Bloating/Pressure/Etc for weeks

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I do not normally put things of a personal nature online; However, I am at my wits end and I cannot stand to "Dr. Google" myself much more unless I want to put myself into a panic induced rage (I already suffer from Extreme Anxiety/Panic disorder). So, instead, I have turned to the wonderful world of message boards in the hopes of reaching others who have went through the same thing.

** Warning, it may contain TMI - turn back now if that bothers you. **

A little history -

Keep in mind I am a 36 year old male.

Back in August around week 3 I had been experiencing what I had thought to be symptoms of a UTI/Bladder/Kidney infection: Flank discomfort, urgency to urinate, burning in the pubic area, etc.

I attended a Teladoc appointment via the computer with someone who spent barely 5 minutes with me and then proceeded to prescribe me Cefdinir for 7 Days. At the end of those 7 days, Symptoms still lingered so I went to after hours where they told me that I had protein in my Urine and Blood (I couldn't see it). She said this could be the end of or beginnings of a UTI/Bladder/Kidney infection so either way she put me on a 10 day regiment of Bactrim DS and proceeded to take blood work. (1)

Symptoms I was having:

Flank Pain

Urinating TOO much

Urinated TOO little

Pressure/Burning in my groin/pubic area

Pulling feeling in my left side of scrotum.

I get a call the next morning saying that my eGFR was 57.3 (Stage 3a CKD) and that my cholesterol was through the roof and Creatinine was 1.4 mg/dl.

She prescribed me Crestor 40MG to start taking right away, which I did and I made an appointment with a PCP (I had just gotten insurance back) and when I went there, she said that looking at my blood work that she does not believe that I have Stage 3 Kidney Disease and the method used by the lab cannot be based also on the age + Weight of the individual. She believed everything I was experiencing is due to my Cholesterol being through the roof.

Present Date

Symptoms experiencing -

Constipation (Yes, still!)

Upper Abdominal discomfort which sometimes affects back in areas.


Unable to pass gas Orally/Rectally

Attempting to belch results in reflux which includes either Yellow Bile or Bile + Undigested foods (Indigestion).

Tenderness when attempting to belch in the area beneath chest and top of stomach.

Still finding myself either peeing too much or too little, just depends.

When I drink water or any other beverage, unless I drink it slowly, it is like it flows back up and out. Like reflux.


I have been feeling constipated for several weeks (Since the antibiotics) and the inclusion of Crestor on top of it, I think has messed up my bowels/movements not to mention the constant straining has given me some of the worst hemorrhoids both internal/external. I used to go every day and now I am barely going 2 or 3 times a week and then they're not the normal movements I used to have. When I do go, they went from brown to like a tan/yellowy color.

I have lost 5 lbs in 3 and half days because I am terrified of eating anything and exacerbating.

Going from 210 - 205.

I try not to use OTC laxatives etc because I do not want my body to become dependent upon them so I have tried the following:

Prune + Apple Juice (Works, somewhat)

Prune + Grape Juice (Works, Somewhat)

Massage of both Abdomen and in pressure points in the back. (The abdominal made me feel, yuck + pinpoint pressure/discomfort).

Hot Beverages such as water, coffee, hot cocoa

Dissolvable Fiber Powders (Just makes me gassy).

Dulcolax Stool Softeners

Dulcolax Laxative(Works, but turns it into liquid diarrhea)

Soaks in Epsom Salt to relax the body.

I have a doctors appointment on the 6th of October 2022 and I have been trying not to rely on "Dr. Google' because I tend to send myself down so many deadly rabbit holes and makes my anxiety/panic 10x's worse.

Most common Google Findings:

Fecal Impaction

Gall Bladder Attack



CANCERs of NUMEROUS KIND (This is why I try not to use Google...... just saying).

I have tried to use JustAnswer which has certified docs answering messages like a text message and one suggested I stop my Crestor/Rosuvastatin for Cholesterol for a couple of weeks and then to cut them in half and take 20MG instead of 40 to give my stomach a rest.

Have any of you experienced any of this? If so, what turned out to be the issue?

Are you still experiencing this?

I just want my day to day life to be better - My spouse is noticing my depression which in turn makes them depressed.

I do not leave my bed, it's messing with my anxiety to the point to where I feel like I am going to go insane.

I just want quality of life to get back to normal. It's weird to me that all of this was quite quick in happening which

freaks me out even more.

It's now affecing my ability to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Thanks for listening to my ranting mumble jumbles.

Any feedback or chit-chat is appreciated. Sometimes, it is just good to talk, you know?

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