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i have been bloating for the longest i can remember. after i eat or drink, big or small, i bloat like crazy. i tried eliminating some foods and tried figuring out what stimulates the bloating but i have come to the conclusion that no matter what i eat, i bloat. i do exercise regularly. i am pretty healthy. my diet contains whole foods and i feel healthy. but everytime i consume food or liquid, i bloat. and the thing is, is that i have no pain. it doesn't hurt. i have tried probiotics, digestive enzymes, and fiber supplements but nothing worked. i am not constipated as much. but if i am, fiber does not work for me. or even laxatives. at this point, i absolutely have no idea what to do. i tried teas and foods that aid in bloating like ginger, still nothing. i am pretty skinny and lean except for my bloated stomach. i am average for the weight of my age, which is 16. bloating has occurred to me since childhood. my stomach is bloated and its not fat. i see my abs if i flex hard enough but when relaxed, it is bloated. when i tap my stomach it sounds hollow. i tried tablets like gas x that could release gas easier, still didn't decrease my distended stomach. besides my bloating, i am a very average, normal, teenage girl. what can i do?

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    I have a similar problem but I'm much older. There could be a variety of reasons so it's a case of try it and see.

    1. Don't rush your food, gulping in air as you go.
    2. Don't eat big meals, graze and stop eating after 8pm.
    3. Stop eating sugar and check contents for hidden sugars.
    4. Limit fruit especially berries.
    5. Eat plenty of protein but limit carbs.
    6. Drink lots of water but don't go mad.
    7. Forget the pills.
    8. If nothing works then go see a doctor.


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    Sorry your having problems..I was thinking maybe low stomach acid?? But if it's happening even when you drink water...I dont know. If your body cant digest due to low stomach acid then I would say you'd be bloated but probably feel discomfort as well. I have lots of bloating myself and I think mine is due to when I eat gluten and fresh cheese like american or mozzarella. I cant drink milk either. Just trying to think. Try a glass of water with apple cider vinegar( like a teaspoon?) to see if that helps break down your food better. Hope you figure it out!

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      Hi nina

      Supermarket begins with 'T' if your in UK which has a huge range, but others have some gluten and wheat free range plus lactose free. If you have suffered since childhood i would say you may be gluten and lactose intolerant...

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    Hi nina62239

    I used to suffer with bloating until i changed to gluten free and wheat free foods. Ate very little greens such as sprouts and cabbage which caused bloating and gas substituting with vitamin supplements. I also ate gluten free and wheat free bread and rolls etc.,. I do eat greens but in very small portions now and again. I also changed to lactose free foods, milk and cheese, buttery spreads and yogurts etc. No fizzy or sugary drinks cut down on alcohol, also gave up spicy foods and sauces unless gluten free, also no acidic fruits and i took probiotics, don't give up taking them! I changed my whole way of eating. You can buy a variety of gluten and wheat free foods also lactose free foods in very popular supermarkets they have gluten and wheat free sections and freezer also lactose free section. Give it a whirl see how you get on. It worked for me and others that i know who suffered bloating and accumulated gas...

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      ive already tried being lactose and gluten free, i still bloat. i disklike fizzy drinks so ive never really had it in my diet. i also dont chew gum.

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    Have you tried to eliminate sugar from your diet? Including fruit juice, sweet smoothies and sweet fruits. Try this for 2 weeks at least and see if it helps. Eliminating things for a couple of days won't make a difference you have to do it for a while. There are a lot of hidden sugars in everything, so most people have way too much sugar in their diets. Whatever you eat, look at the nutritional value by carbohydrates of which sugars and make sure it is always below 9. Tomato sauces for pasta, ready meals or table sauces like ketchup always have a lot of hidden sugars so try to check everything. Eat salad every day and things like olives and avocado. There are also yoghurt drinks with kefir in which have helped with my bloating but make sure you get the plain yoghurt rather than the sweet variety. Also check out a low fodmap diet. Finally, if if all else fails ask your doctor about antispasmodic tablets like Alverine. You can also buy from your pharmacy Deflatine which helps.

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