Bloating and lots of Gas

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why am i getting a lot of bloating and gas in my stomach?  what causes this?

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    Get on a FOBMAP diet,that is good to eleminate wheat, milk etc so you can see what is causing the issue, but please go and get your self checked from the GP my daughter was 22 when she started having gas bloating issues, she had a Gastroscopy ad they detected mild gastritis, she found milk and too much fried food was the cause,

      A lot of people are having lactose issues as well as whet fruitose, my friends both her daghters too ad the same issue and they are in their 20's one went for a more thorough test, and they checked her for fruitos, sorbitel etc and she also had fruitose and lactose issues, Sometimes if your period is due it can happen before its due owever it soud like IBS just like vick599941 says, by the way my daughter has the same name except begins with a Karina

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      I have had loads of tests recently (see my response about my scan above) and have also had an endoscopy which revealred a hiatus hernia.  I think i will go back to GP to get further testing.
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    It's an intolerance to some food you are eating. 

    IN my case, it's lactose in dairy and beans, chick peas etc.

    you need to start a lonG hard examination of what you eat.

    write down what you eat, how much and bloating effects.

    takes a long time bIt makes life much much better!

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      Thanks.  I think i need to be tested for problems with my digestive system, i've no idea what could be going on with my insides.
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      Best to become an expert yourself - doctors often get it wrong and put you on a damaging course of treatment

      How to become expert? By googling, googling, googling and testing foods and writing down the results. Took me 2 years but I am so pleased I done it

      Now I pretty much know what's going to happen in my tummy when I eat this or that food. And like Ruth I used to be able to empty entire buildings when I passed wind! THAT IS NO LONGER TRUE.

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    Gluten free may help with the bloating.  I also am lactose free and sugar free in order to eliminate the terrible gas problem.  It takes time to figure out what I can eat, but well worth the trouble.  I can now go out in public without fear of passing awful odorous gas.  Feel like I have my life back.
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    Simple things like swallowing too much air can casue gas and nose if often congested so breathe through mouth at night and not ice probs are worse, also walking with mouth open or speaking when eating!

    I can't eat onions, cabbage, garlic or pulses - the worst for building up of GAS!!

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    Were you all diagnosed with digestive disorders like IBS?  i have had no conclusive diagnosis for my gas and bloating other than the Radiologist mentioned it whilst she was scanning me for gallstones (although it turned out that i don't have gallstones but have a cyst in my liver).  I did mention what she said about the gas and bloating to my GP but she didn't seem too worried about it.
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      Doctors didn't seem very concerned.  Just said everybody passes gas.  Obviously they haven't had a problem.  Finally decided it was up to me to figure it out.  So far I know it is wheat, dairy and sugar.  I will try different foods to see how I react to them and make a note as to how my system reacts.  Not an easy process, but if it means getting my life back and having confidence in public, it's worth all the effort.
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      if you give up wheat, dairy and sugar it may solve the problem. Unless it's to do with greens or beans or something else.

      I recommend giving up wheat completely - even vegetable Stacy they add to sauces and Pringles etc etc.

      Dairy you can eat low lactose dairy which you need for calcium. we need a lot I repeat a lot of calcium nearly every day.

      also, sugar? You don't have to give it up completely but nit gorge on it. 

      I started drinking pure honey because I was getting depressed. Seemed to stop the depression in its tracks. 

      All best.

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    Having read your post you sound similar to me, I have had two scans for gallstones due to my symptoms/pain in right side etc nothing showed up. Am going for endoscopy tomorrow and hopefully this will show something up, I am constantly bloated and feel sluggish, full of wind that also showed up on my first scan, it was that bad they had to scan through my ribs on each side to see the organs! It is taking over my life my clothes dont fit or are uncomfortable to wear, I am so bloated and uncomfortable and constantly belch and the other..., my husband laughs but its so annoying!


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      I have just read your comment about constant bloating and discomfort which rang a huge bell with me! I started using a CPAP machine for Sleep Apnea and after four or five weeks,I noticed I was hugely swollen and tight in my upper stomach area. Saw my Dr who straight away sent me for a CT scan. This came up blank, so I decided to do my own research! After much searching I came up with CPAP Bloat which happens when the air being pumped into your lungs by the CPAP machine gets forced into your stomach as well! I've stopped using the machine but the pain and bloating has not gone away 😱 Doctor prescribed Mebeverin but no joy. I've just spoken to the Sleep Clinic and they have told me to see my doctor asap. Can't get in until 29th June!!! I don't belch or do much of the other so it's still going on. I am in so much discomfort that it's driving me nuts! Let me know how you get on with your endoscopy. I had a tummy tuck and Lipo done about 9 years ago and boy does this make me feel stretched to bursting!!

      Thanks for 'listening'.......

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