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Morning everyone,

Two weeks into dieting with these little blue pills and only lost 2lbs so far, feels a little deflated as I'm dreading going for my monthly weigh in with the doc and not seeing much more coming off ! 

Wonder if I'm doing anything wrong as I'm sticking to the fat intake rules and walking to and from work daily which  takes an hour in total. Feel like giving up, maybe the tablets are just not for me. My belly is bloated and swollen come late afternoon from drinking loads of water ! Would that resolve itself soon ?

I have had the orange oil once or twice but I've put that down to trial and error as I'm new to this diet. 

Any advice would be great ..... Thanks guys 

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    Lisa I was like this but perserved and at my 4 week weigh in had lost 10lbs.  All of a sudden I just seemed to stop feeling bloated it was around the 3 week mark.  A lot of people commented to me to give them three weeks before you start seeing results.  They do work.  I've been lucky enough to not have any orange as I tend to follow a low fat diet anyway. 

    Are you eating enough, you need to eat for you metabolism.  I use my fitness pal and average around 1.400 calories a day (although I started at over 19st).  Fill up on chicken, fruit, veg and low fat snacks.  I drink roughly around 3/4 pints of water a day.

    There are loads of helpful tips on this site I spent a time going through them and making some notes.

    Hope this helps.  Keep at it and good luck with your next weigh in. confused

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    Try to stick with it, I have promised myself not to get on the scales because I know that everyone’s metabolism is different. If you are concerned about the bloating you really should see your doctor.

    I watched a program on TV about secret eaters a couple of weeks back, found it very interesting. It was about couples that were on a diet and could not lose weight. A camera followed them around unbeknown to them they filmed what they actually ate, it made me sit up and realise that I was eating things without even knowing it! For example when I make pack lunches for the kids, I would eat the left over piece of cheese or ham, or if they left a chip or two on the plate without even thinking about it!

     I am not suggesting for one minute that’s what you are doing, but it’s not just about fat is it, it’s about calorie intake too. I’m sure you will start to lose weight if u stick with it, I am trying my hardest because if I don’t lose enough after the first month they will take me off my little blue buddies, the Doc said it’s the “carrot before the donkey” The fact is they seem do work if you stick to what you have been advised by your nurse or doctor.

    There is a wealth of support and advice in this group and we have to champion

    each other on in order to reach our goal of being a healthy weight. I personally have a long way to go, I don’t like to go on about my diet/weight to friends and family, because I get upset with myself for not watching what was going in my mouth over the last 5 years. I am on my 5th day now, *orange thingy* the 2nd day, but that was me just testing it out! LOL   ///*.*\\\ x x x x

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    Hi the bloating is normal you have to drink a lot of water to shift it plus are you due a period? that causes extra bloat. Everyone lose weight at different rates stick with it but i would suggest 2+ ltrs a day buy a bottle of evian 2ltr and fill up i remember when i first started i was bloated drank tons of water bloating went and since then i have stuck to it. don't forget constipation causes bloat
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      I'm drinking about 5 pints of water a day ! Should I drink more ? 

      Been reading your success on here, bloody well done that's fab what you have achivied. 👍🎉. Reading your story as give me and probably loads others HOPE of achieving our goals, big thank you for taking time out to help others 👼 xx

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      Hi Lisa yes drink a lot more than that i buy evian 2ltr bottles drink it then refill from the tap i drink a lot anywhere between 4 on a bad day and 6-8 generally i always know when i haven't had enough because i do be bloated. just start increasing it slowly i started with 2 then 4 and so on.

      Aww thankyou so much i would hate to think of people struggling on these i know what the early days are like you will achieve it you just have to stick to it i dread to think what would have happened if i hadn't started taking them it's never too late

      and don't ever worry about small losses 2lb off is better than 2lb on even staying the same is better than adding weight. I have said to myself i will never ever be that person again it's enough to keep me on the straight and narrow lol if you ever need any help please just post back or send me a message smile X


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    Hiya Lisa :-)

    Just thought I would check to see how you are feeing and how its all going for you on Oristat?

    Are you still feeling bloated and swollen? did you manage to drink more water? and if so has it helped you any?


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      Hi  :-)

      Yes still feel bloated but I'm just coming to the end of my period !!

      I've been drinking about 4 litres of water daily, maybe another couple more is needed. 

      Got doctors in the morning 😥 for my monthly check up and by my scales it looks like a 3lb loss😭 , which I think is rubbish considering everyone else's.  Oh well will see what he's got to say, he might take me off them or try another month ! 

      I'm dreading visiting him as I've been really good and been walking to and from work which is 2.4 miles per day 5 days a week ! 😬

      Thanks for asking 😀 xx

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      Fingers crossed for you Lisa :-)

      Dont be concerned with what others have lost, its about your road to being healthy. Go to the food cupboard and pick up tins to the weight of 3lbs and put them in a carrier bag, you will be shocked at how heavy 3lbs actually is!

      Tell the doctor you have been walking to work and doing your best and you would like another try at it if you think he wont give you another supply. It might be worth it to tell him how much water you have been drinking, the fact that you are still feeling bloated might indicate you are retaining water. Have you cut down on your salt intake?

      The thing is Lisa, you dont know exactly what the others are eating or doing to achieve such weight losses, I am aware there are a couple on here that are on a very low calorie diets, some like myself are swimming too.

      I am dreading going back to my GP too, because even now I know I should try harder. I shall be thinking of you tomorrow Lisa x


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      Hi all, 

      Just returned from the doctors and all I've managed to lose is 3.5lbs in just under 4 wks. I feel a little disappointed but doctors happy with my small weight loss and gave me another months supply ! Just hope I lose my in the next 4 wks xx

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