Bloating/Gas/Upper RUQ Abominal &back pain/major anxiety HELP

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Hello Everyone,

I am hoping someone can relate. I am a 28 years old male. For the past three years I have been having issues with my abdominal region and more recently my back and leg. It all started with Upper right quadrant (right under ribs) and lower right quadrant pain. Occasional upper mid abdominal pain. My stool changes regularly from normal, to diarrhea, to constipation. Currently I am suffering chronic constipation and upper to mid right back pain. over the last three years I have had 2 days of my chest, 2 CT - 1 with and 1 w/out contrast, and a CT of my chest. everything is coming back normal. I had a swollen lymph nodes in my right groin. During evaluation they discovered a hernia. During the repair they attempted to biopsy the lymph node but it "fell apart". A second lymph node popped up down there a year later including balanitis (unusual if circumcised and I am cleanly). The lymph node was biopsied and nothing was found it was deemed reactive. I found it interesting this happened after the hernia repair (repaired with mesh). I have had pain down since the repair. since then my digestion has been out of whack as mentioned before. I do not have pale white stools but the color does vary, less often. the normal brown and more on the light side. Occasionally they float and are are often loose. They tested my stool for pancreatic function and it was fine. My total Bile is slightly elevated but not of concern according to my doctor. I have naturally high cholesterol and thought the medication was causing me issues so am I currently taking a break from them. I now also have pain in my right leg often behind my knee and in my calf, but it does come and go.. mot sure it is related and does not appear swollen. I have multiple little lumps in both of my groins but primarily on my right thigh. This has only been felt but not scanned, the doctor says they are lipomas. I have never been overweight. I am 5 10 and 165 lbs. as a result I am a nervous wreck as mo one can pinpoint the issue. I was diagnosed with IBS and have been doing my best to manage my food intake, but the gas and flatulence is unrelentless no matter what I do. I spend many nights googling and am now learning that has to stop. for a while I thought I had lymphoma, then Abdominal Aneurysm (my abdomen on left side near ribs beats at the same rate as my heart almost all of the time) now pancreatic cancer. I am going mad! My blood pressure is now consistently at 140/80 which is high for my build and activity level. I exercise every day, but I do work a very high stress desk job, recently purchased a house, and have a baby on the way. I have an ultrasound scheduled next week to review my liver, gallbladder, and pancreas (if it can be seen). I want to live my life and be happy about all of the great things going on but I am having trouble. I think I have developed major health anxiety, but the pain, lumps, and physical changes are real! I am also worried I have a blood clot in my right leg but I can't tell. I plan to see my PCP asap to discuss the symptoms in my leg. i am so exhausted any advice is welcomed. Thank you.

also all blood counts are good, cholesterol is currently within normal limits, and I have been tested for every STD nothing has come back. Ask any questions you have.

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    update for everyone following:

    My GP completed an examination of my right leg and said he did not believe I had a blood clot which was nice. He did not have an explanation for the slightly swollen vein behind my right knee but was not concerned. I also had an ultrasound of RUQ done recently. I just realized they never shared results about my general billary ducts, liver, or pancreas, or veins or anything.. so I assume that means everything appeared fine there. However, he did say I have sludge in my gallbladder and questionable gallstone. I said what does questionable mean, he said it may just all be sludge but could possibly be a gallstone. So my head and anxiety have taken me back to my pancreas. I have the persistent right back pain, the swollen vein in my right leg, which I believe is called thrombosis if there is actually a blood clot, fluttering abdomen which is consistent with my heart beat, and slightly palpable lymph nodes along the left side of my neck. Now all of this could be coincidental. I have been recommended to see a surgeon for evaluation of possible gallbladder removal and an abdominal CT. I am hoping the gallbladder issue, IBS, and anxiety are my issues and not pancreatic cancer. My stools are often light, not white clay colored but light brown almost yellowish. They vary in consistency which I know is an IBS symptom as well.

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      I have got slight pain in RUQ aswell. I've had blood tests done for liver function and some other stuff and also ultrasound on liver, kidneys and gallbladder...the doctor was happy with the results. The pressure/pain seems to disappear quite a lot but has flared up recently which I can only think was caused by alcohol and fatty foods. Do you drink alcohol often johnny? I think mines triggered by eating fatty food or alcohol. (bit of a binge)

      I also have slight anxiety which is reflected in headaches/worry i have a lot. Dad has IBS but I've never been diagnosed with that.

      Very similar symptoms to what you are experiencing. What are you going to do next to find out what it could be?

      Hope you symptoms get better 😃

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      Hi Stj000342, sorry to hear you are having some troubles as well. I think we have similar pains. It is never severe, morebof a dull persistent ache. Also your Dad has IBS and his symptoms are similar? Is it more of a flare or constant for him, same for you. Do you feel pain when it is not flaring up?

      I do not drink a lot of alcohol, but I do have the occasional fatty food which seems to cause me the most problems. I might drink once a month, maybe twice if there is something to celebrate! With that said I had pizza yesterday and was good... so i have selective IBS it seems lol. I am currently pending follow-up on my gallbladder, but GI cannot see me until September. I am going to a new GI for a second opinion before seeing a surgeon about my gallbladder. Before they take the thing from me I want to be sure it is causing my problems. I have heard mixed stories about Gallbladder removal and would hate to have it removed only to cause worse issues.

      I am also see my GP Monday. I need to discuss my anxiety about my health with him. it is beginning to impact my work and home life. I quit googling which has helped a ton. My dad said when. they were younger they did jot have the same resources we do, therefore they were not attempting to self-diagnose. I wonder if this is becoming a growing problem in our society today. I am sure it drives the doctors crazy!

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