Nearly 5 weeks update and so thankfull for the support on here

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Nearly 5 weeks in on fluoxetine, this page has helped me tremendously. i would like to thank you all for the words of wisdom, reassurance and support you have shown.

the first 2 weeks i was rattled and full of health anxiety anyway so didnt feel worse with anxiety but i was super nauseous.

week 3 i nausea was still there and my appetite was near nothing and im a big eater. nausea was worse in morning.

i also felt like i had tremors in my hands or they were shaky which triggered my anxiety a lot

and too add to it i also caught covid so i had a full on body aches etc from that which didnt help. super bad timing for my mind!

week 4 till now, nausea has gone i love food again the 6 days out of the 7 still have a odd moment where im a little off food but generally ok.

still getting set off by my shaky hands and going to worse case scenario but having a few good moments in between where i can let go of it all and feel a little bit of light at the end of the tunel.

throughout i have bad some weird side effects pains in odd places like my left calf and left hip weather it was from the fluox or a injury and anxiety playing head games with me im

not sure, i definately have IBS from stress and anxiety which started long before the tablets but looking forward to blocking all these worries out and hopefully through the worst of them.

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    This is such a positive update, thank you for sharing. I am on week 8 of 20mg and week 4 of 40 mg and I am also starting to see a positive shift. I hope it keeps improving for you and try to remember this feeling, and the progress, in the tougher moments.

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    We are all with you, I had the left leg pain too. Started as a dull throbbing and soon spread downwards, during the night it would tingle and pulse, but that's gone down now. I also have hand shaking, it feels like you are weak right? They aren't shaking wildly but enough to notice now and then, I also have light headedness and lack of appetite.

    The health anxiety gets out of control, you start noticing every single pain, twinge, itch and go to worst case scenario. You Google the symptoms and of course it has the worst on display, problem is, symptoms overlap.

    Fluoxetine is hard to get onto, it's pretty slow acting, but hopefully we can all one day think of this moment in our lives as a bad memory and a point of reflection for how good it feels to feel good.

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    Hiya Heath, and Daisy if you're following this thread. It's brilliant news to hear you're both on the road to much better times, sounds very much like the fluox is working it's magic and the side effects are gradually going away. Don't be too disappointed if you get a downer blip, it won't last long, and don't think the meds have stopped working, they still are in the background, and you'll be back on track soon enough. Hopefully you won't get any, I've had one so far. I'm in week 9 and suddenly the difference is extraordinary, I'm feeling really alive, the fatigue has pretty much gone other than being knackered having lost two stone and going through utter hell since August, no anxiety at all today, slept 7 hours through and no dreams or night sweats. No nausea, omg!! I shall never ever eat another banana or bloody smoothie for the rest of my life!! Just had a huge breakfast earlier, appetite is back!! Still got shaky hands but it's actually making me laugh, just chucked a load of coffee on the floor, it's a small price to pay for the relief. Keep on going, it'll be worth it!

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      Hi Phil, this message and also your reply to Joanne is so lovely to read! I can hear the joy in it! it feels so nice to be myself again, I was really scared she'd disappeared!

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      Hi Daisy, thanks for the nice message. I've just had the best few days in years, I know it's possible to crash again but like I said, I'll know what's happening if it does, but I suspect even the blips will go in time. I think one side effect I haven't seen much of in any forum is that of being so elated and happy it might affect our judgement, like at the moment I'm feeling, hey I couldn't care less about how good I might feel after feeling so bad for so many years. Driving also, I very nearly made a bad decision to overtake the car in front, then realized this is the bloody meds. I stopped for a bit on a lovely road kind of overlooking the motorway and watched the most amazing sunset, then just chilled out and had a peaceful journey home! I'm sure I'm being the real me now, although he seems to be a bit of a stranger at the moment, a bit of a blank template, but I'm determined to fill that with good things and be the best I can be, not forgetting how I and others have felt on this weird trip into our own heads and hearts. Best Wishes to you all. Time starts now x

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    hey guys, thanks so much for the words of encouragement.

    im sorry i have been mia, let me fill you in.

    sooo i have had a few huge blimps. trying my hardest to breath and not think negative but somehow still convincing myself something is wrong. my health anxiety atm is all about my muscle pain and shakes in my hands. iv been getting left hip for calf pain. im a tradesman and on ladders all day you think i would just think its that but of course my mind goes straight to ms or something hectic like that. ive been reading books, stretching, exercising just trying to think good things and stimulate my mind but ive been struggling. everyone on here gives me such encouraging words and i love it but i just wish i could soak it all

    in. today i had my work xmas party and made the mistake of trying to drink alcohol. ohhh boy was that a mistake!!! Triggered me 100% im laying here with the shakes thinking the worst! why why cant i just feel normal like everyone else around me. im scared, i have a 8 month old daughter and i just want to be the best version of myself

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