Bloating & brain fog after meals

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I have been producing a lot of gas for about 4-5 years now,  but recently for about 3 months I have started to feel really bloated after meals(to the point when it's hard to tie my shoes even though I am a slim guy in my 20's), and it feels like no gas comes out (belly gets huge as well), and it gets worse in the evening, after I have eaten for the whole day. It doesn't matter what I eat, so I don't believe it's an intolerance issue, as I have experimented with many foods, but  dairy does aggrivate  the symptoms the most, so I try to stay away from it. One food may cause me these symptoms one day and it can do nothing the other. Another symptom is brain fog, which occurs about 10 minutes afer I have a meal. I feel the best in the morning, when I haven't eaten anything. I did a sort of a low carb diet, which made the symptoms partialy go away, but never completely. It helped a lot with the brain fog after meals. When I went back to a regular diet, even a single banana would make me extremely bloated and the brain fog would occur in about 10-15 minutes. The switch from this diet made the symptoms extremely strong. A gastroenterologist professor prescribed me spasmomen (40mg) for this, but after about 20 days using it 3 times a day the symptoms still persist. I have a history with accutance and antibiotics, but that was a long time a go(at least 3 years since I last took antibiotics). My stools are fine, no diarrhea or constipation, and no pain. Fiber intake is optimal. I have started to incorporate sauerkraut in my diet every day, as I have never really followed that much to my probiotics intake, and it does make me bloated and have a stronger brain fog a lot more than other foods(probiotic supplements did the same thing). I have been eating sauerkraut for about 20 days, but no improvement, I even feel worse. Should I continue?

What could be causing this and what should be my next move?

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    Also a bonus for these symptoms is a white coating in the back of my tongue, which usually builds up more if I have the orher symptoms.
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      A white coating on your tongue may be a sign of candida.  Any food that makes you worse should be avoided. I find sauerkraut highly acidic and gives me heartburn.  Ask your doctor about candida.
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    Hi, I for example just get so bloated when I eat processed food and bread - I think they probably put stuff in it that your body can't handle. yesterday it was a soup I got out of a can.. horrible.. - the day before it was a bagel 

    What helps me is Kombucha during the day - even green tea sometimes helps me - and Probiotics in the morning. Sauerkraut is great, but it literally cleans your whole system : ) And enzymes are great as well. 

    I can;t also handle milk and yogurt.. it makes me really brain fogged - kefir is fine though. I think it is that you probably have some kind of a inflammation and I have heard that milk stimulates the acid production so it probably hurts your stomach. 


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      Milk neutralises acid production and soothes your stomach because it is alkaline.  It is only a problem if you are intolerant to it.  Everyone is different.  Milk is a great antacid for me and it cured my grandad’s ulcer.
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      Hi, yes, that‘s what I also thought and I actually drank milk to reduce my acid reflux in my pregnancy, but it just helps in small amounts and just if it is a low fat milk.

      The calcium in milk coats the stomach lining and protects it from the irritation. Commercial antacids contain calcium carbonate.

      But the fat content in milk may increase acidity.

      Maybe a rule of thumb is drinking a small quantity of milk (few sips or half a cup) can help acidity but drinking milk in large quantities may increase acidity.

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      I drink full fat, raw milk.  Sometimes I sip it but other times I take a glassful of it and in both occasions it reduces my acid.  In fact the more I take, the greater the antacid effect. As I said, my grandad took large quanities of milk for his ulcer and cured it.  To be honest, there is no one size fits all. What works for some may not work for another.
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    I got the exact symptoms as yours 10 years back. I used to get these kind of symptoms when I eat in restaurant or bit fatty foods. Now after 10 years I suffer every meal even it's normal.i would advice straight away to check the gallbladder with HIDA scan and ultrasound for any stones and endoscopy for any gastritis. The sooner you rule out this is good for you. For years I have been diagnosed with gastritis and then after 5 years found my gallbladder not working and another 5 years gallstones formed.10 years is a waste of time from all aspects. Get these 3 test done and fix it instead of trying for home remedies. I tried these 10 years nothing worked. I'm still wondering if gallbladder causing gastritis or other way around. And actually which is causing my bloating still struggling to find out.

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     Buy a container of Ghee  and a package of empty Gelatin Capsules. Fill a capsule with some of the Ghee and take it on a empty stomach. Don't eat and drink as litte as possble for at least an hour . The Ghee container Butyric Acid which is in our small intestine. Although I bought Butyric acid in dietary supplements from the health food store it doesn't work as well as the Ghee. Try it and let me if it works.

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