Bloating every time i eat...?

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I'm not sure why, but whenever i eat anything, i seem to bloat quite badly, to the point where I look pregnant. I don't know if it's a case that i've got IBS or not, because it doesn't seem to matter what i eat? i don't know whether to make an appointment with the docs for an afternoon and go there with the 'evidence' or not? I wonder if anyone can shed any light on this? it's been happening for a few months now and is getting worse. I am fairly sure i have a wheat intollerance because i can't eat any bread but am unsre about other food items? If you could let me know what you think i would be grateful and would be happy to take part in any discussion. Thank you.

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    Hi beckie,

    I'd make that appointment with the gp if I were you.

    It could be one of several things, IBS or food intolerance being two examples.

    It's often a good idea to make a list of your symptoms to take with you, so you don't forget anything important. Doctors are usually quite happy for you to do this as it gives them the full picture to work on.

    I'm sure that once you've had a chat about it all to the doc and got a diagnosis you will feel more in control of whatever it is you have.

    Be prepared for a blood test and possibly other tests once the diagnosis has been made.

    Good luck and hope you begin to feel better soon. Fanny Jane.

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    Thanks for the advice. I will keep a note of the synptoms and go from there. Thank you for a reply!
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    Check side effects of any meds you are on. I the same had this for months, getting progressively worse. got determined to get it sorted and checked my medicines sides and it was a common side ofomeprazole. Stopped taking them - hey presto - improved immediately and virtually gone! Discuss stopping with your doc tho' - try an alternative to any you think could be causing the prob.

    Best wishes.

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    Hi Becki,

    ..sounds like similar symptoms to my daughter, she changed to a gluten free diet and her condition improved quite quickly, she also drinks soya milk instead of cows which has helped too. good luck smile

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    Hi, I've suffered with this for years! I look like I'm expecting triplets, most of the time! and I'm 55!!

    I've been told it's IBS. and really not had much help from my Doctor.

    Had all the investigations at the hospital.

    So, just got to live with it.

    all, I get from my GP is peppermint oil. doesn't help.

    I decided, about 7 months ago, to go, wheat/Gluten and yeast free.

    Basically, all I eat is salad. Very boring!

    It hasn't made any difference.

    But, everyones different, so try anything!

    It's so painful and uncomfortable, clothes, don't fit.

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    Hi 2357, really sorry to hear your story. Your gp should be offering you more than peppermint oil. There are several anti-spamodics for flare ups and medications for bowel problems that you could be offered. You may not need them all the time but necessary for flare-ups. You can also ask to be reffered to a dietician as this service is available on the NHS, although there can be a long waiting list.

    Yes diet makes a huge difference and if you look through this forum at past IBS questions you will find reams of stuff on diets, I have contributed to some myself. Also there are other forums dedicated to IBS which are very informative..

    Living on salad isn't really the answer. You need to try and work out what triggers you off and what doesn't.

    As a rule Oats are fine for nearly everyone with IBS, pears are the best fruit. Rice crackers are good in a flare up. Oat bread toasted is good and filling without irritating the gut.

    Ginger tea is very good also and calms down an irritated gut. Only the proper Birt and Tang's one though, which is smooth and delicious with a little honey added. Twinnings teas are very bitter.

    Some people find pro-biotics very helpful as well. My gp suggested I had a week on and a week off with them otherwise you can end up with too many good bacteria.

    I personally have had to give up cheese, yogurts, meat, anything spicy or creamy, crisps, sweets, bananas and citrus fruits and lots more. I still manage to eat well as I can tolerate light fish, most vegetables but not beans, plain biscuits, jellies, decaffinated tea, porridge oats (which I hated at first but now absolutely love) rice but not pasta.

    Cooked food is always more digestable than uncooked and some IBS sufferers cannot eat salad. Very often fructose can be a problem for IBS sufferers and artificial sweetners of all kinds.

    The bloating should go down when you hit on the right foodstuffs for you but it can take a while.

    Hope you can get some more advice and find some relief soon, Fanny Jane.

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      Dear fanny jane-because of diet and other things that would change. I have been scared to go to my gp for severe bloating gas diarrhea or going a week with out a bm but you make an ibs diet sound appealing. I have 7 people in my house to feed and they would all be on my diet. Tonight I bbq'd chicken with s & p, a little garlic steamed carrots and a pasta side. My stomach hurts so badly now. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night with painful bloating. I can only drink one type of coffee and now that's starting to hurt my stomach. This post of yours gives light at the end of a dark tunnel.

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    Hi 2357,

    So sorry to hear about your dietary challenge. I've heard A LOT of similar stories. Some people are very lucky and have GPS that help them hit the nail on the head straight away, but most people I talk to end up doing all the legwork themselves ... the smart thing to do is ask on forums like this: which you've done!

    The advice above chimes with everything else I hear, but I would summarise it as:

    1) Plan an elimination diet

    2) As part of this diet be very vigilant about what is in the food you eat: if you're putting malt vinegar in a dressing onto your salad you are eating gluten ... if you're eating a breath mint it may contain casein that is a dairy-based allergen.

    Hopefully you will get on top of everything and fin that there is more you can eat than you can't eat in the end ... and will end up much healthier than most other people as a result!

    Kind regards, Robin.

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    I am in the same boat.  I bloat like I am 7 months pregnant.  I got tested with a blood test, stool test and saliva test and it came back with 30 sensitivities.  For 8 months now I have not had glutens, dairy, eggs, tomatoes, almonds, etc..etc.. I don't cheat.  I can eat perfectly and find myself completely bloated and inflammed and can't stand to even have my clothes on.  I have more good days now than I had, but is it worth it not to EVER get to each what others are eating?  It's a constant burden to my family to work around me ad feel bad for me.  Plus I feel bad for myself.  I also have not lost one pound for those 8 months with no breads (can't evn have gluten free bread because of the dairy and eggs), no pasta, to desserts etc.... Something is very wrong and I can't seem to find any help at all. 
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    Probably low stomach acid. Try supplementing with betaine HCl. Your dosage can vary and there are contraindications. Do your research and try it.
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    Unfortunately for us, it is nice to hear that others suffer from the same problem.  It is so embarassing to be out, and have my stomach swell to the point I look pregnant or really heavy.  My clothes become comfortable too, and I want to hide my stomach.  It does not seem to matter what I eat or how much. It is also physically uncomfortable.   I guess we need to watch for good days, and see what, if anything we did different. 
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    I feell like I am finally getting a BREAKTHROUGH!  I went to the Natureopath that I used to go years ago and with testing she said that my fungus levels were high.  She also said becaus of my age (58) my body wasn't producing Hydrocloric Acid anymore.  Now I take two of those with each meal and is has cut out almost all of the bloating!  Also I am now on the Doug Kaufman Phase one Diet and listen to this...... After hardly eating anything for three years and gaining weight.  I lost 5 lbs. in one week!!  I am so thrilled right now.  This diet is by no mean easy at all, but I am really seeing results.  He has several books out on fungus and I think his website is Knowthecause.  you can google it, FINALLY! I am seeing some results.  My natureopath also wants me taking Psyllium Husk Caps alone with the diet.  This diet will starve and kill the fungus in your body and the husk caps will pass them out of your body once they die. 
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      Wow, thanks for your message; finally some good news! Can you give me a little more information. What two pills are you taking for your fungus and acid issues? I. Going to order the book you suggested a d take the psyllium husk.
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    HI All ;

    IBS may start in the liver; and then affect the gallbladder and then the bowel. OR it could be something like bad bacteria (h pylori). 

    This can be assisted to improve by taking MILK thistle for the Liver; and liquorice tablets for the h pylori.

    Please introduce a pro-biotic/ yoghurt. Please ALSO be mindful of inflammation :take something like Turmeric and/or GARLIC - which are anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories as well.

    Change of diet; eat some tomatoe soup (tomatoes with the skins on are good for you) .Change from Caffeine drinks to green tea/ coconut water if you can.

    I hope this helps all you people diganosed with IBS and that you get better sooner... smile


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    Hey Becki,

    You most likely do have IBS, as recommended above keep a diary of what you eat and when you flare up, your doctor should be able to help with that information.

    Insist you have your bloods tested and have your stools tested too, there's all sorts of things they can find out from there (such as ceoliac etc.)

    Asked to be refered to a nutritionist, and enquire about going on FODMAP, it's a diet which resets your body and introduces certain food groups one by one to see if it is one of those which is causing the issues.

    Keep active, drink lots of water, avoid brocolli, cabbage, legumes (beans, lentils etc) and try cutting out garlic and onion for a bit and see if that helps.

    Good luck!

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