Bloating,Tightness and Constipation

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Has anyone ever experienced bloating and tightness? The tightness is mainly on the right side in the liver/ gall bladder and intestine area(closer to the belly button) I can actually see that the right side is bigger than the left side. I have been having a lot of constipation also, so I don't know if it's linked to the constipation or not. When I have a really good bm the bloatiness and tightness seem to loosen. My Dr is sending me for a Abdomen and pelvic ultrasound on Monday..Im a bit nervous hoping that it's nothing serious.

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    Hi Mary

    Although I am still in process of getting a firm diagnosis (doc had thought IBS and gastritis, now thinks ulcer and IBS), most of my pain is on right side of abdomen and although my side does not look more bloated than other side I can feel swelling in colon on that side. Sometimes it is a big area and I push on it and it goes away and often when I push I hear and feel the air rumble. Never happens on my left. When it hurts up near ribs on right I push, feel the crackle of air, and pain often goes away. It's like I an feeling all air on that side as pain.

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      Wow! Sarah you have just described my symptoms to a T. I had to make sure it was not a post that I had written. I just had a ultrasound today on my abdomen, pelvic internal and external. Yes I have a bloating area in the transverse colon area and when I press on it i can hear the gas or air bubbles..Like you, I don't have this on the left side either. The ultrasound tech did spend alot of time in this area and the liver and gallbladder.I was diagnoised with gastritis and gerd last year but this is different from the gastritis symptoms that I've experienced. Im also going through perimenopause and I've noticed the symptoms seem to somehow correlate with my hormones. For example, right before my menstrual cycle I had the worse bloating, belching, rumbling, swelling in that area, etc. I had no idea a cycle was came down and guess what all perimenopause symptoms vanished except the bloating but the more I approach the end of my cycle the bloating and swelling seem to decrease. This morning I wake up to several bms which before I was very constipated. Afterward, swelling in colon is gone but abdomen feels tender, tight and heavy on the right side . I use the heating pad to help but I think it worsen the tightness..dont know why??

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      Same here!! All of it. I have always been someone who had issues around the time I would ovulate until about second day of period. I became anxious, irritable, diarrhea, bloated. I had hormone testing yrs ago but the doc just said I had severe pms. I just told my family today that I think this new problem with pain, bloat, and constipation alternating with diarrhea has something to do with me being in perimenopause. Did peri trigger IBS or was it always there but never this bad so I tossed it off as pms symptoms and now that I am in peri it worse? My first attack of the stomach burn followed by the pain in lower right started right after ovulation back in Oct. I also have pain under my armpit until I get my period (had mammogram to rule out breast cancer). And my abdomen feels heavy on right side too, so much that sleeping is uncomfortable. All my bms are now confined pretty much to first moment I open my eyes and move in morning. I have either "soft constipation" where stool is soft but I strain to get it out or I get diarrhea.

      You and I sound very similar. The bloat goes away for me also after menses until ovulation starts again and then it is back to looking pregnant ans being uncomfortable sleeping and feeling heavy and tight on and off all day. The pain in belly just jumps all over.

      Ct is next step to rule out something sinister. I will keep you posted.

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      Sarah I am reading your post saying OMG! Yes it is all part of perimenopause. This is how my peri all started with my digestion last March 2017. I woke up one morning with a bloated stomach like I was pregnant and nothing I took brought the bloating down. My menstrual cycle arrived a few days later and this is what helped the bloating and afterward it was back with burning. I've been dealing with this all this time on and off among many other symptoms. Before peril I used to have gas often only if I went too long without eating other than that no major digestion issues until Peri hit. I have a problem sleeping on right side too because of the heaviness. I often wonder could it be because of the excess fat that I've gain in my stomach since Perl. That is the only thing that has gained weight..Lol I've lost weight and can't seem to gain it back. I was already thin to begin with. My bowels ate the same as well its soft but has to strain and afterward the feel of constipation. I usually get anxiety from a bm also. My stools has been green for the past 5 months and have no idea why. Though, I eat a lot of greens but even if I don't it's constantly green. Have told 2 GI doctors and they both blame it on the food..when I know it is not the food all the time. Do you have any food allergies? I had a CT scan done last year and everything was fine. I am seeing a naturopath and he's been treating me for bacteria infection, parasites and virus. Recently,I stopped the homepathics he had me on ..I can say my stomach was feeling worse before I started his protocol.

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      I don't have any food allergies that I am aware of except maybe dairy. I was seeing a naturopath a few yrs ago when I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and I had one of those allergy blood tests and the only thing it said to stay away from was dairy but I have stayed with that pretty strictly aside from maybe a cheese pizza 2 or 3xs a yr. She told me to stop eating gluten so I did but I gradually went back to that somewhat since it did not make me feel any better. This yr a turned up anemic and I knew that was odd but doc said it was not unusual at my age but then stomach burn followed and now this bounce around pain and bm problem. I know this is very personal so please don't feel you have to answer. But do you get lots of clots at the start of your period? That is one change in my body with these symptoms that do not fit with IBS so I am scared they will find something with CT. But again, menstrual cycles change in perimenopause so that could be part of it.

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      Hi Sarah.. Im going to pm you since this abdominal disorder forum is not just for women. Lol.. check your pm

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      is there any way to treat it or bring stools color back to normal?

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