hi I'm new to posting so please bear with me. I'm looking for some reassurance really. I've been on fluoxetine for 5 months, increased to 40mg 4 week and ago. Went through the side effects and this started easing off slowly. The last 4 days I've had extreme anxiety, intrusive thoughts and

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  • susan76834 1

    Been on prozac 12 days

    And am feeling somehwat better, but not better at all.  I could feel the effects of it right away and was doing 'okay.'  But always felt i was going up and down.  Between the middle of feeling good and feeling depression.  The anxiety has kicked up some.  I have read that it takes a while to work.

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  • Ed123 2

    First time on Prozac

    Hi. Ive been on lexamil(escitalopram) for about 8 months and my doctor switched me to prozac(fluoxetine) about 3 weeks ago. Iam on 40 mg per day. Iam not feeling good at all. Iam tired and want to sleep the whole day. Does not matter how much i sleep at night i still wake up feeling very tired. I

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  • lisa48485 1

    Day 10 on these first time with anti depressants

    Hi just reading posts on here, my experience seems to be a more positive one, within a few days of taking these drugs my head became clearer than it had in years I discovered I'd been exhausting my self being over emotional and over anxious about silly little things, I'd been this way for so long I'

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  • mere03725 3

    Prozac (generic) for two weeks-switched from Zoloft

    Hi-I was on 150 mg of Zoloft for about six months. I switched to Prozac two weeks ago, 60 mg. The first week was decent but the past few days, I've been super jittery, like I drank too much caffeine. Heart feels like it's racing. Is this a common side effect? I thought 💭 it would be okay because I

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  • LJK68 3
  • donna30993 2

    Week 7 of fluoxetine.....when will morning anxiety go?

    Ive now been on fluoxetine for 7 weeks.  4 weeks at 20mg, then increased 3 weeks ago to 40mg.  Still don't feel great, slightly better but nowhere near happy.  The morning anxiety is the worst, does this fade? if so, when? and the tiredness is 'm yawning all the time.  I really thought I

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  • abi28 3

    Just don't know what to do 16 weeks on meds

    Hi everyone it's been 16 weeks since I started 20mg fluoxetine and 80mg propranolol, I'm really struggling with negative thoughts and worries once I think of a negative thought and I feel a rush of anxiety that thought then sticks around. I just want them to stop because there so horrible and make

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  • julie77683 1

    Fluoxetine and Tickly Cough!

    Hi all, just a thought really, and wondered if anyone else had suffered with a really tickly cough whilst taking Flux? I have been on 20mg now for 5 months and got over most of the traumatic side effects by about week 6, however I still have a few occasionally and I have a very tickly dry throat

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  • jade95748 1
  • rebecca76002 2

    Fluoxetine crazy thoughts?

    OK so I feel like I'm over posting abit here. I'm on day 4 of fluoxetine been taking them at night as they make me tired. I've had an ok day today however the last couple hours I'm having the most crazy thoughts Eg was in the shop and thought a woman looked like pure evil? I'm due to take another

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